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Inflation versus Inflation

There is the inflation that is defined as paying more for the same goods simply because more monetary units have become available. If everyone has those monetary units, then the price tends to go up just because of the presence of those ‘extra’ units. Everyone has more; they don’t care about spending more to tread the same water.

That is monetary inflation that has to do with the availability of the physical representation of the definition of money. That type of inflation devalues the very representation of the definition of money on which it relies: you have to spend more of it to get the same result. Those with less numbers of units of money pay the price in less goods and services available to them. That is usually called “poor people get less.” by those whose concern is to make money look like a arbiter and proof of fairness.

Then there is monetary inflation that has nothing to do with the amount of monetary units available. It is the inflation that begins at the boundaries of morality and implies money can measure other things than necessities. Money paid to whores, gambling money, liquor money, bribe money, dishonest lawyers and law makers, etc, is an inflation of money’s importance as  lie that kills people. The money is falsely believed to be a proof of value of experience because of its reputation to be able to purchase food, clothing, guns and shelter. It is moral misdirection on the assumption that the definition is “a physical representation of units of free will”.

That kind of inflation can only exist among a population of people deceived that free will exists for creatures and is the default state of being for human beings. That usually ends up being expressed in the speech God broke up at Babel as “It’s just the way things are.” those most interested in establishing that population in order to mine it for death and catastrophe.

Based on that inflation, law makers, just as the owners of casinos and whore houses, supposedly are not in any way responsible for what they enact as policies expressly because someone got paid with the idealized ‘honest representation of value’. The money has become a shield to wicked policy makers on the basis of an assumption of the power and morality of money.

Yet money built on immorality is worthless. Even if you get it, everyone knows it is dishonest and therefore untrustworthy.The people that set up that ‘new money’ will merely be destroyed by the same means they used to destroy the bankers before them. No matter who replaces them, that money itself is evil and everyone knows it.

Everyone wants the Moral Money to actually spend in a safe environment. Everyone wants the money that is tied to unmoving morals and that therefore holds its value in everyone’s mind. You can say you have money all day long, but if it is not the money with the good reputation, you got nothing. Monetary inflation as expanding what the good money can buy, devalues people, the money and God in the minds of those who have it. That was its purpose. It was never intended to actually bring stable prosperity.

Proverbs 21:3-7  To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.   An high look, and a proud heart, and the plowing of the wicked, is sin.  The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of every one that is hasty only to want.  The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of them that seek death.   The robbery of the wicked shall destroy them; because they refuse to do judgment.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen



Classic cult mentality: the larger the number of people who say they like something, the more credible that something is

To that end, no excuse is out of bounds to simulate numbers, be vocal about number of actual supporters, use any trick, lie any lie or manipulate any statistic to inflate the (size? perception? deception of having ‘more’ free will?…) of one’s personal belief; the whole supposedly validated because of the supposed power of someone else’s belief in that same or similar paradigm. It’s the ‘if the other guy says its real, it must be real ‘way of life.

You –never– hear real Christians say “I’m going to heaven because 10,000 other people said they have similar beliefs as mine.”  or “I’m going to heaven because archeology proves the Bible to be a historical document” even though the Bible is historically accurate and there are many Christians. Yet it is the constant refrain from atheists and anti-Christians of any sort to to hold up popularity, real or imagined, as the sole proof-of-concept of their paradigm. Thus they always looking for ways to make something popular and their way of doing that is to tweak someone else’s supposed free will.

This article at Measure of Doubt “Why this Meme Exploded” is a classic case of that mentality: it brags about “tapping into tribalism” and such to get ‘likes’ on a facebook page as compared to Campus Crusade for Christ’s facebook page. The whole article is a supposed how-to ( in idealized free will ) of making “a meme” go ‘viral’ while implying but never stating “go viral among a population of people deceived they have free will”. They even posted a link to the wikipedia page on “social proof dynamic“. They should have entitled the page: “How to capitalize on Satan’s former work deceiving others that they have free will to manipulate behavior at their expense for your  own fun and profit .. er, for social change.”

From the article:

I found myself thinking, “How the hell did that happen?” And then thinking, “Hmm… how can we do it again?”.

I had to figure out why a simple picture like this inspired such a big reaction. The more I thought about it, the more psychology and rhetorical communication techniques I saw present. Kenny:

  1. Demonstrated insider status
  2. Invoked tribal/patriotic feelings, and
  3. Gave people direction.

Well look at that. In classic style, he hit the three branches of rhetoric: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

He no doubt doesn’t see himself as in a cult, but as smartly deciphering his future among a population of other ideologically free willed units.

