Advise to the Young Restless and Reformed? Burn down the Arminians, Pagans, Catholics and Mormons.

Not a week passes that lies dressed as advise to what is being called “the young, restless and reformed” is not heaped on ..somebody. The title of that group is meant to marginalize us and portray a set of persons who don’t know the truth but who are eagerly doing misbehavior by mistake. Those dispensing that advise are simply the old compromisers who hope to instill doubt in the truth of Jesus Christ in the young in order to hide their own lies and deceit. They have advise for what they call the ‘young, restless and reformed’ in exactly the same way they speak to politicians to keep their Social Security and Medicare benefits alone.

My entire life has been one of persecution by liars calling themselves Christians. There has never been a time, both before my new birth or after, when a liar, who always had more money, more social status and more of everything-except-Christ than myself was not lying against me as a Christian with glee and doing so got them more money, more status among those they sought to be admired by and more positions in the visible Church and political government.

Anyone can plainly see that the current ‘crisis’ in all of its connotations was wrought by those who hate Calvinism and love the lie of free will. There is not one Calvinist among them and there hasn’t been one among them in over fifty years.

I am a personal witness to the effect of their lies on all of society. On their watch gambling, drugs, sodomy/homosexuality, and abortion became so rampant as to be almost accepted as norms. This happened while they shook their head and frowned ..and immediately compromised with Satan. In fact, they portrayed their job as ministers, elders, teachers and leaders was to play emotional referee between God and Satan and anyone who spoke against those things was chastised as “unloving”. They are as smooth mannered as Satan and as deceitful. Now they fear what they have taught as mannerisms are being seen for what they really are and suddenly they have advice  for those whose eyes have been opened.

Instead of “by their fruits you will surely know them” they taught “know us by our promises and intentions this week” so that they would always be able to smile, just to smile and pretend anyone who isn’t smiling has emotional problems. When the effects of their lies became obvious, they turned to dispensationalism/end-times-hysteria to make it appear they had done nothing, but that their free will lies were just the righteous part of determinism/prophecy and its not their doing to live in evil times. They teach free will and immediately appeal to what they lyingly call prophecy/determinism as an excuse. They made up a lie called ‘determinism’, made it out to be the opposite of another lie called ‘free will’, denounced that ‘determinism’ in favor of ‘free will’, then appealed to that very thing they had denounced in order to cover up the effects of their lie of ‘free will’.

This has gone on all of my life. It’s all I know as a political and religious landscape.  Now those very persons, to include so-called Calvinists like the twins John “Where is my photo op?” Macarthur/Piper, have advise for those they call “young, restless and reformed.” That advise always includes ways to compromise with Satan in some manner. The overt arminians want guarantees their lies will allow them to live comfortably in old age in every arena.

It is not going to happen. The message in Christ to those with ears to hear is very plain: cast out the liars. Make no bargains with them. No compromises. Denounce them at every turn. If they are thrown out on the street, with no ‘community’ support, no food, no shelter, so what? If they wake up to be beaten and robbed every day, that is exactly what they have done to the sheep of Christ, while telling the sheep that any other mode of life wasn’t being a Christian.

No end of excuses and lies have been held forth to portray Calvinism as wrong and Calvinists as deceived. Everything has been used: twists of history, lies about totalitarianism, portrayal of Puritans as evil, portrayal of whores as heroes and sodomites as oppressed, false religions as heroic and useful, true Christians as thieves of freedom. The murderer and son of a murderer Barak Obama and all those with him to this hour seeks to persecute anyone who doesn’t champion homosexuality and abortion. He has pushed homosexuality on the military and now seeks to push false debt on us all. The “republican” free willers to this hour seek to legitimize that debt as if it were the result of honest work done in a just cause and not outright theft.

Do not be deceived by the ‘advice’ liars have to young Calvinists these days. They are not speaking in Christ. They do not speak only for themselves: they defend an entire way of life of the worst generation of Americans and Brits in history. They are merely the theological arm of a much larger conspiracy against Christ, against your family and against your soul.  What they are actually doing and have done for over 50 years is subtly teach women and men that the womb is not holy but that if you have the power to choose salvation for yourself, that means God put salvation on an intellectual level, then those who cannot choose by the default of their condition can’t be holy. And if God supposedly made very obvious who can and cannot be holy by their own decision, then those who cannot be holy are despised by God and can be killed with impunity. Add to that the lie that killing them is supposedly poverty insurance for yourself and walla… public DEMAND for abortion and practices that do not result in new birth for anyone. All that is the result of the lie of free will pushed through the visible church and they knew what they doing all along. They taught religion to make exterminating your own family seem like piety.

This is not at all about “one person’s opinion” versus another’s. Throw them out. Burn them down. Have no mercy. They have planned for and executed to the best of their efforts your physical and spiritual extinction. If it had not been for Christ, they would have succeeded. If they actually had free will; if free will actually existed for creatures as they claim, they would have succeeded.

They are literally God damned liars. When they are thrown out of every place, hunt them much better than the nazis were hunted. They have killed more people than the nazis with  their lies. They really think they have done nothing wrong.

Mark 4:23  If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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