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Classic cult mentality: the larger the number of people who say they like something, the more credible that something is

To that end, no excuse is out of bounds to simulate numbers, be vocal about number of actual supporters, use any trick, lie any lie or manipulate any statistic to inflate the (size? perception? deception of having ‘more’ free will?…) of one’s personal belief; the whole supposedly validated because of the supposed power of someone else’s belief in that same or similar paradigm. It’s the ‘if the other guy says its real, it must be real ‘way of life.

You –never– hear real Christians say “I’m going to heaven because 10,000 other people said they have similar beliefs as mine.”  or “I’m going to heaven because archeology proves the Bible to be a historical document” even though the Bible is historically accurate and there are many Christians. Yet it is the constant refrain from atheists and anti-Christians of any sort to to hold up popularity, real or imagined, as the sole proof-of-concept of their paradigm. Thus they always looking for ways to make something popular and their way of doing that is to tweak someone else’s supposed free will.

This article at Measure of Doubt “Why this Meme Exploded” is a classic case of that mentality: it brags about “tapping into tribalism” and such to get ‘likes’ on a facebook page as compared to Campus Crusade for Christ’s facebook page. The whole article is a supposed how-to ( in idealized free will ) of making “a meme” go ‘viral’ while implying but never stating “go viral among a population of people deceived they have free will”. They even posted a link to the wikipedia page on “social proof dynamic“. They should have entitled the page: “How to capitalize on Satan’s former work deceiving others that they have free will to manipulate behavior at their expense for your  own fun and profit .. er, for social change.”

From the article:

I found myself thinking, “How the hell did that happen?” And then thinking, “Hmm… how can we do it again?”.

I had to figure out why a simple picture like this inspired such a big reaction. The more I thought about it, the more psychology and rhetorical communication techniques I saw present. Kenny:

  1. Demonstrated insider status
  2. Invoked tribal/patriotic feelings, and
  3. Gave people direction.

Well look at that. In classic style, he hit the three branches of rhetoric: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

He no doubt doesn’t see himself as in a cult, but as smartly deciphering his future among a population of other ideologically free willed units.

That meme is to be distinguished of course, from inserting a new word or phrase into common speech and other people picking up that word or phrase in their common speech. These kids, as the next generation of victims of the lie of human free will –just like Campus Crusade for Christ–  want to brag about the idealized presence of a historical phrase and notion, long established, getting some attention as proving its credibility as a belief system.  The game, as with all liars, is to mine unsuspecting persons who have congregated in large numbers to get reactions and claim those reactions are proof of your other lies once you’ve got some sort of history to reference as your ideal behavior for your cause. They are the ones whose speech got hacked and they are bragging about having hacked facebook for “likes” ..with that speech. No understanding of God having hacked their speech at Babel is in their discourse or an understanding of the consequences of being in that speech.

You can only know that God actually did that to human speech and that human speech is not God’s Word if you are no longer inside human speech. You can’t get Out of human speech unless you hear the Word/Voice of God/Jesus Christ.

In the end, every belief system that is free will based is false and must resort to such efforts by Satan through them to pretend to be validated by the theoretical use of others people idealized free will. What you are watching, even in political campaigns, is every group of free willers hiring a witch to manipulate others into thinking “lots of other people think like us” ..on the basis of the lie of human free will. The other people are idealized as having the qualities a unit of free will ought to have to be the ‘good side’ of that lie: heroic, smart and humble about it. The lie of free will has its own “left behind” manipulation: you will supposedly be left behind if you fail to vote for them, either on facebook or at the polls. Mormons specialize in those tactics as their religion; others less adept but not born again in Jesus Christ do so by base default.

Also in the end, they will ‘do’, as solving real problems in the world, exactly what idealized ideological units of free will always have done: nothing. But while they are doing nothing, you will hear no end of bragging about what great things their free will is about to do next. They will tell you by many means that if you are wise, you’ll join them in that bragging and doing nothing.

But it’s not as if nothing happens if you are deceived and believe in lies. You end up destroying yourself and your family, going to the lake of fire and don’t even know why. All you will care about is manipulating others before they manipulate you until then.

Proverbs 21:10  The soul of the wicked desireth evil: his neighbour findeth no favour in his eyes.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen


The Deceptive Experience of Human Language and Being

September 24, 2011 3 comments

A short video several years old I moved to a different server. I’m in the middle of re-making old videos and making new ones.


The New economy versus False Determinism, Uniformitarianism and the Old Definition of Money

September 23, 2011 1 comment

Key notes:

Denial of new creation is the key to making a false determinism and supposed uniformitarian character to spiritual history seem a legitimate and necessary foundation for a stable definition of money within the lie of free will.

The Lie of Free Will seems to provide the supposed necessity for an economy at all: trade of scarce items between individuals (perpetually limited resources because of the idealized environment in which non-creating speech is the only speech) /transactions are the supposed evidence of acts of free will performed and the act supposedly performed that proves free will supposedly proves freedom.

Determinism in non-creating speech is the implied situation of perpetuity of non-creation, limitation and scarcity .. by decree of gods.

Uniformitarianism within the lie, provides more stability to the lie by an implied backwards compatibility with all of history and supposed golden age of trade and riches: “it has worked in the past, is working in the present and will work in the future.”

A new economy will only arise after those lies are defeated ( the lie of free will, as well as all the other lies needed to make the lie of free will seem to make sense ) even as they will hang around on the fringes of society. God creates His Own opposition and the gospel of Jesus Christ, the truth that brings new creation and an economy of new creation, was never meant to be spoken in the midst of no opposition. We are to destroy lies wherever we find them as giving no place to Satan. But a total destruction of lies and evil will not take place until the return of Christ and a thousand years after that, exactly as Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God as Creating Speech has said.