That meme is to be distinguished of course, from inserting a new word or phrase into common speech and other people picking up that word or phrase in their common speech. These kids, as the next generation of victims of the lie of human free will –just like Campus Crusade for Christ–  want to brag about the idealized presence of a historical phrase and notion, long established, getting some attention as proving its credibility as a belief system.  The game, as with all liars, is to mine unsuspecting persons who have congregated in large numbers to get reactions and claim those reactions are proof of your other lies once you’ve got some sort of history to reference as your ideal behavior for your cause. They are the ones whose speech got hacked and they are bragging about having hacked facebook for “likes” ..with that speech. No understanding of God having hacked their speech at Babel is in their discourse or an understanding of the consequences of being in that speech.

You can only know that God actually did that to human speech and that human speech is not God’s Word if you are no longer inside human speech. You can’t get Out of human speech unless you hear the Word/Voice of God/Jesus Christ.

In the end, every belief system that is free will based is false and must resort to such efforts by Satan through them to pretend to be validated by the theoretical use of others people idealized free will. What you are watching, even in political campaigns, is every group of free willers hiring a witch to manipulate others into thinking “lots of other people think like us” ..on the basis of the lie of human free will. The other people are idealized as having the qualities a unit of free will ought to have to be the ‘good side’ of that lie: heroic, smart and humble about it. The lie of free will has its own “left behind” manipulation: you will supposedly be left behind if you fail to vote for them, either on facebook or at the polls. Mormons specialize in those tactics as their religion; others less adept but not born again in Jesus Christ do so by base default.

Also in the end, they will ‘do’, as solving real problems in the world, exactly what idealized ideological units of free will always have done: nothing. But while they are doing nothing, you will hear no end of bragging about what great things their free will is about to do next. They will tell you by many means that if you are wise, you’ll join them in that bragging and doing nothing.

But it’s not as if nothing happens if you are deceived and believe in lies. You end up destroying yourself and your family, going to the lake of fire and don’t even know why. All you will care about is manipulating others before they manipulate you until then.

Proverbs 21:10  The soul of the wicked desireth evil: his neighbour findeth no favour in his eyes.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Fifty Five percent of human communication is non-verbal? Body Language? Secret honesty? wow.

This is what happens when people are inside a deception that they have free will, yet other people can’t perfectly control that will in specific instances. People in that same deception want to believe they can defend themselves against the wiles of other peoples idealized free will. So they give what they say is an instance of hidden honesty in others, accidental admissions of the body as witnessing against the soul inside of the other person as supposed proof of their own discernment and ability to protect themselves in order to validate the lie of free will itself. A ‘what is in my mind must be in all minds as the default sight’ type of thing. A”don’t you want to agree with the pretty girl?” thing.


A recent claim on Fox news that 55% of human communication is body language would be in line with their past attempts to portray themselves as experts on that topic. Not content with merely saying it on air, they thought they would provide a more in-depth look at that supposed fascinating topic. The bottom line of that type of supposed analysis is that emotion is the key to honesty and certain emotional ques can’t be faked as facial expressions or body attitude. The underlying attempt is to make emotion the new science with women as interpretors.

Of course, women are rather famous for being easy to deceive and coming up with fake ways to discern their new maturity in which they are continually duped while keeping them vain and proud.

Girl 1: See that? No wrinkles on her forehead. She’s faking something.

Girl 2: You right. I saw that right away and knew something wasn’t right, girlfriend.

Man off to the side: So we can really tell if someone is guilty by their forehead wrinkles?

Girl 1: O yeah.

Girl 2: mmm hmm. Gotcha.

What they are essentially saying is that non-creating speech as verbal communication is just as effective to create something as gestures. In other words, nothing gets created –ever. What we are supposed to glean from the supposed insight about body language is that since no new creation by acts of speech is expected –that would include creation of wisdom– all that is left is what is being called emotional authenticity. If your speech doesn’t fall in line with their ideology, then you are supposedly inauthentic and your facial expressions will supposedly prove it. That they are inside an spirit they never understand: they just want to force you to agree with them to be pleasant as if they were in no spirit but were in a meta speech shared by God, Satan, men and women.

Inside of all that nonsense, they are supposed to decide if they like Mitt Romney’s economic plan, Rick Perry’s national security plan, Obama’s abortions and the sale of US citizenship to foreigners, a certain football team, what colors go together for Christmas dinners and women’s fashions with all appropriate detail. Wool or cotton? Blue or mauve? Does that purse really  match those shoes? Is it rude or hypocritical to disagree with Mormon or Michele Obama’s fashions? Was that or was that not a wrinkle?

