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Taking productivity from a grown-up free willer is like taking candy from a free willer baby

What place( purpose do they serve) do games have in the lie of free will? What do games do? Where did gambling come from? What is it? What does that have to with unions?

From the “Two Babylons”:

The name Meni, “the numberer,” on the other hand, seems just a synonym for the name of Cush or Chus, which, while it signifies “to cover” or “hide,” signifies also “to count or number.” The true proper meaning of the name Cush is, I have no doubt, “The numberer” or “Arithmetician”; for while Nimrod his son, as the “mighty” one, was the grand propagator of the Babylonian system of idolatry, by force and power, he, as Hermes, was the real concocter of that system, for he is said to have “taught men the proper mode of approaching the Deity with prayers and sacrifice” (WILKINSON); and seeing idolatry and astronomy were intimately combined, to enable him to do so with effect, it was indispensable that he should be pre-eminently skilled in the science of numbers. Now, Hermes (that is Cush) is said to have “first discovered numbers, and the art of reckoning, geometry, and astronomy, the games of chess and hazard” (Ibid.); and it is in all probability from reference to the meaning of the name of Cush, that some called “NUMBER the father of gods and men” (Ibid.). The name Meni is just the Chaldee form of the Hebrew “Mene,” the “numberer” for in Chaldee i often takes the place of the final e. As we have seen reason to conclude with Gesenius, that Nebo, the great prophetic god of Babylon, was just the same god as Hermes, this shows the peculiar emphasis of the first words in the Divine sentence that sealed the doom of Belshazzar, as representing the primeval god–“MENE, MENE, Tekel, Upharsin,” which is as much as covertly to say, “The numberer is numbered.”

If you ask a free willer/ unionist ( try finding a Calvinist that is in a union, or is a mass murderer, or is a sodomite/pedophile/homosexual, or is the architect of economic collapse or is a goddamn freemason or shriner…try..) why unions exist, they’ll look at you as if you are the ignorant one and start in with “Labor versus management, er, ..money, conditions, ..the almighty dollar, nobody cares, collective of free wills, pooling our sovereignty” etc. They are like whores: a whore never says “Hey! Would you like to completely violate the law of God, makes ourselves guilty of fornication, risk sexually transmitted diseases and do other spiritual stuff at the same time we don’t even know we’re doing? You furnish the twenty bucks and we’ll go for it! How does that sound?” or “Hey! You’re already on your way to the lake of fire! Might as well risk AIDS and such AND violate God’s law some more~ Well c’mon then!”. Of course they always say “Do you have a lighter for my cigarette?” “Do you wanna bump?” “Do you want a date?” and “Can I get in your truck?”. They always call their evil something else and particularly something appealing within the lie of free will: some appeal to a freedom you either supposedly have and are not using in accordance with their wishes or to a freedom you’ll gain if you do what they ask. They always make an appeal to the common sense of their lie; always make what they are doing an appeal to choice:

2Peter 2:17-19 These are springs without water, and mists driven by storm, to whom the gloom of darkness is reserved for ever . For while speaking great highflown words of vanity, they allure with the lusts of the flesh, by dissoluteness, those who have just fled those who walk in error, promising them liberty, while they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a man is subdued, by him is he also brought into slavery.

They always make it appear with their speech that a choice is being offered for good or ill. On a certain level they won’t even care if you “reject the offer” –as long as you imply that you are acknowledging a choosing event is on-going between two ideologically equivalent beings. For instance, to say “God has set me apart from such things and won’t allow me to do them.” or “God has judged you unworthy of His grace up to this point and that is why you are in a union or are a whore.” is taboo for their ears to hear. They are heroes in their own eyes “forced into a certain set of choices.” Note the mix of non-creating determinism and free will inherent in such an outlook. ( noted before in Mixing Free will and Determinism produces a caste system ).

The dragon/Lucifer is always telling you through his slaves that you don’t know what to do with your power that he claims you already have by the default of simply existing as a human being. He accuses on the basis of his own lies. It is exactly as if you are being accused by non-existent Martians of dumping trash on their planet and your life has become intricately controlled by a false fear something you will do will merely have the appearance of hurtling Mars environment thus enabling an assault on your person by those who are supposedly legitimately protecting their homes from trash. Your belief in their accusation is because you were first deceived you had free will. The witches were the first line of attack and they taught you only one thing: “you’ve got free will”. Only after you “acknowledged” you had personal power did all the rest follow: all the accusations and results of them that you have misused what you said you had in order to be accepted as religious and ideologically popular.

It’s the same with Management.

It’s a game. Games can only exist in the lie of free will and its false measurement system.

Pick a card. Any card. Any “game”.

Cards and “moves” are simply representations of events. A game with a limited amount of cards or ‘moves’ is emotional practice of imagining an environment in which no new creation ever takes place, all possible outcomes are known and numbered and determinism is supposedly self-manufactured by “shuffling the deck.” The non-creating determinism is a must in order to be said to be playing a game at all ( to be doing repeated behaviors) ; it is what sets the “game”/(the lie) apart from reality. It is practicing a world in which all outcomes are known ( which is a lie) and no event can come in from the side and upset the calculations of the non-creating numbers thereby giving the implication that the non-creating measurements are deity and non-creating mathematics are sacred and thus that the lie of free will on which they are founded is truth. The same lie is necessary ( no new creation ( the lie which makes it seem that God’s Word is the equivalent of human speech) ) to make free will seem real at all. Thus free willers are by nature gamblers who seek out opportunities to practice the lie they believe and who are fatalist who are deceived only so many outcomes can happen and are the “parameters” of the game which they call Life. They desire repeated cycles of looking for a good outcome in someone else’s game wherein the rules are already made, the events are already numbered ( in fact, the mere numbering of events at all gives the game-maker/”house” the appearance of deity) and the common sense of the lie of free will is validated and made to look powerful even if events do no go in their favor. In fact, it is deemed a greater religious experience to lose in such a game as to win: losing equates to humility in that lie.

