Usurpation of Justice by the lie of free will: Part One

The Usurpation of Justice within the lie of human free will: Part One

Justice is a comparison to an absolute standard of perfection to see if there is a match and then taking steps to remedy any misalignment. That only happens in Christ with God and thus true Christianity is the only justice. Within the lie of free will, there can be no standard to anything that is outside the lie itself as such would expose it as a lie and the speech that speaks it as not being the only speech in total reality as it claims to its victims. Instead, one part of the lie is compared to another part of the lie and any misalignment is deemed to be caused by a lack of using the idealized will in an idealized manner. Conflicting “cultures” ( satanic shorthand for “how one group of people is used by the deception they have free will as compared to another in a differing environment of demons”), are merely stated to be the only possibility and thus a compromise with respect to each other is deemed “justice”. The true value of the individual is denigrated in favor of worship of the ideal of the free will. The ideal behavior is said (always falsely) to have been obtained by an individual or group and they are rewarded as theater to effect the illusion for supposedly having found and exploited the environment in which the ideology actually works. Of course at the same time, in hundreds of ways, the same speech that speaks the lie of free will is apologizing for its repeated failures to deliver the ideal at any time and seeks to portray any failure as the fault of the individual and/or a false determinism.

And example of such false justice can easily be seen in the false determinism of represented as the country music song Creepin’. The song makes fun of the fatalism inherent in the lie of free will and frames it as a determinism brought about by the power of human love.

Lyrics from :

(Bowm bowm bowm bow-dum…bowm bowm bowm bow-dum)
Like a honey bee beatin’ on my screen door Got a little buzz and my head is sore From my bed I can feel the sun Lord ’round here the morning comes Just a creepin’ creepin’ creepin’ creepin’
You shot outta here like a bullet from a gun A flip of a switch, a thief on the run Since the day you left me baby I can feel the lonely, I can hear the crazy Just a creepin’ creepin, just a creepin’ creepin’
Head to the future, run from the past Hide from the mirror, live in a glass What the dreams forget the whiskey remembers Kinda like molasses in late December Just a creepin’ creepin’ (oh creepin’)
Your caffeine kiss and nicoteine love Got under my skin and into my blood That need you back comes over me Like ivy crawling up a hickory tree Just a creepin’ creepin’, just a creepin’ creepin’ (Creepin’)
Head to the future, run from the past Hide from the mirror, live in a glass What the dreams forget the whiskey remembers Kinda like molasses in late December Just a creepin’ creepin’
(Ah come on)
(Break it down down down down……)
Just last night I saw the light At the end of that tunnel on the other side Thought I’d find my way out of this pain Only to find your memory train Creepin’…

There are many such songs which falsely celebrate the power of human love as “so all powerfulit manufactures its own determinism and you/I can’t escape”. In fact its own sub-genre within so-called Country Music. This latest offering to the lie of free will’s version of determinism will no doubt spark a certain segment of academia to write such lies that equate Calvinism with such lyrics in titles that will be on the level of “Calvinism and Southern Music: The Beauty and Humor of Fatalism?”, or “Calvinism’s stamp on the Music of the Oppressed”, etc.. Oh, that’s right. You’ve already been doing that for decades.

Satan always likes to say he believes in what he calls “determinism” “too”.

No where is there a mention of justice other than the implication the singer or the one who left has done something wrong thus bringing about the fatalistic consequences an act of free will. Such a certainty have they that trust in the lie of free will and human speech ( the speech God broke up at Babel), that they are robbed of being one with God and sharing in God’s freedom for ever, but instead hope and insist they have their own freedom at some point to play within an idealized zone of non-creation and scarcity. God’s freedom is founded in constant new creation and life and abundance and they are constantly robbed of justice by being deceived they are twice as smart as anyone else to celebrate what they are completely deceived is truth but is in truth the lie of free will.

If you start out in the lie of free will, you MUST have a kind of determinism that is seems to exist based on no new creation ever taking place in order to have a backdrop against which to seem intelligent to do the smart thing with what is available in comparison to others. It’s an evil circle: start out in “free will”, progress with false definitions about the rest of reality in order to make the lie of free will seem real and then move on to non-creating determinism/fatalism with which to blame Calvinism for the failure of free will ideology obtaining its goals.


Heard about a guy. Got a waiver from DOT to drive a truck. Had real short arms and missed a few fingers. Took the cb handle T-Rex.

Robbed some liquor stores a while back, got caught. He always wondered how they knew it was him under that flour sack with the holes cut out…

You can spot the lie of free will a mile away when you’ve actually been born again in Jesus Christ…

Hab 1:3,4 Why dost thou shew me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance? for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention. Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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