You are supposed to follow along if you want to impress the girl. That’s how scientology, mormonism, freemasonry, psychology and psychiatry got started. Women didn’t want to hear anything other than the speech God broke up at Babel. Instead of Christ, they wanted to hear everything was a knowledge issue that they could control themselves via something called ‘free’ will. That’s the definition of
prophesying by Baal ( Belial ).

It was all a joke. And then they put people in asylums and through supposed exorcisms that didn’t follow along with what they were saying. To this day they drug many of the populace on the premise that the the heroine, the crystal meth,  the cocaine or the ‘legal’ pill will bring the victim more in line with the nonsense. Mostly women and effeminate men that thought it was fun to think emotional authenticity was a real anything.

What does Fox news do for an encore? Have a casino owner ( in their parlance “an employer” )  in as if he is a legitimate business man so he can do some honesty about Obama’s class warfare lies. That is an old tactic against Christians: have the devil speak an honest bit about political grievances as if he is the common man and has the common man’s interest at heart. These are the same guys who make tv shows about Vegas and the bad guys in the show are the ones trying to ‘rip off’ the casino while the casino plies the gambling junky parents with alcohol, whores and ‘entertainment’ while providing day care for the kids in a ‘safe and clean environment’. In the parlance of the lie of free will “watch responsibly”.

They denied Jesus Christ and found a strange sandbox to play in. You can follow along on Fox news and all the MSM inside that same spirit of what is called defense issues and political analysis.

People in that ideology/spirit think Jesus Christ fasted because he thought he was losing; that there is no such thing as a celebratory No Thank You.

You win saying no thank you.

You do not win rising to the challenge of learning the new maturity in non-creating speech. Even the devil knows that new creation is the proof of righteousness, not reveling in scarcity and hoping to blindside yourself out of scarcity with ‘luck’ and emotional ques. The proof Satan asks for as proof of Jesus Christ being the Son and Word of God is creation by an act of speech, not interpretation of body language or ’employment’. Satan got creation, just not what he asked for: nothing that would save him out of his own mindset and non-creating speech.

Matthew 4:3,4  And the tempter coming up to him said, If thou be Son of God, speak, that these stones may become loaves of bread.  But he answering said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word which goes out through God’s mouth.

Proverbs 24:8-10  He that deviseth to do evil shall be called a master of intrigues.  The purpose of folly is sin, and the scorner is an abomination to men.   If thou losest courage in the day of trouble, thy strength is small.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

The Definition of Lust; Effects of Lust

The Definition of Lust and its effects

The definition of lust and envy is not having faith in God’s character as creator or His Word.

The Ten Commandments are a sign post to believers in Christ, as new creatures in Jesus Christ, to never forget the creating character of God. You won’t ‘need’ to break the commandments because God is Creator. Lust and jealousy/envy is an ignorance of the creating character of God and a dependence on what already exists as a guide to what is good. Many new creatures in Jesus Christ can be a witness to their own new creation, and yet lust after the things of this world; particularly because they are tempted to lust because of the value Satan places on scarcity, his attempts to artificially induce scarcity to manipulate value, and the non-creating speech of Lucifer is the dominant speech they hear and see in action because it is in their non-regenerate neighbors as the life they live every day.

The Satanic definition of money itself is based on lust and jealousy and has nothing to do with Calvinism or capitalism. While money is not natural and must be manufactured, the amount of it in circulation at any one time grows and shrinks in exact accordance with a propaganda machine of Satan to make its relative scarcity uppermost in the minds of the people at all times.

Rather than see that God always creates enough, and on time and in such a way as make a reception of every one of His graces irresistible, Lucifer’s take on non-creation and scarcity is Lucifer’s god.

Habakkuk 1:14-17  And thou makest men as the fishes of the sea, as the creeping things, that have no ruler over them.  He taketh up all of them with the hook, he catcheth them in his net, and gathereth them into his drag; therefore he rejoiceth and is glad:  therefore he sacrificeth unto his net, and burneth incense unto his drag; for by them his portion is become fat, and his meat dainty.  Shall he therefore empty his net, and not spare to slay the nations continually?

That non-creation is the source of Lucifer’s power in the minds of men is without question. There could be no lust or jealousy without the deception that non-creation is a desired norm that grants stability to the environment in which to live. The way things truly are, is that there is always enough because God always creates enough in an environment in which we live and on time and makes sure the intended recipient of His grace actually receives that grace. Lucifer’s lie of ‘creation-as-catastrophe’ is only a lie and can never be the truth.