Do gambling houses call their dens of evil “Den of evil” Or “Witchcraft for U” , “The Occult Cave”, or “Vanity in the Cards” or “Where you give us your representation of the idealized scarcity called Money”? Like unionists and whores, they call their evil something else. “Victoryland” (Shorter, Alabama). “The 19th Hole ( Mesquite, NV), Apache Nugget Casino (Dulce, NM), etc.

Just like the word “casino”, the word “union” means “where we practice the lie of free will no matter what happens.”. They reach into a deck of cards with “strike” on one card. “work” on another, “pay the mob bosses” on a third, etc. and “play” against that kind of management who has the same deck of cards and same outlook on reality.

Personal experience: backed up to a dock today at a company whose workers are unionized.

11:15 a.m. I have a load in a semi truck for them to unload. “The guy who is going to unload you is on break.” The not-helping-me forklift operator is making motions with his hands like breaking a stick and does it several times while he repeats the same words. He’s used to having to hand signal everything because OSHA says he has to wear hearing protection while he works and the other workers must as well. Can’t hear too good with the hearing protection on; have to shout, etc. Hand signals fill a void there.

I get it. ‘It’ll be a while.’ The company I drive for is, needless to say, non-union thank you very much. We get lunch breaks and other breaks too. That’s how I’m familiar with the concept of breaks. I didn’t have to join a union to learn that.

So, okay. I’m waiting. And then it hits me: How do you know when you’ve arrived at a union shop? You wait.

The point of the exercise is to make someone else wait. You (visualize hand motions here of breaking a stick : ) make someone else wait while you are on break. You break the schedule so to speak. You break out of your imagined freedom from the constraint of working and into a rest period wherein you imagine yourself powerful because other people have to wait on you. If other people don’t know you are the reason for the wait..what’s the point? You have to let them know you –not God– are making them wait. You don’t make excuses for making them wait: you glory in it. You never say “Uh, the forklift is broken” or “we’re short today because one of our guys is sick”. You let them know right up front that you have free will, a lot of “unionized” free will behind you as the foundation of your actions and you suddenly ..don’t move, even though the forklift works just fine and you are adequately staffed.

Non union workers for the most part worry that someone will have to wait on them; that there might be an unperceived ignorance about something that needed to be done and you didn’t do it and it was actually your job to have accomplished it; that it was supposed to have been done an hour ago and you don’t know it was supposed to have been done at all. For real. It’s a work ethic thing; not a trying to impress thing. Once you say God lives in you, people expect perfection, even if they expect it within their lie of free will and don’t get what they expected or when they expected it.

Unionists for the most part are non-unionist who have been turned into people who think it is intelligent to make people wait in an environment where it is otherwise not expected. The more surprise effect when the waiting begins, the better they like it. In free willer ideology, a surprise coupled with a supposed “act of free will” doubles the emotional effect on the other free willers: a surprise by definition is something outside the control of a free willer who experiences the shock and when the surprise is made to look like it was caused by another free willer, that surprise-causer looks like they live outside the rules all other free willers have to live within. And they are threatening to do it again…(free willers like the effect of this even if they ‘lose’, thus violence to them is simply code for “surprise” and why some are addicted to violent video games –they are practicing the lie of free will in an idealized non-creating space in which all the moves are idealized as havng been numbered, they are in absolute control of the outcome if they use their free will correctly and why they get mad if you interrupt the game..you are interrupting their pride) . The unionists are “laying down their cards” in the pretense you were playing a game with them all along.

Actually, they are deceived and don’t have free will and Lucifer is just using them to undermine prosperity and call the result ..prosperity. The renaming thing? He takes productivity from them and those that rely on them easily and makes them proud for having done it. He makes them a drag on all their neighbors, a self-destroyer who must blame others for the evil that befalls them. Yet they wanted to live in an environment idealized to be non-creating in order to seem to be able to number all the possible outcomes to make themselves look smart every time God gave them a gift despite their lies against Him. They have a religion of denying God, an outlook of fatalism and fear their neighbors lest they should be interrupted in the midst of practicing their deceit in their hearts at all times.

Pride is sin; not a measurement of progress. No one needs to be given pride or to have their pride “acknowledged”.

Unionist know their job very well. My experience is that they are highly trained professionals with the one caveat that they have sudden fits of immobility. They have good personalities, are otherwise friendly and all that. But they are easily made non-productive by telling them they have free will and if they use it a special way will get more money ( the representation of an ideology of scarcity). They think sudden fits of immobility are just a different type of productivity because they think they have free will.

No. That’s why jobs go overseas. The pretension of a labor force that is deceived it has free will and a management that is deceived they have free will destroys them both. That another free willer comes in from the side and talks all their women into striking their wombs in order to do the same practice of the lie of free will for the specific purpose of exterminating them off the earth isn’t one of the cards in their deck. They are so drunk on the lie of free will they haven’t caught on that that one has been renamed “family planning” within an overall environment idealized to be non-creating and thus automatically to have a “lack of resources” no matter what they do or don’t do.

Isaiah 42:22-25 But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and hidden in prison-houses; they are become a prey, and none delivereth, –a spoil, and none saith, Restore. Who among you will give ear to this, who will hearken and hear what is to come? Who gave Jacob for a spoil, and Israel to the robbers? Did not Jehovah, he against whom we have sinned? And they would not walk in his ways, neither did they hearken unto his law. And he hath poured upon him the fury of his anger, and the strength of battle: and it set him on fire round about, yet he knew not; and it burned him, yet he took it not to heart.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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