A truly new economy is being built on a truly new understanding of money. That new understanding of money is built on the understanding and expectation of new creation in and of Jesus Christ. The new economy is expanding as a quality of Jesus Christ himself. There is no thought of money as a supposed measure or proof of personal free will or freedom in that economy. Need as opposed to emotion is the driving force of expenditure.

The old economy and the lies sent to destroy it is easily seen to have ended because of a non-creating mindset based on human speech/non-creating speech, human emotion and their limitations. In particular, the old economy was built on the lie of buying what you do not need simply for the sake of experiencing the supposed proof that you had free will by an act of trade. It forced production for the sake of filling orders that were based on such deceptions. It has made harsh use of the land in agriculture, resulting in particular in the land not resting but simply being used every year, season after season with no respite and not being allowed to be fallow one year in seven.

What has happened to the land has also happened to the human heart of those in that old economy. They are forced to feel as if any situation that arises that does not feed a frenzied consumption and production of emotion is necessarily one which, perhaps not being evil, sets them behind the emotional experience and understanding of others who are advertised to them to be smarter and wealthier because of that exact lack of rest. While they cry “BORiiiing!” to a lack of emotional stimulus, what they really mean is fear of their neighbor gaining more education in the lie while they are out of School. The lie that brought down the old economy was not one of ignorance to produce real goods or even a lack of necessary new inventions. It was the lie that the work itself and the product, the manufacturing and farming of the economy, was purely emotional and one of comparison with one’s neighbor in a non-creating mindset that fatalistically said that was the only possible life because “People have free will. They want to prove and express that will. That’s just how it is.”

Abortion was supposed to have been a solution to how one goes about increasing speed to catch up to others who had more emotional experience and as poverty insurance: any perceived impediment to having the money to trade with in order to prove one’s will was free was attacked, even the womb. The simple reality that more people means a larger and more prosperous economy was thrown aside in a rush to worship limitation and scarcity, as the Unique Thing became the In Thing to have emotional experience about and hopefully be the only one in one’s group of friends and family to have such experience. There were no exceptions. Even death was welcome as abortion, suicide attempts, and the offer to help others kill themselves. Shaming oneself through tattoos and body mutilations, patterns of speech that identified one as an outcast or wannabe outcast were welcomed by youth in attempts to gain emotional experience in the economy that implicitly claimed emotion was its real, national product and only wealth. “How to gain as much sympathy as black people, Afghan farmers,  Islamic militant warlords, Pakistani Intelligence, and illegal immigrants and get the same results in cash and jobs” was the unstated rule of such education when the children saw their parents had no notion of inheritance at all, and were giving away what they had themselves inherited to their own and their children’s enemies in order to stop mere accusations from the same non-creating speech that they themselves had. Sexual relationships were and are used to substitute for marriage and then are broken off simply to gain the emotional experience of having done so as arming oneself in the notion of one’s own personal school of self-defense and longed for sympathy. Such efforts are to train oneself to recognize the common emotional intelligence from the truly remarkable and specialize in the remarkable as a means of manipulating sympathy for welfare. All of that went under the title ‘The Economy’. In that economy, Jobs were simply the means to play as both a ticket to the stadium and being picked to play on a team: the whole purpose of making money was to spend it for emotional practice. Those asking for jobs see such things as jobs as mysterious items magically created by strange wizards than off shoots of a way of life in the creating mindset of Jesus Christ. The sought for jobs are lifetime appointments on the team without the possibility of any interruption in emotional consumption rather than the expectation of new creation within themselves.

The lie of free will was the foundation of all the rest. No end of work was put in and is to this hour maintained to make the lie of free will seem real and as such a forgone conclusion as to not be worth investigating. Some in non-creating speech go so far as to say that if we do not have free will we shouldn’t know about it because of what it would do to us emotionally or even that we should knowingly lie and simply keep saying we do if we know we do not.

Free will was set up as a false opposite to what was called Determinism on the presumption that if one were true the other could not by definition be true. No end of arguments were and are to this day publicly aired as the standard paradigm for advertising products and taught at universities in such a way as to portray the fear that if free will for creatures as a concept is not true and has never been true, but instead the dreaded Determinism is true, then an emotional crash would ensue immediately both in the personal life of the one who understood such things and in the overall economy if lots of people understood such things.

Those taught that lie as a very particular evil knowledge that destroys them and all those they seek to help through those means were also handed other lies to make the first lies make sense when they were questioned. A spiritual uniformitarianism was taught to imply that the same spiritual environment exists as has existed all through history in order to make it appear that everyone in all of history has believed the same thing today’s youth are taught and specifically as supposed Christianity. “Lots of other people have already successfully believed what we are telling you” was the implication as the Old Religions were implied to have been rediscovered in publicly aired archeology events that supposedly validated the modern version of what the Old Religions were.

Christianity itself has not been usurped nor has the Word of God failed in these days or any day. But the term Christianity has been promulgated among the ignorant who do not know the difference between the Word of God and non-creating speech and has implied that indeed, Christianity itself has undergone changes that have resulted in the idealized old, pagan religions being correct while validating that non-creating, lying version of Christianity simultaneously for the specific purpose of drawing the attention away from the weaknesses of the lie of free will and instead supposedly being able to rejoice with the rejoicing of the fathers in ancient times who supposedly believed modern lies about reality. Then the false, dreaded Determinism is thrown in, despite that throw obviously invalidating the initial premise of free will being distinct from determinism to make it seem God Himself forced one into such a comfort as to be able to rejoice with the ancients in the exact same emotional experience. In false Christianity, the word God has become synonymous with the claims of non-creating determinism, while the word Jesus has become synonymous with the hope of getting out of what was determined so a free will could be enjoyed and the word Christ has simply been thrown in as a theological widget to be historically accurate among a Christians audience to more easily be a look-a-like gospel of the real Christ and Christianity.