Yet the fear of not having enough and in particular not having enough of what we already see is good and beautiful is the normal life of the non-regenerate / pagans. In politics then, as Christians, we face a battle not of emotional intelligence of which resource needs to go to what group, but of a spirit in the non-regenerate (Eph 2:2  ‘the spirit that now works in the sons of disobedience’ )  that denies new creation and focuses instead on lust and jealousy as a normal political force that is both expected by the non-regenerate to be the norm but is relied on to manipulate. Once the deception of lust-as-expected-norm has taken hold, the only political solution to in-fighting over falsely idealized scarce resources is to get rid of a certain group: politics is then, in that deception, warfare.

The true political battle is then beliefs, not resources. In order to instill the maximum jealousy and lust, Lucifer needs the most groups competing for the fewest idealized scarce resources with absolute denial of new creation and an ignorance of new creation so complete as to be ignorant of even the denial of it while it is taking place. Thus he has a multi-X rhetoric combined with an idealized monopoly on the definition of money as a measure of freedom and expression of personal power: multi-cultural, multi-belief, multi-ethnicity, multi-cultural, multi-choice, multi-everything with a single means of expressing each one in such a manner such that those in each one cannot even recognize what it is they are envious of without a common valuation of it in economic or monetary terms.

Even if one or two groups can be shown that the idealization of resources as scarce is a lie and is inherently evil and sin against God with logic and yet no new creation for themselves in Jesus Christ, there are others that masquerade in what appears as protected religious behavior that do nothing but mock at new creation because they never perceive it and carry on with a the notion that politics is by definition an in-fighting over scarce things and cannot be anything else. Science and the popular perception of what science actually is in particular has been usurped for that exact purpose.

The guise then of ‘conservatism’ today is that it is only a slower, more cautious approach to the mandated in-fighting or that certain groups are unjust by the definition of never being satisfied and the number of groups must be cut by consolidating them into fewer groups or simply outright getting rid of them. Liberalism has always been an attempt to manufacture splinter groups as a means of getting rid of powerful groups and manipulate the idealized in-fighting by then doing a public theater of self-sacrifice and charity toward groups polished in the public mind to be less influential and thus having less of the idealized scare resource. Both groups are from the same source and both adherents worship Lucifer. Without the common deceptions that those resources are scarce, and that scarcity is the norm of life, there is no need for that conservatism or liberalism. Within that deception, ‘our values’ campaigns are common and worthless to counter lust and jealousy as politics even as they pretend to be ‘campaigns of hope’ to get out of the whole cycle. Even if they explicitly stated new creation as an ideal, it would be to them an unobtainable idea else they have no notion of politics with which to go forward.

Jeremiah 13:23 Can an Ethiopian change his skin, or a leopard his spots? Then may ye also do good, who are accustomed to do evil.

Understanding that lust and jealousy are not a realistic approach to life but is in fact sin because they are fundamental lies against God’s character and Word is a beginning to recovery of peace and prosperity. Yet within what masquerades for the pop Christian community, and particularly within the old denominations, the lie of human free will, because it relies on the same implied norm of non-creation and by extension non-‘interference from God as creation’ to ‘be true’ as popular politics, we see the source of the common lies that pervade all of society as that deception of what passes for merely being realistic.

Those who teach and preach that you have free will and your use of your free will is your path of salvation are simply liars that are force multipliers for Lucifer’s war against man. They know what they are doing; they are part of a conspiracy to kill as many as possible by subtle means expressly because they actually believe what they are saying. Even their charity is death. They actually think that Lucifer and Jesus Christ have the same speech and that one speech is the only speech in total reality. Their ‘hermeneutics’ and ‘rules of biblical interpretation’ prove what they believe about God as Word and as Creator and are identical to those who lie about the Constitution of the United States and who interpret laws to the incredulity and astonishment of the very public that is captive to the same beliefs and whom were told that if they would say those beliefs were true, peace and prosperity would rain from heaven.

There can be no peace among people deceived they have free will because in order to be deceived they have free will, they must deny God’s creating character and God’s use of Himself as Word, distinct from human speech and Lucifer’s speech to effect that creation. Once they have idealized scarcity as a desired norm in the guise of idealizing non-new creation as personal salvation in Jesus Christ, yet are deceived they can control a process of defining what is and what is not scarce, they have entered on the path to destruction and their teachers know this very well.

Yet the point of such public theater as Mormon Glenn Beck’s gathering in Washington and John Piper’s “Desiring God” conference with Rick Warren  is to pretend some great wisdom has been overlooked as forgotten history and together with Satan’s outlook on reality, they will all make peace and prosperity rain from heaven together in a way those who understand new creation in Jesus Christ and God supposedly cannot expressly because they have partnered with Lucifer.

