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Classic cult mentality: the larger the number of people who say they like something, the more credible that something is

To that end, no excuse is out of bounds to simulate numbers, be vocal about number of actual supporters, use any trick, lie any lie or manipulate any statistic to inflate the (size? perception? deception of having ‘more’ free will?…) of one’s personal belief; the whole supposedly validated because of the supposed power of someone else’s belief in that same or similar paradigm. It’s the ‘if the other guy says its real, it must be real ‘way of life.

You –never– hear real Christians say “I’m going to heaven because 10,000 other people said they have similar beliefs as mine.”  or “I’m going to heaven because archeology proves the Bible to be a historical document” even though the Bible is historically accurate and there are many Christians. Yet it is the constant refrain from atheists and anti-Christians of any sort to to hold up popularity, real or imagined, as the sole proof-of-concept of their paradigm. Thus they always looking for ways to make something popular and their way of doing that is to tweak someone else’s supposed free will.

This article at Measure of Doubt “Why this Meme Exploded” is a classic case of that mentality: it brags about “tapping into tribalism” and such to get ‘likes’ on a facebook page as compared to Campus Crusade for Christ’s facebook page. The whole article is a supposed how-to ( in idealized free will ) of making “a meme” go ‘viral’ while implying but never stating “go viral among a population of people deceived they have free will”. They even posted a link to the wikipedia page on “social proof dynamic“. They should have entitled the page: “How to capitalize on Satan’s former work deceiving others that they have free will to manipulate behavior at their expense for your  own fun and profit .. er, for social change.”

From the article:

I found myself thinking, “How the hell did that happen?” And then thinking, “Hmm… how can we do it again?”.

I had to figure out why a simple picture like this inspired such a big reaction. The more I thought about it, the more psychology and rhetorical communication techniques I saw present. Kenny:

  1. Demonstrated insider status
  2. Invoked tribal/patriotic feelings, and
  3. Gave people direction.

Well look at that. In classic style, he hit the three branches of rhetoric: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

He no doubt doesn’t see himself as in a cult, but as smartly deciphering his future among a population of other ideologically free willed units.

That meme is to be distinguished of course, from inserting a new word or phrase into common speech and other people picking up that word or phrase in their common speech. These kids, as the next generation of victims of the lie of human free will –just like Campus Crusade for Christ–  want to brag about the idealized presence of a historical phrase and notion, long established, getting some attention as proving its credibility as a belief system.  The game, as with all liars, is to mine unsuspecting persons who have congregated in large numbers to get reactions and claim those reactions are proof of your other lies once you’ve got some sort of history to reference as your ideal behavior for your cause. They are the ones whose speech got hacked and they are bragging about having hacked facebook for “likes” ..with that speech. No understanding of God having hacked their speech at Babel is in their discourse or an understanding of the consequences of being in that speech.

You can only know that God actually did that to human speech and that human speech is not God’s Word if you are no longer inside human speech. You can’t get Out of human speech unless you hear the Word/Voice of God/Jesus Christ.

In the end, every belief system that is free will based is false and must resort to such efforts by Satan through them to pretend to be validated by the theoretical use of others people idealized free will. What you are watching, even in political campaigns, is every group of free willers hiring a witch to manipulate others into thinking “lots of other people think like us” ..on the basis of the lie of human free will. The other people are idealized as having the qualities a unit of free will ought to have to be the ‘good side’ of that lie: heroic, smart and humble about it. The lie of free will has its own “left behind” manipulation: you will supposedly be left behind if you fail to vote for them, either on facebook or at the polls. Mormons specialize in those tactics as their religion; others less adept but not born again in Jesus Christ do so by base default.

Also in the end, they will ‘do’, as solving real problems in the world, exactly what idealized ideological units of free will always have done: nothing. But while they are doing nothing, you will hear no end of bragging about what great things their free will is about to do next. They will tell you by many means that if you are wise, you’ll join them in that bragging and doing nothing.

But it’s not as if nothing happens if you are deceived and believe in lies. You end up destroying yourself and your family, going to the lake of fire and don’t even know why. All you will care about is manipulating others before they manipulate you until then.

Proverbs 21:10  The soul of the wicked desireth evil: his neighbour findeth no favour in his eyes.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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