The old economy was built on layers of lies that invalidated each other, but were delivered in such a way as to to imply the timing of each speaking and thinking of their supposed various aspects would prove them to have been working together as a harmonious whole all along and that poof would manifest itself in truth in the future. What it in fact it produced was devastation and ruin, because lies always have the effect of lies and the fruit of lies is always death. At each new attempt to ‘fix’ the mythical ailing economy, as attempts to spur those in the lie of free will ever onward with more speed and more enthusiasm, the same lies were relied on and even the same recipe of mixing together the lies was used on the newer audience who had come to expect such things as the only philosophical basis for a sound economy, being taught such from their youth.

Over the course of time, we have now inherited a lie as a national economy that is supposedly in need of repair, again, and which, in order to fix, every aspect of its former spiritual and philosophical aspects

must supposed remain sacrosanct, to include the notion that Jobs are a silver bullet to cure the ills of overproduction and over consumption; that the non-creating mindset of scarcity mixed with pride over having and experiencing the Unique Thing can produce a safe, stable environment for anyone and above all else, we are to supposed remain deceived that non-creating determinism is the only determinism, that free will and that non-creating determinism are supposed opposites and have supposed different results if one goes toward one or the other philosophically, and that the purpose and usefulness of Christianity is that it supposedly provides a hope of unrestrained free will to play in the old definitions of reality that were implied to have always been the beliefs of Man since Adam ( the old definition of money as a unit of freedom; freedom supposedly proved through trade via money, emotional intelligence being the sole product one must strive to obtain as the sole purpose of the Economy, etc..)

Lies are always complicated. The truth is always simple.

You have grown up in Satan’s version of The Economy over which was placed those who have a hard-core worship of the lie of human free will. Not one of them actually believes anything you have or will read here. In fact, they vehemently oppose it. Not one presidential candidate believes anything you will read here. They just want to fix the old economy, keep the old definitions and to worship scarcity as a guide to value minus any understanding of your value as an individual before God.

The new economy starts with your personal new creation in Jesus Christ. After that, you are your own proof that such a thing as a economy based on lack of new creation is anti-christ and death.

Mark 3:23-26  And he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan?  And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.  And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Safely changing fundamental definitions in which life is lived: New Creation in Jesus Christ destroys the stability on which any free will based morality depends

New creation destroys the foundations of any morality produced by an idealized free will by the means of introducing new elements or changed elements on which the free will based morality depended. These new introductions of elements or changed elements as growth phases act as both replacements and as simple growth of the whole environment, pushing aside the placement of former concepts and spirits. The movement in the mind of the individuals, the changing of the individuals into new spiritual creatures and the changing of the overall environment in which non-new creatures in Jesus Christ and new creatures in Jesus Christ live, and on which a well organized, stable morality depended, acts to destroy the organization of that morality and thus the hope placed in it to be proof offered to God of goodness. The morality itself dissolves as its constituent elements / spirits are changed or even moved slightly.

It is not simply a matter of a change in basic principles and thus a swapping of ideology by the same creature in the same, unchanged environment. Such a thing is never the case as new creation is on-going by God at all times. But the pretense of such self-change or idealized collective-of-autonomous-selves as societal change is a common theme of moralities that depend on free will and itself is only differing formulas for choice among a  group of elements idealized to be eternally static or changing so slowly that the change will in no way effect the idealized present choosier because of mortality. The morality as an  end product of a lifetime of choice is then idealized to be eternally beneficial.

Righteous Morality before God is non-changing because they only depend on God Himself: the blood of Christ and the Word and Power of God. The free will based models of morality seek to mimic God’s never changing judgment as a principle of static power and environment by implying a free will that is never bound AND yet static elements that are as unchanging as God from which to build behavior that impresses God that one is supposedly righteous without the need for grace of God and without new creation in Jesus Christ. By the definition of free will morality, if God or any other thing out of which morality is built changes, the morality itself is overthrown; it morphs into something else when either the environment out of which it is built changes or the thing to which it is applied changes.

The post at John “Does God Control or persuade? Is His future what we make of it?” is a classic example of an attempt by hard core believers in free will to tweak definitions of reality for the specific purpose of keeping intact their former notions of morality the deeper they go toward a God that they idealize as a God that  gave them free will. A quoted comment within the article is:

“God can’t be both all-powerful (in the sense of controlling, coercive power) and all-good/all-loving. You have to choose between the two, or you have to redefine the nature of God’s power. Or BOTH.

The implied reason for why “you have to choose between the two or you have to redefine..” is simply to keep the notion of free will viable and the former morality that depends on that idealized free will staying free, remaining eternally good before that pre-re-defined God. They have not even noticed that by redefining God they have changed the composition of their own morality and yet want to keep their own morality intact as proof of eternal life is their primary concern.

They never see, in the rush to defend their present horde of supposed past moral actions, that they are doing a lifestyle of destruction of which they are unaware.

Thus the purposes of the lie of free will are seen: to deny a change in the creature ( oneself ) as being non-metaphorically born again in Jesus Christ, so that the idealized stable creature with its own versions of morality may seem eternal and thus relevant and to deny changes in the environment out of which the free will morality was built. In short, the lie of human free will must deny anything else can exist but the exact conditions that supposedly make it a fact that men have free will and the consequences of that denial are catastrophic to a successful life of the individual and society even in the present as they multiply hypocrisy and self-deceit.