Plainly, Beck and Piper ( despite one being a Mormon and the other being a supposed Calvinist ) do not believe in the creating power of God and see a need to partner with Lucifer’s followers in such a way as to exalt the wisdom of Lucifer’s followers and make it integral with and a necessary part of any political/realistic victories against an evil that is arbitrarily defined to be something other than Lucifer and an idealization of non-creation. They are lusting for what they see in front of them as both politics and the process of what they idealize as influence. No matter the differences they parse out between themselves over doctrine-on-paper, they all fundamentally are deceived they have a free will. Piper and others can call themselves Calvinists all day, even as Beck the Mormon calls himself a conservative; yet it is plan who and what they actually are: those deceived God can’t create such that they have to lust and copy what they have seen before as Lucifer’s methods to do public theater and call it evangelism and/or consciousness raising. None will be spoken through by God; all will talk about the reputation of what happens when God actually does speak and that will be idealized to leave the status quo the status quo as non-creation guised as stability.

Lust and envy are a fundamental denial of God’s character as Creator and as a distinct Word not the speech of Lucifer. Lust and envy cannot exist without an assumption that God’s speech and Lucifer’s speech are the same ..which is the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit.

Hebrews 10:26-31  For where we sin wilfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains any sacrifice for sins,  but a certain fearful expectation of judgment, and heat of fire about to devour the adversaries.  Any one that has disregarded Moses’ law dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses:  of how much worse punishment, think ye, shall he be judged worthy who has trodden under foot the Son of God, and esteemed the blood of the covenant, whereby he has been sanctified, common, and has insulted the Spirit of grace?  For we know him that said, To me belongs vengeance; *I* will recompense, saith the Lord: and again, The Lord shall judge his people.  It is a fearful thing falling into the hands of the living God.

Those who say they are Christians at least imply they have actually heard God and then understand:

1Peter1:23-25  being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the living and abiding word of God.  Because all flesh is as grass, and all its glory as the flower of grass. The grass has withered and its flower has fallen;  but the word of the Lord abides for eternity. But this is the word which in the glad tidings is preached to you. overt, in your face new creation. We are the evidence of God’s creation in addition to His Word on the matter of history. How then could they lust for fame and a public splash “in order to” do the gospel exactly as those who say they have free will and the use of the will of man is a way to heaven?

What is the point of politics as usual as lust and envy and an appeal to politics as usual with its standard definition of money as a measure of free will and personal power in such conferences as John Piper’s if this is true:

John 1:12,13  but as many as received him, to them gave he the right to be children of God, to those that believe on his name;  who have been born, not of blood, nor of flesh’s will, nor of man’s will, but of God.


Such conferences and the political season in lust and envy are simply rides at Disney on ‘evangelical’ rides on rails: One goes up and down, another is the haunted house of other ideologies, another is the underwater ride in the same ideology ( they’ll see the old shipwrecks and demons in detail and learn nothing ) while another is simply a seat on which they sit and it spins. T-shirts, DVD’s, techy personal toys displayed, a light show, ‘praise’ songs, “a web version”, over-sized drinks, nice bathrooms and suckers.

You know: The re-popularizing of a defunct concept of generic, non-creating, ‘Determinism’.

Mat 11:15  He that has ears to hear, let him hear.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Arminians are not Christians

That is obvious. That Satan has many arguments by the Arminians that say they are Christian brethren and that Calvinists are meanies to openly say the Arminian is a witch who undermines all he may with a sheer volume of lies to be wondered at is without doubt. So what? What is the chaff to the wheat or the look-a-like/darnel to the wheat?

In the end, the basic argument of the Arminian is that based on his own self-willed observations of Scripture, no one can really know if another person is elect. When God says though Paul “knowing your election” (1Thess 1:4  knowing, brethren beloved by God, your election. ) and through John “to the elect lady” (2John 1:1  The elder to the elect lady and her children, whom *I* love in truth, and not *I* only but also all who have known the truth,), God supposedly means “not knowing your election” and “to the person who I, with my self-will, guess is elect”. The foundation of all Arminian logic is that God is not in anyone, and so everyone is left guessing and hoping about truth and that the better part of polite behavior is to keep your guesses to yourself no matter what you see and hear. Play dumb.

But the reality is that God non-metaphorically resides in us as Spirit. He not only testifies that we are elect and sons of God and are lead by the Spirit of God, but plainly shows us Satan’s co-workers by their fruits.

