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First year for Trump? He’s already compromised..

I’m sure everyone who voted for President Elect Trump would now love to give him advice. Everyone feels they have a stake in him and that’s an impossible thing to fulfill by an individual. God bless him. Everyone wants his ear now. God bless his family and staff as they adjust to tasks at hand.

That’s what I thought when I first wrote this.

..and for the record, the Democrats first have to prove they did not have illegal aliens voting on their behalf, others taking the names of dead persons and such in order to vote multiple times in different places and Democratic operatives voting in different places multiple times and that no one threw away ballots for Trump before they can even begin to say “we won the popular vote”. Attempting to say “we won the popular vote” by the Democrats is the lie that more people share their opinions than actually do and that that number is an implied legitimacy to their views when it is not. Everyone knows they gain votes by fraud and it is up to them to prove otherwise.

And also for the record, America is not as divided as the Democratic Party Operatives would have us believe. Paid protests by Democratic party affiliated individuals do not constitute genuine dissent nor is indicative of a larger body of disaffected persons. Neither do the views of few prominently placed, loud mouthed, disaffected black individuals in suits actually reflect “all black people”. “Reuniting the Country” implies a dis-united country.. not a neighborhood or city. Trying to solve a problem, the particulars of which shift with whatever the supposed sufferer perceives as an advantage to be gained is nonsense. You can’t cure someone’s “feelings” while another party is in every way lying to them that they are “repressed” in order to use them to simply keep you busy with charity work that never ends while the other party plays havoc while you are busy being its definition of a nice guy. A lot of the “disunion” is simply political blackmail for free stuff and busywork. Mere false accusation has no substance, is not a crisis. It is impossible to keep up with or solve a vague feeling of conspiracy by individuals who have not achieved their dreams.

Update: Very, very disappointed President Elect Trump said he thinks homosexual marriage is “settled law”. Already going along with the very corrupt elites he campaigned against.

Past Hopes for the First Year?

  1. There is a type of mercy that prolongs war. To let the Hillary Clinton and Clinton foundation investigations go or to stop them now that the race-for-the-white-house acrimony has subsided and the election is over would send the message that it really is rigged and the very work done to uncover her and the Democratic Party’s misdeeds that may have added the votes necessary to win was ONLY a political ploy and that no one really cares about the law ..that it was all just manipulation and that having laws doesn’t really matter at all or that there exists certain situations in which treason and disregard for security as breaking federal law are in fact true, but magically non-prosecutable. It would send the message that maybe she really is innocent, despite all the evidence to the contrary “else they would prosecute”. Those who hid evidence or tried to stop the investigations need to be charged with obstruction..in the Justice Department and everywhere those individuals were working else the impression that law enforcers and prosecutors are themselves above the law they have sworn to uphold.

    Let’s assume several things and those things without actual hope they are true: Let’s imagine a Clinton with a life ending or at least life threatening illness ..that she or he “would die anyway” because of said situation and that the very persons so torn up about her political loss would go off the deep end if the prosecution went forward “against an invalid, dying, old woman.”

    The age or physical health of a traitor and criminal are of no consequence after the fact of the crime and to sidestep the prosecution or incarceration of said persons definitely shows the system is rigged. Basically the detractors of said prosecution want sympathy for the devil as an emotional manipulation to have more necessity and to be a more of an imperative than justice. But the Democrats have long proved they have no regard for the law anyway unless as a political tool against their detractors and are now infamous for trying and even succeeding in large part to parlay exactly such a view of emotional manipulation prevailing over justice.

If such a thing takes place, foreign nations as well learn quickly that “the Americans are weak” and can be taken with such devices as may snare a child by the heart.

The press that protected the Democrats and colluded with the Democrats have been plainly shown to be out and out liars and boastful liars: to not be news outlets at all but sowers of dissatisfaction and jealousy whenever possible. They are plainly not to be feared by those who think of the press as necessary for anything and for the most part whatever they say is well understood to be just another propaganda ploy by the left. In fact there is a seasonal opportunity here as the fact that the Left Press are such liars is fresh in the minds of the public if certain persons are in any way concerned “how the press is going to react” ..about anything. They can both do what they will and it won’t matter because no one will believe the press for some time to come. So the work at hand is in no way hindered by polls, polls, and more manipulated polls quite beside the fact there is work to be done not polls to be taken.