By denying new creation on all levels, simply to protect the ideology of free will, reality is denied simply to have a false face of stability in which present beliefs can survive. That false stability is made to seem to produce morality to seem that the whole is an honest paradigm of being righteous.

Over time, those institutionalized in the lie of free will grow afraid of new creation and see it as their enemy, even as they deny its very existence as an ideological argument. A group of people with a notion of false moral stability which is based on an idealized absolute lack of new creation will be terrified if anyone mentions changing the definition of money, even as they must deny that the definition can be changed at all.

Questions those deceived free will exists must ask, in their most honest moments are: Who will be moral in the new paradigm?

How will that new morality be recognized? How will it effect choice?

If they are religious they will also ask: How will it effect being righteous in God’s eyes? Where are the rules to live by in the new paradigm so that the individual will know with certainty that one is a friend of God?

All such questions are a consequence of being in a lie yet living in reality, which is the fundamental condition of fallen men. Such concerns seem to them to be both common sense and piety. Yet to even dare to breathe such questions by them is an admission of the outlook on morality as unreliable that they actually have and a reliance on a vague notion of grace. But the grace they rely on as an adjunct to free will is to them, by definition, something that cannot interfere with the idealized free will and thus cannot be new creation of the creature that has the idealized free will and cannot jiggle the table on which is built their entire house of moral cards.

In Christ, as new creature, one sees one’s own new birth as favor from God and thus a trust in God is immediate. New creation is then seen as both a friend and, as part of the nature of God, a standard part of reality. The grace of God in Christ is well understood to be part of new creation and there is no reliance on a static, non-growing, non-creating environment in which to assure oneself by one’s own moral code as one’s own witness that one is a friend of God. The very elements on which such a self-witness must rely are constantly changing and growing. God then is the only reliable witness and those through whom He witnesses.

Romans 8:16  The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God.

What we see is that any notion of free will, no matter how small or large, whether it is called libertarian free will or partial free will, manufactures a fear of reality as xenophobia and a total lack of creativity in addition to a loathing of creativity in others. Everything must remain as it is idealized to exist for the sole benefit of keeping intact a particular ideology in order for those old in any particular version of morality to idealize themselves as keeping the morality they have earned by self-will and constructed out of unchanging, immovable elements. If anything changes about themselves as creatures or about their physical and spiritual environment as ideology, the morality they have supposedly so carefully crafted for themselves dissolves in front of them.

The mixture of a few admissions that new creation exists, but viewed as merely a shift in some part of reality that already existed added to an idealized static morality only produces hopelessness and fatalism. Such people end up as zealots of the slogan ‘live for today’, denying even more of reality in the guise of embracing honest change.

Plainly free will theology is not simply a religious phenomenon or  a thing which only has religious implications. It applies to politics and society in every area as a stunting of creativity and as a xenophobia of creation, while claiming to be the sole path to personal salvation before God and prosperity.

Just as plainly, Calvinism is proved to be the honest truth of Jesus Christ that can be tested and found to be true over and over, even in the midst of new creation and ever changing environments, be they ideological, spiritual or physical, on which false moralities are built.

1. to change the definition of money necessarily changes the morality surrounding money, which bumps the table on which free will morality is busy faking righteousness and thus effects one’s eternal place of abode in those models .. but has no effect on Calvinism

ancillary: the present definition of money and trade is based on scarcity; not new creation of plenty. The idealized environment in which to keep the present definition of money in the public mind valuable is then static and one of maintained scarcity. The notion of fairness within the definition of money is also based on ‘spreading around’ what is idealized to be scarce. The whole evil show is based on non-creation.

2. to change models of government equally destroys the former security of free will based morality ..and doesn’t touch Calvinism

3. advances in technology destroy free will based notions of morality and safety of soul based on that morality ( and that is why you never see such advances as products of nations in which free will based religions reign: they all want to think their own models of morality are eternal and don’t want any change )  ..and never touches Calvinism

Why is Calvinism unchanged and unafraid of change no matter the amount of new creation or paradigm shifts? Being new creature in Jesus Christ and the common sense of on-going new creation is the truth of Calvinism; not merely theorizing about it or hoping for it.  Embracing new creation is then the Christian lifestyle and indeed, expectation, while trying vainly to hold on to idealized self-built morality by supposed free willed protectionism in favor of the ideological items out of which that morality was supposedly built is the standard lifestyle of all who are deceived they have even partial free will.

Those who are deceived they have even partial free will cling to the past and call it Tradition; are afraid of new things and end up destroying their own lands and each other. In the midst of a world financial crisis, which those who are hard core believers in free will have manufactured through their ideology and consequent actions, new creation and acknowledgment of God’s on-going new creation is needed, not simply a rearrangement of what already exists while an on-going denial of new creation and in denial of God in Jesus Christ is maintained. Both a quick look and in-depth research demonstrates that hard core free willers who call themselves pro-Christ but love the lie of human free will and loath Calvinism have been the destroyers and usurpers of all that God has formerly created other than new creatures in Jesus Christ / body of Christ and are solely responsible for the present destruction and international tensions according to their own definitions of reality.

After new creation in Jesus Christ, one lives in reality and not in lies and thus sees what the lie of human free will is ( and indeed, all lies are )  : a spiritual creature made up of particular elements of non-creating speech that is not eternal or a god; he-who-can-create-nothing. All those who live their lives in that creature will die and be death to all around them while clamoring about morality, ideals of fairness based on that false morality and change that is destructive.

Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee when no man pursueth; but the righteous are bold as a lion.

The first step in new things created in Christ for you is your own change of being. Thereafter, God lives in you and will both understand new creation and accomplish new creation through you.

1Peter 1:22-25  Having purified your souls by obedience to the truth to unfeigned brotherly love, love one another out of a pure heart fervently;  being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the living and abiding word of God.  Because all flesh is as grass, and all its glory as the flower of grass. The grass has withered and its flower has fallen;  but the word of the Lord abides for eternity. But this is the word which in the glad tidings is preached to you.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Sodmites lead by Satan through Adm. Mike Mullen, Obama, Biden and Pelosi and Powell

So far from this White House and the current Democrats and Republicans:

1. massive taxation and massive increase in the national  debt ..without representation for the explicit benefit of Big Corporations: bailout the guise of helping the middle class and ‘redistributing the wealth’.

2. complete failure and continued failure to stop the worst environmental disaster in US history in the Gulf the guise of being The Green House instead of the White House

3. Explicit support for abortion and homosexuality as the Grand Cause of the administration

4. utter failure of foreign policy

5. has not caught Osama bin laden, the other Muslim, nor made any efforts in that direction

We now know why Obama “is in charge and takes full responsibility for” ( a phrase which he thinks means nothing ) the utter failure to stop the sabotaged oil leak in the Gulf and why his disastrous policies toward Central Asia and the Caucasus’ are causing Russia to make aggressive strides in outright expansionism in addition to encouraging jihadists: he is too busy working to help his homosexual/sodomite friends make their public displays of affection more public; their diseases, their drugs to keep up erections simply to have more erections minus any children more accessible.

In teaching young people that the purpose of life is sex and to devalue each other, the sodomites spread disease and lies. It is always the same people who want open homosexuality/sexual sodomy and lesbianism, government as tyranny and public adoration for their failures to achieve even what their lie of free will idealizes as leadership. All that comes together despite their public lie of ‘what kind of sex a sodomite has is isolated from the rest of their behavior’.

To keep trying to sell the lie that sodomy is simply about sex is already seen as a hoax. It has nothing to do with sex. It is a hatred of Jesus Christ within the lie of free will that results in a worship of theoretical free will actions for their own sake. All those who do so either do their sodomy as sex or as monetary injustice.

In the usual sodomite tactic of making nasty all the restrooms they can and leaving condoms and disease wherever they may, in trying to get this passed before they thrown out of the public toilet that is Congress, what Obama and his companions want is to make legal what the Roman Catholic priests have done; to make it impossible to bring them to justice on the premise that if they can deceive someone else into their lies of ‘free will’, no crime was committed no matter what happened.

Islamics are famous for their love of “little boy ass” and the Koran justifies it, despite the massive PR efforts to present Islam as an alternate morality to Jesus Christ. Obama and Osama would have the world think of such behavior as publicity acceptable morality AND as religious dictate. The jihadists come from such a population of persons abused from their birth, or at the least it is going on all around them and they think it the norm that needs defending.

If you really want to see what those behind Obama, Biden, Colin Powell and the Democrats and Republicans ..and Libertarians.. have in mind for America, all you have to do is look at Saudi Arabia or any of the Islamic or Hindu lands: massive poverty, public sexual promiscuity and institutionalized totalitarianism. The libertarians might be more fiscally responsible, but they in no way are champions of actual morality. They are a new wanna-be merchant class and that is all.

No matter the years of service or decorations from men one carries, it is treason to even suggest the United States would be better off with sodomites anywhere and in the military at all, much less openly as such. Mike Mullen is a traitor both to the citizens of the United States and to his ‘fellow’ soldiers as a product of the Council on Foreign Relations as making a career of setting dignity in folly and folly in dignity. Mullen is merely one in a long line of military commanders indoctrinated by the CFR, Powell is another.  There is no such thing as having an ‘honorable career over many decades’ that excuses a secret ideology you have hidden all those years just so when you get to be Joint Chief you can overthrow your more righteous counterparts by fiat and then praise your counterparts as if you cared about them at all. It is very instructive to watch Fox news interview Mike Mullen and try to run controlled opposition to get evil passed as law. If Mullen does this now, with some restraint becuase he is in office, just think what an activist he will be after retirement. He will be just another Powell who compromises for whatever new ideological widget in the guise of ‘equality’.

Obama as a Muslim is right on schedule of making all he can the ideal Muslim by default public morality: effeminate the men, blame it on the women, rob somebody else when you can’t produce anything yourself and whole time tell everyone that they have free will as the default state of being a human being and can’t get out of it. As one mere aspect of his outlook, he is the political arm of the solution to the drug dealer dilemma of “Man, they sayin’ they ain’t got the free will to buy my dope!”. The Methodists, free will baptists and their like, and the Romanists and Eastern Orthodox are the religious arm that preaches from the pulpit what the merchants of anything, to include drug dealers and pornographers need their target consumer to hear.


Christian conservative black people in American need to wake up: the sole portrait of black people in America being put forth to this generation of young white people is that of drug dealers, whores, homosexuals, secret society/gang types who are murderers and thieves who get special treatment do their crimes again and again.., loud mouthed women who are hard core defenders of same; corrupt abortionists, sodomites and witches who will leach off white people for welfare and voodoo under any guise and who hate white people ..just to do it no matter what they get: outright welfare or massive taxation to benefit Corporations while saying lies about equality. In addition: as incompetent to deal with any national defense or emergency other than to define it as ‘not a problem’ or hope to look good losing other people’s freedom ( according to your own definition of reality). Colin Powell and Condeleza Rice were held up as the Beautiful Exceptions: but Rice helped swear in the first openly homosexual head of civilian hiring at the Pentagon during the Bush Administration and now Powell is openly a friend and ally to sodomites.