It is quite the polite speech by many young Calvinists that “arminians are brethren” of some sort, but simply immature. RC Sproul has said as much. But they are deceived. Anyone who is supposedly ‘struggling toward faith’ is NOT, repeat NOT a Christian. Anyone who thinks they are so smart, so strong and so clever as to have picked for themselves who God is out of supposed equally powerless conflicting information and then chooses when, where and under what circumstances to serve Him is the most vain, proud beast that can exist and is NOT, repeat NOT a Christian.

True Christians are born again by the hearing of the Word of God. We do not go through stages of being born again. There is no ‘journey’ to be born again. There is no in-between person or ceremony between us and being born again. In short, there is no need whatsoever for the entire Arminian religion, bookstore, mission board or anything else ..except for Satan to confuse all he may and destroy who he cannot confuse through open warfare. There is no reason for Southern Baptists, Assembly of God, Pentecostals, Presbyterians or independent churches to be down at the Freemasons lodge or signing “solidarity statements” with pagan religions ..other than to plan attack against Christians. There is no purpose for arminian theology other than to fracture the body of Christ as much as possible by simply deceiving young Christians that there are many ‘types’ of Christians and each one is pleasing to God and equally valid.

Every single attack of immorality, from gambling, to organized crime, to lust, to hate, to pornography, to prostitution and slavery to abortion cannot live without the arminian doctrine preached 24/7 365 as free will paradigm for society. In every way with every means, the preacher and lay person who believes and preaches human free will is backing and pushing destruction on themselves and on their neighbors and laughing about it. That they then seek to play the part of the hurt brother when they are found out is a matter of course.

It is one thing to understand that we are born again from among fallen man, just like all the rest. It is quite another to take that understanding and twist it into a defense of Satanic attacks against Christians both here and overseas.

Arminianism cannot survive as a fake Christianity without support from real Christians being deceived, the exact same way the Freemasons and Shriners cannot survive as a ‘philanthropic, fraternal organization’ without the facade of Christian participation, the same way Oxfam cannot survive as a ‘charitable organization’ without the facade of Christian participation. What we are seeing is a more conservative Arminianism and Roman Catholicism and the like to draw back from their more obvious excesses in order to stay alive in the presence of an awakened Christian community. Suddenly, four point or even five point New Calvinists are appearing who just happen to think John Wesley was a Christian. They speak out against one attack of Arminian machine in order to support another: the excesses of “the sinner’s prayer” and “altar calls” are decried, in order to give the speaker validity among Calvinists spread “prevenient grace’ lies or to ‘warn’ young Calvinists against a made up charge of ‘intellectualism’. Then another set of Arminians says that they are neither Arminians or Calvinists and that supposedly makes them superior as a dogma. Then someone else comes along and tries to parse out Pelagianism, semi-Pelagianism and other versions of free will based pagan religion in order to ‘know what they are against’.  One kind of free willer gets extremely angry to be called another of kind of free willer. These things go on all the time.

A Muslim doesn’t want to be called a Catholic. A Hindu doesn’t want to called an animist. A Methodist doesn’t want to be called a Episcopalian, thank you very much. A Mormon doesn’t want to be mistaken for a Unitarian. But they all believe and worship human free will as if it were real. They worship Satan. The whole ‘don’t confuse me with that other group of free will based religion’ routine is a complete farse.

Does no one ever wonder why the favorite new evangelist of each year and decade is ALWAYS an Arminian or a Calvinist who has given Arminians the right hand of fellowship?! Why the press, expressly understood and known to be liberal, God-haters and pushers of pagan religion as best and as often as they may, always seek out such persons to champion? The same press that always portrays abortion, homosexuality and ‘choice’ in a positive light and refuses to report on homosexual rapes, gay parties, the growth of AIDS, the murder of children even out of the womb or anything else that would not help their agenda of immorality? Are you to believe these things are complete accidents? The same people portray Casinos as ’employment’. There is not one immoral social issue that goes forward without at least the facade of Christian approval. They breed false prophets expressly for that purpose who are experts at camouflaging what they really believe and what they really want with the aid of the pagan media houses.

Of course Arminians will welcome you into fellowship as a ‘real Calvinist’ and call all others ‘hyper-Calvinists’ and the like. They lie. They always lie. You are not supposed to notice is ALWAYS the arminians and those who worship the lie of human free will that say evangelism is ‘cultural imperialism’ and forbid it where they may while the arminians laugh and accuse Calvinist of ‘thwarting the gospel’ and other such lies. They merely multiply lies and seek to catch Calvinists in a new trap of sheer incredulity at the boldness of Arminian lies every day.

And each time they can get a old, pop Calvinist like RC Sproul or John Piper to compromise, that report gets translated into fifty languages immediately all over the world as validating the cancer that is eating society right now as if it were a hero pumping out ‘freedoms’. ALL of the publicly pro-Christ anti-Calvinists or sort-of-Calvinists have had a hand in bringing about the destruction of public morals and economic ruin and have done so with the money and support given by Christians who have been deceived.