  1. Begin preliminary investigations into impeaching the members of the Supreme Court who voted in favor of homosexual marriage when the states had voted against it as abuse of power. The Court exists to uphold the law, not make law, even though, exactly as the Communists had done in Russia, the Court has been used as a weapon against the populace in social experimentation to effectively make new law and everyone knows this. Those same Justices will vote against overturning Roe v. Wade, “pornography as free speech” and any other true justice reforms. The issue of Homosexual marriage and sodomy need to be overturned as well. Those who object to such moves need to consider the message they send to all criminals and immoralizers: “If criminals trick the System and get their way and throw down justice, and perpetuate immorality as the norm, the citizenry and the just are powerless in perpetuity to right the wrong and the children of the future are sold into immoral slavery in perpetuity.” If you want to overturn Roe v. Wade and homosexual marriage rulings then those Justices have to go. You have to be more passionate about actual doing and perpetuating justice than the Democrats and some Republicans are about doing and perpetuating injustice. To allow them to still sit on the bench forces a continuous round of “bad law from the Court has to be solved by Constitutional Amendment.” The Democrats themselves proved, going from zero to homosexual marriage in eight years, that literally anything can be done.
  1. Begin work on a Constitutional Amendment banning sodomy, homosexual and lesbian marriage and transgender and transhuman everything that includes penalties for the acts and even bringing it up as a political “rights” issue anywhere at any time. For a time of transition between the imposing of the immorality by the past Administration and the setting of the immorality aside by the new, a law enforcement body concentrated on said VICE.
  2. Begin work on a Constitutional Amendment that bans abortion with penalties for even bringing it up as a political “rights” issue. Immediate end to public funding for Planned Parenthood.
  3. Appoint those who have as a priority the prosecution of the DNC with RICO; required funds from them and their donors for restitution for victims of their sponsored policies. Refugee raped someone? Destroyed property in a demonstration by Democratic Party affiliated individuals? Actual damages plus the individuals responsible for donations and on-site violence will rebuild or restore the property with their own, non-transferable physical labor, plus compensation for time and profits lost plus interest to the victim.
  4. Revocation of the diplomatic status given the Roman Catholic Church during the Reagan Administration. Prosecution of the Roman Catholic Church with RICO regarding pedophile priests and money laundering.
  5. Executive Order requiring all places who perform abortions to have a 15 by 15 foot sign fastened to the ground by the means of sturdy poles appropriately strengthened against all kinds of weather, the bottom of the sign being no less than five feet from the ground that plainly indicates “This is an Abortion Clinic. We kill Children here.” in English and Spanish, the letters of which will be in plain, bold type not less than 36in high in black and green reflective paint on a solid white background with flashing illumination of white light of at least 100 lumens in intensity day and night and which must be able to be seen unobstructed at a distance of 500 yards. Enough with the “women’s clinic”. A similar order for a sign ( 60 by 60 feet with larger letters and more light.. and an unobstructed view from a distance of 1000 yards ) that says “We manufacture pharmaceuticals and devices that kill children or stop them from forming in the womb.” on the top of the various buildings of the companies that make abortion pills and any substance or method that prevents pregnancy.
  6. A purge of all officers in federal law enforcement and the military who went along with the homosexual agenda.
  7. Beginning of an investigation into foreign nations and institutions that contributed to the homosexual, pornographic and abortion movement in America with repercussions, as such contributions are plainly asymmetric warfare/acts of war. Instead of doing a job of security the young men and women are purposefully distracted by sex-with-no-children, pornography and immorality as the supposed normal activities. What percentage of the population are you willing to automatically assign to such activities instead of gaining the individual’s spontaneous ingenuity regarding having a family, building jobs, safety and security? The corruption of individuals is there to distract in order to destroy. It isn’t something else.
  8. Begin prosecution of Mexico in the International Court for its policy of making refugees of its citizens for the purpose of sending US monies back to Mexico.
  9. Begin construction to build the wall on the Mexican-US border.
  10. Appoint those who will actually enforce the labor laws against hiring undocumented workers. Penalties should include public square display of the upper management of the companies so engaged that must wear signs in plain English with a white background and large black letters that read “I hated my neighbors and hired undocumented workers while I made a profit in my community and drove others less inclined to do illegal activity out of business.” ..in addition to business wrecking fines.
  11. Ditching the agreement with Iran as they have already broken it anyway and getting back the monies Obama gave them ..with interest.
  12. Revoking China’s most favored nation status
  13. Review with end in mind of ending the grants and loans to so-called refugees from other countries that they use to compete with American businesses and take jobs from the surrounding community. America is paying for its own pain.
  14. Begin a complete review and reform of the VA


Large Public works projects possibilities for review:

  1. Four lane the Alaska Highway both in Alaska and in the Yukon and British Columbia. They put in some, we put in some, lets get it done. America and Canada working together for jobs for both of us. Simultaneously build a new road through southern British Columbia that connects with southern Alaska. Four lane. ( Currently to get to southern Alaska you have to drive through upper Canada and Alaska and drive south and then drive north to go south again to get back to the lower 48. ) Alaskan state and Canadian Provincial governments have to agree on form and style: states rights. Put in a rail system while we’re at in on the same routes. Mag-Lev high speed freight and passenger to Alaska? More intra-Alaska roads and energy infrastructure.
  2. Trans-Canada pipeline. Of course.
  3. The wall with Mexico.
  4. Upgrade and expansion of current ports ..all of them.
  5. Upgrade current bridge system in the whole of the USA.
  6. More small, local veterans clinics and hospitals
  7. With oversight, more help for small, local hospitals..equipment, staffing,

You know, really? Already making alliances with the Homosexual / Transgender Agenda? I guess the only consolation is Bush would’ve done the same. But, now there is no point in supporting Trump. He got the vote. God’s will be done. But I would rather have not voted at all. Honestly, that’s is disheartening. I just went from engaged to disinterested to the opposition. He really doesn’t care that criminals tweaked the system and got immorality passed as law and children not even born yet will enter a world of immorality as a norm. Have some more champagne, dude. Drink it up. 

Need to start looking for another candidate for next term.

Proverbs 21:2-4 Every way of a man is right in his own eyes; but Jehovah weigheth the hearts. To exercise justice and judgment is more acceptable to Jehovah than sacrifice. Lofty eyes, and a proud heart, the lamp of the wicked, is sin.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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