J.C.Watts and Alan Keyes are the last Good Names left among black politicians ..and Watts was with the McCain  camp who wanted No Borders. It seems ..seems .. the only thing welfare, public housing and scholarships for domestic minorities has purchased in the US is to make them rabid socialists, false religionists and sodomites. What we’re seeing as so-called political maturity of those efforts by white people to lift black people out of poverty and voodoo is nothing but anti-americanism. And that by Black Theology’s own definition of reality as everyone having free will and doing what they do on purpose. No matter what ideology under which that free education, housing and medical benefits came, no matter the education, no matter the money spent, no matter the favoritism toward black people in particular. Trying to redefine medical benefits, free education and housing and jobs to make it seem no such thing has ever been in the past is a lie.

If you are of Latin ethnicity you need to wake up as well: you are coming off as constant doers and lovers of the same and those who will do anything to get a dig in at whitey and who experience failure after failure as governmental and ideological  experiments as your sole history. So far you have a reputation for loathing homosexuality. So far. But your politicians have a reputation of existing just to get for the latino community what black people as a political bloc want. See above, minus the homosexuality.

Now would be a perfect time to prove you are more than what is being put out publically 24/7/365. It is easy to argue that there are a lot of corrupt white people. There are. But there are many honest white people in Jesus Christ. We’re not seeing any from the black or latino community come forth other than to do politics as usual and falsely use Christ for gain or be outright hostile to Jesus Christ.

Keep on with your ‘equality’ arguments. You have all assigned yourselves to the same camp simply for using that word and the term ‘social justice’ your own definition of reality. And you have yet to realize you are for the most part, being manipulated by one set of white people against another. If you really don’t care and you really are not in Christ, but love your death cults, superstitions and witchcraft ..that’s good to know.

Jude 1:16  These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their lusts; and their mouth speaks swelling words, admiring persons for the sake of profit.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

The Limits of Control

Psychologists, evolutionists, ‘scientists’ and merchants are shooting lies at you.

some examples:
Something in the writer of this post just used the lie of evolution to supposedly instill humility to a passer-by on the internet. The passer-by is supposed to be humbled by the supposed success at Neanderthals versus ‘humans’. False science disguised as pro-active morality and medicine for the emotions. Better than prozac in the water supply?

The liars are versed in the lies of evolution in addition to  psychological tricks to supposedly ensnare a passer-by in some strange form of guilt that only their profession claims to be able to solve. They are making up problems in your head for them to solve; you supposedly need to pay them in money and/or obedience.

From the article:

“But, of course, evolution is a process. It does not have a goal. Evolution just is the process of continually adapting life to its surroundings. And it does this by natural selection: Those who are well adapted — that means, very much “in sync” with environmental processes — live. And those who are maladapted — that means, “out of sync” with their environmental processes — die.”

So basically just keep paying and they’ll steer you to ..wherever. Only you’ll never arrive and there will be no road map to even know where you are going or how far you’ve come. It’s a process.

A question: how does ‘evolution’ account for the diversity of human languages in similar environments if the whole thing that supposedly makes evolution true  is the diversity/change as a reaction to environment? Why are there many versions of the same speech in man in similar climatic and geographical regions of the world? Why, in all of them, is there satanic lies and for the most, the lie of evolution and the gospel of Jesus Christ as opposing camps? How does an evolutionist account for all that? How does the gospel of Jesus Christ and pop up in a cold climate AND a warm climate with exactly the same qualities, yet repeated in different versions of human speech as if it were human speech? How do they account for the fact the lie of human evolution can be in a swamp and have the exact same characteristics of the lie of human evolution in a Manhattan apartment? For decades. Hundreds of years.

“Redundant means of communication is a necessary survival instinct?”

But that would undermine the ‘reaction to environment’ theme evolutionists are trying to instill as a means of control to persons distinctly deceived they have the free will to react to what they hear. If no one is worried about ‘fitting in’ to some social construct evolutionists are constructing as a guilt paradigm ( using the lie of ‘neanderthal’ to instill guilt/lack of humility as a control mechanism), –and the people hearing don’t have the free will to do it anyway ..what’s the point of what psychologists or evolutionists are doing?

The environment is not forcing a new language and moral paradigm unique to the local qualities of the physical environment ( because the environment doesn’t have free will either, despite the superstitions of some Indian tribes ) , but that language shifts and moves over time into different environments ( English speakers move from Canada to Hawaii for instance, or Russian speakers move from Siberia to Tehran ) without losing its distinct character, even if the newcomer has to learn the local speech. They don’t lose the old speech ( because they don’t have the free will to do that with..) AND they gain a new version of the same speech AND in all that are unable to escape the plain truth of Jesus Christ.

How do you account for any of those things in an evolutionary framework or a psychological framework at all, much less of ‘free will’?

You don’t.

Neither do you account for the change in human language over time, yet not a change in the gospel of Jesus Christ ..even if the gospel of Jesus Christ skips a generation and all the changes in speech encountered during that generation. Truth remains truth and lies remain lies and even decoding ancient text demonstrates that the same moral paradigm existed ‘back then’ as now. It has gone through ‘ice ages’, floods, storms, earthquakes and asteroid hits. Yet we are still here and it is still here.