Under no circumstances are Arminians brethren, their schools actual houses of God or seminaries or their services anything other than Satanic. And yet to this hour, some Calvinist would rather be popular with a liar than be the friend of Jesus Christ.

But God is not mocked: there is no emotional paradigm that trumps God, despite the gullibility and moanings of women.

Ephesians 4:25 -27 Wherefore, having put off falsehood, speak truth every one with his neighbour, because we are members one of another.  Be angry, and do not sin; let not the sun set upon your wrath,   neither give room for the devil.

Revelation 2:9  I know thy tribulation and thy poverty; but thou art rich; and the railing of those who say that they themselves are Jews, and are not, but a synagogue of Satan.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Free will based Christianity has no Word of God/Christ

Instead, it has a “means of communication” as its speech that is idealized to be delivering a will-neutral something that the hearer must empower for themselves. It has no new birth, no presence of Christ within, no truth.

But it excels in vain ceremony meant to deceive the victim that doing the ceremony is like whistling for a pet and that God will come soon after and give them an emotional reward of some type. The expectations of what the miracle will be when God arrives are all based on deceptions of pop emotional manipulation. If in a society that values marriage, then the deceived person will expect a husband or wife as a sign or reward for religious activity specifically to gain respect within the society and its ideology. If in a society that values death, the victim will expect the death of the child in their womb so they can ‘sex’ again. Any particular expectation of reward for religious performance will be in strict accord to the dictates of the ideology/spirit of the hour per age group and per worldy merchandise.

Not only do they mysterize the Incarnation of the Word of God, they usually don’t mention Him and never recognize in any way the distinction between the Word of God and Satanic, human and demonic speech. All they do continuously is devise new campaigns to get their victims to re-choose Jesus today!, right now! as ‘rededicating’ their lives to a former promise they spoke in the midst of other ceremony and do so in the hope of the same rewards.

Their purpose in the Satanic army, is to be as obnoxious as possible, bring a bad name on Christ, call that obnoxiousness being bold in Christ and anyone with any common sense who won’t listen to them they say are examples of ‘persecution’ and ‘the wicked’. There are no new births in Christ among them, no truth and they are well known by their fruits. No matter what family values campaigns they run, they are always on the side of death, either by foot dragging when it comes to justice, sabotage when it comes to justice or outright hostility towards moral laws. No matter how obviously they are wicked and for wicked purposes and are openly exposed as such, they still go on with Jesus rhetoric and religious meetings of some sort even if the purpose of he meeting is to more openly and plainly deny Christ.

Popular titles of such?

Roman Catholicism.

Eastern Orthodox.

Southern Baptists ( to a great extent but not all ) / Free will Baptist



Presbyterians ( USA and to some extent the PCA )

(modern) Lutherans

most independent churches









Homosexual movment




more obvious cults ( the Family International, Mormons, Scientology, Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventists, environmental movement, atheism, evolutionists, etc )

Their favored argument of the moment against God is that being sure of the witness of Christ within and knowing the distinction between the Word of God and Satanic speech is ‘intellectualism’ and they go about ‘warning’ young Christians against ‘intellectualism’ versus ‘spiritual honesty’.

Paul Washer ( ‘heartcry ministries) has now been rotated into the mix, and is diligently warning against “intellectualism”, which basically means certainty in Christ.  He is presented as a non-establishment type “more reformed than most” yet is very much firmly with the free willers. He is the latest in a long line of arminians who seek to get out of the light that God through Calvinism is shining on the works and lies of Satan by claiming that Calvinist and Arminians are brethren with problems and that having such problems is ‘not of Christ’. He loves John Wesley as equally as he ‘loves’ Christ. He is riding for the brand of Satan just as equally as he claims ‘five point Spurgeonism’ to be his creed. He and others call that being controversial and bold ‘for the Lord’.

Just as any other infiltrator against an enemy, the free will camp is now searching for those who supposedly have established their credentials long ago by works among the what is presented to be the arch typical poor and who can then be rotated onto the podium with an air of superiority in order to debunk what is presented to be the arguments and theological flatulence of the idle rich. None of their sermons ARE the gospel/Word of God, they are ‘about’ the reputation of what ‘the gospel’ ought ideally to be and do ( or supposedly have done as hopefully establishing a history of success of their doctrine in the minds of the audience ) and by extension, who is doing or has done that ‘best case scenario’ the best, which is the classic arminian goal as ‘evangelism’. All they really do is the archeology of their own lies. It is not at all the case that they have one best honesty and are giving us another one in public. What they are saying IS their best honesty about their true god. All they have ever done is worship and defend their own sincerity, their own witness. In the end are just spare parts for a machine that manufactures poverty and death that is breaking down.

