The Lie of Free Will and Drug Abuse: Getting the user off the lie of free will and off the need for empowerment in an idealized competitve environment

Shamans regularly ingest or take in some form or fashion a host of substances for the specific purpose of having spiritual experiences and they have those experiences. Yet for the most part, drug addiction and alcoholism in the West in particular is treated as merely a physical /cellular phenomenon as drug action-in-the-brain. PET scans, MRI’s, and CAT scans, as well as various test on body fluids are carried out with the presumption that:

1. medical test, because they are medical test, automatically rule out spiritual activity that is being detected

2. free will is real and is a universal phenomenon that is simultaneously taking place in the addict, the medical staff and law enforcement and that the presumed presence of free will automatically rules out spiritual activity

3. addiction by its very nature must then be part of a mis-use of free will, even though it is clearly beyond the control of the individual effected and is then proof of a total lack of spiritual activity

4. whatever is happening as a control mechanism is part of free will and always happens in the brain as a purely physical activity.

The evil perpetuated as murders, thefts and other crimes by alcoholics, and other addicts is clearly evil. Yet there is an overwhelming flight to the lie of human free will as both the reason for the addictions and as a cure. Reason is held forth to answer everything specifically because it seems to provide a free will paradigm with which to control evil events.

Yet God clearly says:

James 3:11,12  Does the fountain, out of the same opening, pour forth sweet and bitter? Can, my brethren, a fig produce olives, or a vine figs? Neither can salt water make sweet water.

The alcohol and the drugs are opening portals to spiritual phenomenon and spiritual presences that cannot be opened by other means: the cells are literally changing shape to accommodate that portal. The shape of the cells and their place in the body changes in accordance with the drugs introduced.

It is obvious that behaviors not seen in those individuals repeatedly takes place on ingestion, inhalation or injection of the drugs. The behavior and the speech patterns are not merely indicative of what might be expected if there were a sudden mixture of images before the eyes that were mere combinations of past experiences, such as trees wearing clothing or some other odd mix of qualities contained within a limited catalog of creatures, environmental qualities and behaviors in response to those environmental qualities one has learned. The behaviors, speech patterns and visions are of new phenomenon that invariably turns out to be evil, even if they are seen as good in initial rituals/drug trips. In short, the shifting of the shape of the cells corresponds exactly with the timing of the drugs and the sensing of evil presences and visions that then drives behavior in new ways. To then discount what is seen on scans as those shifts in shape as mere ‘unexplainable cell damage’ or to explain the damage purely in terms of chemical processes without respect to behavioral events during the drug trip and as a result of repeated damage to the cells as that shape shifting is an extreme attempt to cover over spiritual events merely to keep up a pretense of ‘scientific’ respectability on the premise that science equals a total lack of proof/evidence of spiritual events. The damage done to the brain cells and to other parts of the body is easily defined as a change in shape to such a degree that the cell or organ can no longer do its function in coordination with the rest of the body.

Those shape changes are being detected by PET scans and the like, even on the mention of drugs to former addicts, ( the non-creating speech as the spiritual presences and physical response connection ) yet are being described as mere curious artifacts of the free will of the single individual and as implied proof of absolute lack of spiritual activity simply because something was detected at all.

The paradigm of human free will is held forth as a cure for addiction specifically because it has the appeal of being controllable by its definition and thus reproducible on demand both as charity and for money as addiction control programs. No one wants to notice the user is attracted to dangerous drugs on the specific premise that the drug will grant them some power, insight or experience that will enable them to better deal with their non-drug related life.

I.E. The drugs sell because they specifically appeal to the lie of free will that is already instilled in the pre-addict and because the dealers and growers are addicted to the lie of free will as a spiritual addiction.

Everybody makes money searching for a cure. No one makes money finding one and giving it away. In fact, those whom God sends to do away with the lie of free will run false teachers and liars out of business.

It is an easy thing to pick out pre-addicts as substance abusers: they will believe in free will in a thousand different ways in all walks of life. So-called Christians who are deceived they have free will are exactly as vulnerable to being an addict as are more obvious pagans. Arminianism ( free will based and thus false Christianity )  provides no protection whatsoever from divorce or drug addiction, despite its mimicry of the vocabulary of Christ: new birth, born again, grace, freedom from sin, etc. In fact, its core doctrines are specifically set up to breed pre-addicts and to keep addicts addicts. The cooperation between gangs, freemasons and preachers, particularly in the black community milk the black community of its money and life as a complete, birth to grave worship of the lie of free will. The preachers say God said you’ve got free will. The gangs sell the drugs to the church/indoctrinated people and the freemasons control the other commercial activity and get a cut of the proceeds of the drug business. The same circle operates all over the world in every ethnic group. Arminian/free will-based doctrines breeds a false sense of inescapable competition in all those who are victim of it.

The only reason some don’t use drugs is because they have already made deals with the demons to put them on top of the pile for a little while and none of that takes place in free will: they are all slaves.

In Calvinistic circles, drug use can possibly be found, but usually among those who don’t understand their own doctrines / have not yet been born again or those who have mingled Calvinism with Arminianism in order to seem to be more polite than others. Among free will based religions of every stripe, drug use is rampant.

The treatment of addicts by free willers and as idealized free willed beings has always been inconsistent yet held forth as the only possible definition of charity. It is such a standard part of the American outlook as to have the belief common among law enforcement that the war on drugs can’t be won specifically because they see no way to get the guy deceived he has free will from growing the product, the guy deceived he has free will from selling it, or the guy deceived he has free will from taking it to supposedly get more of or get a more powerful free will. Indeed, they have been effectively taught that to attempt to tell anyone they don’t have free will is a type of totalitarianism worse than the problem of drug addiction.

The same preachers who teach the pre-addicts of any drugs that they have free will are teaching pre-law enforcement and law enforcement that they have free will ‘too’. Within the total lie of free will, one is lifted up in righteousness and the other is cast in the dung heap, while neither is actually born again, despite all the rhetoric for the most part. The medical community plays its part unwittingly by the type of research it conducts and its conclusions with base assumptions of human free will throughout. The result is a supposition of actual proof free will exists by supposed independent evidence from differing walks of life that are all struggling to be good.

Yet the only way out for any of them is actual and non-metaphorical new birth in Jesus Christ. That new birth is its own proof. Arminians and free will based Christiantiy have no power to birth anyone. To do so does away with their very notions of what prosperity actually is: lots of time and money to explore free will as its own drug.

You won’t start out in free will and end up in Christ on that same road. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit. There is a distance between thorns on even the thorniest bramble or tree. But sooner or later you will be stuck again in that lie. Those who are deceived they have free will have a spirit that works in them that is not themselves and is not Christ. He is anti-christ and he rules in all the non-regenerate.

Eph 2:1-10  and *you*, being dead in your offences and sins–  in which ye once walked according to the age of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, THE SPIRIT WHO NOW WORKS IN THE SONS OF DISOBEDIENCE : among whom *we* also all once had our conversation in the lusts of our flesh, doing what the flesh and the thoughts willed to do, and were children, by nature, of wrath, even as the rest: but God, being rich in mercy, because of his great love wherewith he loved us,   (we too being dead in offences,) has quickened us with the Christ, (ye are saved by grace,)   and has raised us up together, and has made us sit down together in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus,   that he might display in the coming ages the surpassing riches of his grace in kindness towards us in Christ Jesus.  For ye are saved by grace, through faith; and this not of yourselves; it is God’s gift:  not on the principle of works, that no one might boast.  For we are his workmanship, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has before prepared that we should walk in them.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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