As for ‘Neanderthal’ : 99.97% match with human DNA

The biblical explanation of why there ought to be a diversity if mankind mixed with other creatures is:

Genesis 6:4  In those days were the giants on the earth, and also afterwards, when the sons of God had come in to the daughters of men, and they had borne children to them; these were the heroes, who of old were men of renown.

Rather than see the evidence for what they are claiming is proof of ‘billions of years old earth’ and a diversity of human like creatures on it long before men, is already in the Bible and well explained as not being ‘billions of years old’, they seek as a default foundation to lie from any alternative they can make up as they go. Their lies are exposed as lies ..and they can’t stop speaking them. They say more lies along with the lie that they have free will.

Rather than face the fact of having lied and that all their lies have been plainly seen, they then seek to use those lies as if they were truth to provoke an alternative morality with them at the top as the priests ..making it up as they go to simply gain control if they may.

In the lie of evolution: You are supposed to feel guilty ..for being proud ..of having evolved; of being the latest and the best ‘evolution’ has to offer. There is a simultaneous appeal to determinism ( a ‘thing’ is going on you have no control over and this thing is called ‘evolution’) , and ‘free’ will ( yet you are to react to evolution a very specific way ‘with your free will’ in order to prove you are a good person and thus cause the priests of that Order to like you and give you permission to do ..whatever a mix of determinism and free will can ‘do’.)

But: Mixing free will and determinism makes a caste system.

False science is in every way witchcraft designed to control you and to control you specifically in the guise of ‘free’ will. The liars need the concept of evolution for control quite beyond the identical hatred in cold climates and warm climates and different versions of non-creating speech over hundreds of years they have for Jesus Christ and their desire for an alternative word/speech than God.


The very same concept of alternative moral control can be found in ‘global warming’ which has now morphed into the much more ambiguous ‘Climate Change’ ‘science’ after ‘global warming’ was exposed as a lie. ‘Evolution’ disguised as a ‘science’ can get paid do itself investigate what it says exists; as can efforts to ‘combat’ ‘Climate change’. You are supposed to feel guilty ( with your free will ) for a process you don’t control ( climate change) if you did control it. You are supposed to get involved in a very complex moral math that has as its components what supposedly you do and do not control and therefore what you feel proud about within its own logic and then, in random instances ‘are humbled’ order to be made servile.

Now Big Corporations are buying up vast tracks of other countries forests ( even GM, who couldn’t afford to stay in business without a tax payer funded bailout) on the premise of ‘carbon credits’. Those countries would never have otherwise sold their lands. Treaties are being signed under the premise of ‘preventing climate change’ and ‘protecting the environment’.

The Climate Change scam is the scam of all time. It’s even producing its own monetary markets that deal in ‘Carbon Credits’ along the same routes such things always go: it comes at first in the guise of ‘free money’: a US farmer is paid for the ‘carbon credits’ on his land exactly like a fruit or vegetable. The money is real, so the ‘thing’ must be real. Right?

Wrong. It’s a scam to control Whatever New Technology replaces oil without having to know what that technology will be: instill a new morality that is a Meta over all technology and no matter what comes you can milk it and control the populace.

What is controlled as that ‘new commodity’ must be scarce by the definition of worldy monetary value: if something is scarce it is ‘more valuable’. If  everybody has ‘carbon credits’ merely because they exist, ‘carbon credits’ are worthless and can’t be controlled in the mind of the average person as a means of control. So ‘carbon credits’ need to be scarce in order to be a legitimate commodity in the minds of the public.

How do you make a non-existent thing ‘scarce’? First, you call it an abstract. That way, when someone says “that doesn’t exist”, you say “I never said it did. It’s an abstract.” You say something real is ‘its opposite’ so you immediately have an implied, built-in measure of the non-existent thing: there ought to be exactly the amount of non-existent ‘thing’ as the thing that actually exists ..only because they are being called opposites.

Cap the true thing or its opposite: say either one can only go so high or be so much quantity and you’ve automatically created a moral paradigm in the mind of those deceived they have free will and who have non-creating speech as their default common sense when you hook that to ‘the environment’. You’ve got  ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ terminals on batteries; you’ve got ‘good’ and ‘evil’ as free willer opposites in Satan’s morality, so you must have ‘carbon emissions’ and ‘carbon credits’ as opposites as using the deceptions that already exist in the mind of the public to bring in another. If you cap the carbon emissions you raise the price of its ‘opposite’, the ‘carbon credits’ the ‘green markets’. You are selling nothing, getting real money for it that is being raised by taxing people who think its real and who, if you get your way, will live whole lifetimes in intricate guilt ..for nothing. The capping of emissions is not at all about ‘helping the environment’, its about making a non-entity called a ‘carbon credit’  an actual monetary instrument that can be bought and sold.

The pro and con debates over damaging the environment and ‘what the policy ought to be’ are pure theater. Notice the bi-partisan support for ‘climate change’ as if it were real..

Pure, non-metaphorical Satanism.

And the money to pay for that ‘thing’ is tax payer money. An invisible ‘thing’ is made up to ‘generate income’ ‘for farmers and landowners’ who are simultaneously being taxed out of it to pay for that same ‘thing’ somewhere else ( like other countries ). The photo op is with the ‘hurting farmer’ and the state-sized tracks of land and hidden taxes and fees are never seen until much later in the process and only then under a mountain of false names and concepts.

