What happens when you run out of ‘free will’? Death? A flight into false determinism? ( page)

Well, if you actually think you’ve got free will, you panic and equate even the thought of ‘running out’ of it with a fate worse than death. So you want death. “Assisted suicide” is the term Satan uses to supposedly get in a nod to free will and death at the same time. In reality there is no such thing as suicide; there is only demonic deception and manipulation that basically goes: “I’ve got free will. I’ve yelled that I do. I’ve cursed those who said I didn’t have it. But I can’t ever use it properly. I used to be strong, but now I’m weak. I’m stupid and useless in the midst of other people who use their free will perfectly ..somehow.”

In the Netherlands, there is a group literally called “Out of Free Will”: a group of people deceived they have free will and that ‘it’ is running out the older they get and that ‘therefore’ they deserve public, legal participation in their own death.

from: ‘Right to die’ for elderly back at centre of Dutch debate.

All Dutch people over 70 who feel tired of life should have the right to professional help in ending it, demands a citizens’ initiative in the Netherlands called Out of Free Will. It will start collecting signatures on Tuesday in support of this proposed change in Dutch legislation, hoping to place the matter firmly on the parliamentarian agenda. A number of prominent Dutch citizens have come out in support of the initiative, including former ministers and artists, legal scholars and physicians.


Out of Free Will does not only want to decriminalise these acts, it wants to found a new profession to assist those weary of life in ending it. The group has suggested this task be carried out by specially trained and certified nurses, psychologists or spiritual professionals who could verify the request for assisted suicide in a series of conversations with the patient. Only after a second healthcare professional has confirmed the patient’s death wish, would they be provided with lethal drugs. The same caretaker would finally supervise the patient as he takes them.

If you really wanted to die and commit suicide because of such a thing as thinking you were running out of free will, you could just as well do it privately ..if you ever had free will. But it is quite obvious that those who seem to have ‘run out’ of free will want the entire nation and world to have a share in a mindset of death: they want YOU to participate with them in the guilt before God of their ‘killing themselves’. Free willers always need permission. That way they ‘get away’ and leave you with a behavioral model of death and cowardice as the ideal for which you ought to strive.

These free willers want a new profession that specializes in killing the elderly and complains over the limitations of the current euthanasia law in the Netherlands that limits euthanasia only to those ‘with no free will’ such as comatose, the terminally ill and those in great pain. You don’t want a new profession for something that is a mere private affair: you want a government edict and governmental control over who gets killed and when; you want control over the ideology of medical schools and institutes that will hand out credentials to indoctrinate the youth.

Throw the health care ‘reform’ in and you’ve got socialized medicine with a new class of death doctors and ‘professionals’ who see themselves as worthless persons not doing any work to collect their paychecks if they are not killing someone all the time; they will literally sit in their offices waiting to kill someone.

Every time the euthanasia and abortion issues come up among free willers, you always hear “Oh, we just want this law right now. We don’t have an agenda.” Then of course, that law becomes just a foundation for others to expand the ideology of death in any way they can. Abortion to kill the not-yet-born was simply the first step. The free will ideology itself was the step before abortion.

The language of the “Out of free will” movement is almost identical to the Obama death clauses: so-called professionals would analyze the ‘need’ for certain medical services and by denying those services euthanasia would be accomplished by other means in addition to ‘patient choice’ per Obama. In the ‘Out of free will’ verbage those same professionals would ask if you really, really really want to die before they kill you. The movement is the same in various countries with varying results in success. But the message is clear: they want public guilt and the association with morality that all Laws carry for those actions, otherwise there is no need for the legislation. Once the legislation is enacted, the entire media campaign of the government and movement becomes about bemoaning how hard life is 24/7 365 to get as many as possible to kill themselves by manipulation of the press.

Even if their wicked laws are followed to the letter and everything is strictly ‘on the up and up” some people are going to get killed ‘by mistake’. In Australia, a “right-to-death” advocate has said: “There will be casualties.”

from: “There will be casualties”.

This week’s gaffe was to defend his barely legal promotion of a suicide drug for the elderly and terminally ill. It turns out that nearly two-thirds of the Australians who died after quaffing Nembutal – at least 51 over the past 10 years — were under 60, and quite a few were in the 20s and 30s. This suggests that mental illness or depression, not unbearable pain, was the reason for the suicide. So how did Nitschke respond?