1John 4:1-6  Beloved, believe not every spirit, but prove the spirits, if they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  Hereby ye know the Spirit of God: every spirit which confesses Jesus Christ come in flesh is of God;   and every spirit which does not confess Jesus Christ come in flesh is not of God: and this is that power of the antichrist, of which ye have heard that it comes, and now it is already in the world.  *Ye* are of God, children, and have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.   *They* are of the world; for this reason they speak as of the world, and the world hears them.   *We* are of God; he that knows God hears us; he who is not of God does not hear us. From this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Obama the Muslim seeks the Islamization of America and the death of American children

Obama’s support of the proposed new York Mosque is nothing more or less than a slap in the face to Americans. Again.

Whatever you don’t want, simply because you don’t want it, is what this administration is going to specialize in trying to perform. He is being backed by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and that whole network of usurpers of old money.

He says, after a special Muslim dinner to celebrate ‘ramadan’, that he thinks “American values” will permit a mosque next to the very site where Muslims murdered Americans. Day after day and event after event, this president is even more pro-Islam and pro-homosexual than George Bush, which takes some strenuous activity. He reminded people of all the Catholic churches that were built on the protest of Americans. He didn’t remind Americans of the child raping priests of the Catholics, the Catholic organized crime families or the child raping Imans of the Arabs that legitimated those protestations and proved them wise. He failed to mention Catholicism and Islam are famous for their corruption, sexual immorality and spiritual perversion to cover it up. He said nothing of the murders perpetuated by Muslims all over the world every day against Christians. He just painted a picture of a tolerant la-la land where there is no sin except to say there is sin against Jesus Christ. As long as Christians are getting it stuck to them all over the world, this president is happy as are all those with him and that support him.

“Our values”? That’s a phrase that politicians in both main parties use to mean “a new ideology we are going to try and force on you in the guise of that ideology actually being old tradition.”

We can expect articles by women in prominent magazines as part of the overall media war against Christians, congratulating “Americans”  for being tolerant and articles and speeches speaking of a ‘finest hour’ in which normal people would destroy everyone involved with such a scheme, but that “Americans” are more tolerant and are therefore ‘better’ and that ‘we’ have won the respect of such a person who says things like that. We can expect articles and interviews with ‘journalist’ who say “the rest of the world is proud of America and sees us as a tolerant land.” Apparently an emotional nickel is to pay for loss of life and a system that perpetuates that loss of life.

Let them identify themselves.

And while that is going on as news filler, the FDA under this administration approves an even more effective abortion pill “available only by prescription”. It’s side effects will be many and varied and only be found out after millions of American women have taken the pill to kill the seed of their latest man or their husband.  They will then act shocked to hear they have destroyed their health. We can expect lots of commercials where women sit around sipping tea and one asks the others if they are ‘protected’. The name of this pill is ‘ella’. The logo will in some fashion be a smiley face, an artful caricature of a woman jumping to celebrate the death of the child as ‘freedom’ and be displayed among a group of other advertisements that will only occasionally include some man talking about ‘erectile dysfunction’ or ‘adding size’ to his penis. A lot of women –a LOT– will go for this pill simply to be hip. While they are ‘having sex’ with a ‘partner’ they will be thinking of how politically smart they are. Women like that strike their own family continually just to be accepted by what they see as ideology on television. All they can hear is that they have free will and must protect it for some idealize use in a future ideal time with someone other than who they are with now.

No one in their right mind wants to bang a dead pussy. Even a deceived one. Even one that is only ‘temporarily disabled’. That’s not erectile dysfunction, that is common sense. There is no love in death or deception. That’s why no one wants the Democratic party for righteousness,  the Republicans or the Supreme Court for justice or this president for anything. Even speaking to them is work for nothing.

If you are a women who can’t have children, you are most probably the victim of a former generation of women who took those same pills. We’re already into third generation side-effects before this new pill gets started. And the Chinese, ( who make a lot of the abortion pills) and the Islamics  are applauding while this president makes a fool of himself and invites aggression by his demonic idiocy.

But God can open wombs as well as shut them up. I say this in Christ to those who hear: if your wife has had a surgery where she sterilized herself, even if she made you think it was your idea or that “you helped/agreed with her in the decision” it is no sin to divorce her and have children with another wife. She has been an adulteress with an ideology against you.

Proverbs 26:4  Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen