Fifty Five percent of human communication is non-verbal? Body Language? Secret honesty? wow.

This is what happens when people are inside a deception that they have free will, yet other people can’t perfectly control that will in specific instances. People in that same deception want to believe they can defend themselves against the wiles of other peoples idealized free will. So they give what they say is an instance of hidden honesty in others, accidental admissions of the body as witnessing against the soul inside of the other person as supposed proof of their own discernment and ability to protect themselves in order to validate the lie of free will itself. A ‘what is in my mind must be in all minds as the default sight’ type of thing. A”don’t you want to agree with the pretty girl?” thing.


A recent claim on Fox news that 55% of human communication is body language would be in line with their past attempts to portray themselves as experts on that topic. Not content with merely saying it on air, they thought they would provide a more in-depth look at that supposed fascinating topic. The bottom line of that type of supposed analysis is that emotion is the key to honesty and certain emotional ques can’t be faked as facial expressions or body attitude. The underlying attempt is to make emotion the new science with women as interpretors.

Of course, women are rather famous for being easy to deceive and coming up with fake ways to discern their new maturity in which they are continually duped while keeping them vain and proud.

Girl 1: See that? No wrinkles on her forehead. She’s faking something.

Girl 2: You right. I saw that right away and knew something wasn’t right, girlfriend.

Man off to the side: So we can really tell if someone is guilty by their forehead wrinkles?

Girl 1: O yeah.

Girl 2: mmm hmm. Gotcha.

What they are essentially saying is that non-creating speech as verbal communication is just as effective to create something as gestures. In other words, nothing gets created –ever. What we are supposed to glean from the supposed insight about body language is that since no new creation by acts of speech is expected –that would include creation of wisdom– all that is left is what is being called emotional authenticity. If your speech doesn’t fall in line with their ideology, then you are supposedly inauthentic and your facial expressions will supposedly prove it. That they are inside an spirit they never understand: they just want to force you to agree with them to be pleasant as if they were in no spirit but were in a meta speech shared by God, Satan, men and women.

Inside of all that nonsense, they are supposed to decide if they like Mitt Romney’s economic plan, Rick Perry’s national security plan, Obama’s abortions and the sale of US citizenship to foreigners, a certain football team, what colors go together for Christmas dinners and women’s fashions with all appropriate detail. Wool or cotton? Blue or mauve? Does that purse really  match those shoes? Is it rude or hypocritical to disagree with Mormon or Michele Obama’s fashions? Was that or was that not a wrinkle?

You are supposed to follow along if you want to impress the girl. That’s how scientology, mormonism, freemasonry, psychology and psychiatry got started. Women didn’t want to hear anything other than the speech God broke up at Babel. Instead of Christ, they wanted to hear everything was a knowledge issue that they could control themselves via something called ‘free’ will. That’s the definition of
prophesying by Baal ( Belial ).

It was all a joke. And then they put people in asylums and through supposed exorcisms that didn’t follow along with what they were saying. To this day they drug many of the populace on the premise that the the heroine, the crystal meth,  the cocaine or the ‘legal’ pill will bring the victim more in line with the nonsense. Mostly women and effeminate men that thought it was fun to think emotional authenticity was a real anything.

What does Fox news do for an encore? Have a casino owner ( in their parlance “an employer” )  in as if he is a legitimate business man so he can do some honesty about Obama’s class warfare lies. That is an old tactic against Christians: have the devil speak an honest bit about political grievances as if he is the common man and has the common man’s interest at heart. These are the same guys who make tv shows about Vegas and the bad guys in the show are the ones trying to ‘rip off’ the casino while the casino plies the gambling junky parents with alcohol, whores and ‘entertainment’ while providing day care for the kids in a ‘safe and clean environment’. In the parlance of the lie of free will “watch responsibly”.

They denied Jesus Christ and found a strange sandbox to play in. You can follow along on Fox news and all the MSM inside that same spirit of what is called defense issues and political analysis.

People in that ideology/spirit think Jesus Christ fasted because he thought he was losing; that there is no such thing as a celebratory No Thank You.

You win saying no thank you.

You do not win rising to the challenge of learning the new maturity in non-creating speech. Even the devil knows that new creation is the proof of righteousness, not reveling in scarcity and hoping to blindside yourself out of scarcity with ‘luck’ and emotional ques. The proof Satan asks for as proof of Jesus Christ being the Son and Word of God is creation by an act of speech, not interpretation of body language or ’employment’. Satan got creation, just not what he asked for: nothing that would save him out of his own mindset and non-creating speech.

Matthew 4:3,4  And the tempter coming up to him said, If thou be Son of God, speak, that these stones may become loaves of bread.  But he answering said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word which goes out through God’s mouth.

Proverbs 24:8-10  He that deviseth to do evil shall be called a master of intrigues.  The purpose of folly is sin, and the scorner is an abomination to men.   If thou losest courage in the day of trouble, thy strength is small.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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