”There will be some casualties,” he said with the tenderness of General Haig sending troops over the top at the Somme, “but this has to be balanced with the growing pool of older people who feel immense well-being from having access to this information,” [about suicide drugs].

Clearly the ‘right to death’ AND to kill target populations through public policy and public involvement in all age groups, illnesses and even temporary emotional states is the goal; not some ‘private decision’ or deception about “running out of free will” even though they actually believe they ARE running out of free will when they run out a falsely idealized youth. The lie of human free will is simply being used to further the death it always brings in all those deceived it exists ..and all those around them. If they live in your community, at some point they want to see you, your children, them and their children dead as their only common sense.

What to do?

Flee from the lie of free will into determinism to stop those who constantly attack on the premise of ‘free will’?

Not so fast.

There are those already ancient and wise in a false determinism that denies Jesus Christ and that results in the very same outcome of the lie of free will because it is of the same speech. That determinism is the same simple fatalism of the lie of human free will: political fatalism of ‘there won’t be enough resources to go around’ and the genetic/scientific fatalsim of a caste system based on the flesh that denies God as He actually exists,  the soul and spirit.

In fact, such movements as “Out of Free Will” can easily be seen as religious proselytizing by other means: you are supposed to flee the lie of free will in its excesses and end up in a hard determinism that just happens to already be an ancient form of determinism that denies Jesus Christ: Hinduism and Islam. Both have caste systems ( kufu ) no matter the protestations that those caste systems are technically illegal in India, Pakistan, and elsewhere and in addition to the fact that some in those religions decry the excesses of that kufu and claim it isn’t part of the religion.

When you mix determinism and free will you get a caste system: supposedly your status in society is determined, but within  that strata ..you have free will to any other thing than to get out of that strata. So you are politically isolated in powerlessness while being told “Of course you have free will.” and that the solution to your current desire for political justice ( which is portrayed to be immoral and a sin to even have such a desire ) against those pre-determined by the gods to Rule is that you will come back as a different creature. If you want justice, you get to be a beetle. If you say “I love being a slave”, er, ‘renounced worldly thoughts’ , you might come back as a Ruler. The reincarnation schemes are there to portray a way past your  Current State of Being and place in society ..that the determinism is real but changeable based on free willed behavior.

I.E. It’s the same old lie of free will in a new garb with the exact same false understanding of speech: supposedly, only human speech exists in total reality and it can’t create anything ..and therefore what is already here ( because new resources are idealized to never exist) has to shared equitably ..and therefore you must rent your life from that ideology and kill yourself in the end for the next person to take your place.

But in a panic to flee the actual results of an overt worship of supposed human free will, you could very well fall for the hard determinism that denies Jesus Christ, with all its consequences, minus the actual grace of Jesus Christ.

Predestination and election are real and true. You do have a predetermined destiny. But God creates you again and grows you within that destiny. The only Way Out of all the evil is Jesus Christ as He actually Is in non-metaphorical new birth in Him. That’s not by chance. That is forced.

All other schemes of determinism and those that pretend to be exact duplicates that just don’t mention the Name of Jesus Christ are false.

Psalm 49:6-14  They depend upon their wealth, and boast themselves in the abundance of their riches. …   None can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him,  (For the redemption of their soul is costly, and must be given up for ever,) That he should still live perpetually, and not see corruption.  For he seeth that wise men die; all alike, the fool and the brutish perish, and they leave their wealth to others.  Their inward thought is, that their houses are for ever, their dwelling-places from generation to generation: they call the lands after their own names.  Nevertheless, man being in honour abideth not: he is like the beasts that perish.   This their way is their folly, yet they that come after them delight in their sayings. Selah.   Like sheep are they laid in Sheol: Death feedeth on them; and the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning; and their comeliness shall be for Sheol to consume, that there be no habitation for them.


Mark 13:11-13  But when they shall lead you away to deliver you up, be not careful beforehand as to what ye shall say, nor prepare your discourse : but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak; for *ye* are not the speakers, but the Holy Spirit.   But brother shall deliver up brother to death, and father child; and children shall rise up against parents, and cause them to be put to death.   And ye will be hated of all on account of my name; but he that has endured to the end, *he* shall be saved.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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