The upshot is that tax payer monies are buying up items ( like forests/lands)  individual families in the guise of being Corporations keep while the average tax payer gets soaked for the hype. The average person in that tax payer religion pays dutifully both for the media campaign to instill the guilt and the purchases made to stop the generation of guilt in the adherent: a  standard free willer vain-to-be-hopeless ploy. The free willer is vain/proud to be ‘personally powerful’ in supposedly having free will, but immediately finds he/she has used that free will in all the wrongs ways and in the end, can’t keep up with all the ‘evolving’ ‘right ways’ and must remain subservient becuase of inward guilt instilled by the deception that the ‘scientist’ is all-knowing.

No end of such false guilts are being used ..and taxed methods of control cold climates as well as warm, sunny environments. Even underwater and in all versions of non-creating speech.They are not evolving at all; the environment is having no effect on them whatsoever. A soul gripped by such guilts can shiver as well as sweat; kneel as well as walk or run ..and with no fear whatsoever that the environment will change the guilt or get rid of it.

The combination of false science with false morality is the whole scam. It is plain witchcraft. Those ensnared in it must continue in it to get rid of the guilt they actually think they have before God because of a violation of commands other than God’s commands. It is but a small step until the witches start to say “God is going to get you if you don’t go solar!” in exactly the same way they have already said “God is going to get you if you don’t like homosexuals!”

If you are deceived you have free will, you will always fall for some form of that control and be set against others falsely on that basis. The fatal flaw in all of Satan’s plans is that there is no free will for creatures and that the Word of God actually exists as distinct from human speech/demonic speech /non-creating speech/anti-Christ.


Satan does not have free will. Satan does not control the definition of money.

You do not have the free will to be deceived by him or to fear anything he says.

John 8:31-36  Jesus therefore said to the Jews who believed him, If ye abide in my word, ye are truly my disciples;  and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.  They answered him, We are Abraham’s seed, and have never been under bondage to any one; how sayest thou, Ye shall become free?  Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say to you, Every one that practises sin is the bondman of sin.   Now the bondman abides not in the house for ever: the son abides for ever.   If therefore the Son shall set you free, ye shall be really free.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Addiction 101

1. a person is deceived they have free will

2. that same person cannot use the idealized free will in the way they have been trained to see other people supposedly using their free will: as a rule of life in that deception, the individual cannot profit from a supposed default state of existence shared by all human beings. There must be, by definition of free will and the definition of that individual as opposed to the idealized success of others in that same doctrine/lie/ideology/propaganda: “something wrong with me.”

3. In total lack of free will, a flight from the everyday experience of failure at doing an ideal model of behavior is the desire. In addition, there are moral imperatives in the lie of human free will that cannot be satisfied within the lie: not to think ill of one’s family or neighbors when in the lie of free will, even by chance, one’s family and neighbors are in some way directly responsible for the lack of attaining of the ideal model of behavior with its consequent awards. The flight from all of that reality within the lie is the common sense.

4. Any help from one’s neighbors and family within the bounds of that lie is going to be a form of that lie with an appeal to the very same common sense: “Its’ your own fault. Other people, even people with less affluence or less material possessions or less confidence than you are successful within this default state of having free will. You aren’t trying hard enough. You are vain and proud!”

5. professional help is simply a more advanced form of the same lie: “Stop lying to yourself! You know it is your fault! Admit it! You’ve got free will AND you are always using it the wrong way! Stop it!”

i.e. in that lie of free will; both the victim and the other victims, in their best honesty do nothing but grind on each other and attack each other –as their best honesty, on their best day, with their best intentions. In addition, others in their addiction to the lie of free will can only attack in more overt ways: selling the way to temporary relief from the constant failure either to overcome the lie, be successful within the lie or to be sophisticated within the lie to cover over the failures: drugs/alchohol/behavior stimulus.


Every addiction can be traced to the lie of human free will as a temporary method of escape from failing to do what ‘everyone’ says cannot be avoided by using the supposed default tools of being a human being and if one is a good person. Psychologists and the like are simply one step up from sleeping in the alley themselves and will write prescription after prescription to help their fellow victims keep thinking there is a way out that can be bought via ‘therapy’. They are no different than drug dealers.

That entire situation of the worst victims being attacked by lesser victims of the lie of free will in the guise of ‘helping’ each other can be summed in:

Jeremiah 16:10-13  And it shall come to pass, when thou shalt declare unto this people all these words, and they shall say unto thee, Wherefore hath Jehovah pronounced all this great evil against us? and what is our iniquity? and what is our sin which we have committed against Jehovah our God?  then shalt thou say unto them, Because your fathers have forsaken me, saith Jehovah, and have walked after other gods, and have served them, and have worshipped them, and have forsaken me, and have not kept my law;  and you, ye have done still worse than your fathers; and there ye are walking every one after the stubbornness of his evil heart, not to hearken unto me:  and I will cast you forth out of this land, into a land that ye know not, ye nor your fathers; and there shall ye serve other gods day and night: because I will shew you no favour.

It is a continual worship of the lie of human free will and worship of the unforgivable sin as default religion and piety ( equating the Word of God with the speech of Satan/human speech ) that is having its consequence while that unfaithfulness to God is being denied and other causes sought for the whole life of ruin.

When you set up a false Jesus Christ and worship him and then make fun of it because ‘it didn’t work’, you just destroyed yourselves.

Calvinists are not famous for being addicts. Those who profess to be pro-Christ yet loathe Calvinism, on the other hand,  are famous for being addicts and drug pushers along with all the other pagans. And those ‘Calvinists’ who say men have free will and/or that being a Christian ‘is an act of will’? The same.

It is that simple.

Galatians 4:29,30  But as then he that was born according to flesh persecuted him that was born according to Spirit, so also it is now.  But what says the scripture? Cast out the maid servant and her son; for the son of the maid servant shall not inherit with the son of the free woman.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen