A pagan understanding of Christ?

This kind of rhetoric has been the standard fare from pagans for decades now. It’s time to point it out as the hypocrisy and lies it actually is. The assertion is that those who do not worship Christ actually understand Christ better than those that do. In fact, pagans have gotten away with that very lie for some decades now. That’s how new age mysticism ( the occult), homosexuality ( the occult)  and abortion ( the occult) and the like have entered the visible church.

This is a very peculiarly anti-Christian attack as a defense of demons to keep their house and is in fact not what Christians say of other religions. Christ through us compels us to do as He wishes, despite the lie of human free will. But even in pointing out the falseness of pagan religion, as intrusive and angering to a pagan as that can be, which includes atheism, not once does a real Christian validate the “actual teachings” of some alleged holy person in order to point out to the pagan that the pagan is being a hypocrite to those same teachings. You will never hear real Christians say something like “Hinduism has some great points to it. But you are not living up to those great points.” when speaking to a Hindu when God has sent us to speak the gospel, much less as some sort of verbal twist to instill false guilt in the Hindu by pointing out they messed up one of their rituals. The whole conversation is in the person of Jesus Christ being a different speech than Hinduism was written in or can be spoken in and being a new creature by the means of hearing Jesus Christ. The whole conversation is to deliver the Hindu from the lie that is all of Hinduism ( a collection of demons worshiped as pantheistic and animistic rituals ); to deliver them from the vanity of false guilt a demon has them deceived they are actually under and has them performing useless ceremonies to get out from under false guilt, while their true guilt before God has already been paid in Jesus Christ if they are elect. No real Christian validates anything a supposed Hindu ‘god’ says any more than a real Christian would validate “allah” to a Muslim or the usual pack of lies Satan through atheist’s call “ethics”.

So you won’t see a true Christian –ever–  saying this lie ..in reverse:

..Apparently, being a Christian gives one the right to judge another. It’s as if they have totally forgotten the injunction by their Master to “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Here’s the biblical quote in full, so you can gain the proper context of what is being presented in Matthew, Chapter 7:

1Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

This is mathematical law. What you do, what you judge, what goes around comes around. Please, Christians. You call yourself “Christians” because you have this idea and belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, which apparently makes Jesus the second most important person in the universe, which is why you worship his name. Well, I don’t know if you noticed, but it is distinctly and implicitly stated in the Bible that you are to treat others as you would like to be treated. That is essentially what Christ’s message was all about. Not about superiority and trying to “save people from hell” because they don’t believe in your religious tradition. From what I read in the Bible, Jesus sounded like a pretty cool guy because he hated superiority and hypocrites, and ironically, that’s what his followers have become; hypocritical busy-bodies trying to get others to believe in their delusion. If Christians acted  ”Christ-like,” I would have no problem with them. But they invoke Christ without humility or love. They act as if they were possessed by some angelic demon seeking the destruction of all it can find that doesn’t agree with their inherited system of belief. The whole thing would be pathetic if it weren’t so pathological and poisonous.

One has to wonder if religious belief is a kind of mental illness. ..

There is in fact no such thing as a pagan understanding Christ so well that the pagan knows more of what Christ is and says than a real Christian.

Put another way: there is no such thing as a pagan knowing what reality is more than Christ through a Christian. All of reality.

One can sympathize with pagans on the ground that false Christians abound and false Christians delight in stealing money from the poor on a level almost as much as those overt pagan religions and constantly seek to validate that theft as some kind of divine thing in addition to merely instilling the same false guilt as pagan religion in the name of Christ. But no amount of confusion over who is and is not a Christian, or any resentment that was comparatively “honestly instilled by” versus “mistakenly exhibited toward” false or true Christians has ever or will ever stop the elect from being born again in Jesus Christ and exhibiting true faith. No one will ever be able to “tell God how it was” and how hard it was to know the truth in a foggy sea of look-alike doctrines all fighting amongst themselves for supremacy, much less those that were in stark opposition to each other. In the midst of everything else going on, the elect hear the voice of Christ. Every time. There is no need to reverse engineer all pagan lies in front of them, even though that is easy to do.

Note that it is –always– those who are fallen in the lie of human free will that call the gospel of Jesus Christ and telling men their sins: “cultural imperialism” and “going against the very doctrines of Christ they say they worship”  — while they accuse Calvinists of ‘not doing the gospel’. People hate Calvinism because it is the gospel, not because “Calvinist don’t do missions” or some such. You can’t hate something you never heard except in the pagan hatred of Christ when God closes the pagan’s ears. Even then, that hatred is by Satan through the pagan and the pagan is simply engaging in emotion-as-religion that they don’t understand but are just glad to have; the pagan has Satan’s hatred of Christ and assumes it is self-generated because he is fallen in the lie of human free will.  In this day and age, the imperialism going on is against Christ by pagan religions in the guise of self defense.

Do not ever be deceived a pagan knows more of Christ than those in whom Christ dwells. There are no ethics outside of Christ.

Without any reservation, Satan and all his common sense is my personal enemy, in addition to the hatred God has through me of evil. Knowing that enemy very well is part of telling men their sins and preaching the gospel; God through you tells them they are in trouble and they quite frequently laugh it off.

Telling men their sins as a form of the gospel is essentially lancing a spiritual boil they must deny can exist in order to continue to validate their present madness. You gotta expect some pus when it first explodes. Afterwards, it gets better. For the elect.

But don’t be deceived by the pus that you have made some emotional faux pau before God.

Isaiah 45: 7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  1. March 4, 2011 at 12:45 am

    I find your article very heavy but do see the points you seek. I do understand that many people who call themselves Christians actually do not know what exactly that means.They really have not investigated their own beliefs to make a strong argument other than that of ignorance. Although even the elect seem to get caught up with this feeling of superiority even among their own in jumping out to point out some flaw or down point in others. They seem to forget what Jesus really came here to Earth to show them and to do. Jesus is about compassion, mercy, and unconditional love. Most people would not even have a clue to what that means. Case in point would be Jesus reaction to the woman caught in the act of adultery that was brought before him. You really need to not just read your Bible, you need to study it and put yourself in the place of those that wee there. I died twice, for days my body was artificially kept alive while I went somewhere else. In Luke 23:40-43 Jesus stated to one of the criminals being executed along with him after hearing what the criminal said stated and intercepted very correctly “I assure you tonight you will be with me in Paradise”. He did not say the word heaven as heaven and paradise are two different places. I got to have a brief stay in paradise and only saw one of the great walls of heaven. At the final judgment all those millions of souls I was with get to enter Heaven for the great feast of the Groom and His bride, or in terms you may understand Jesus to his church of the elect. I never saw Budda or Mohammad in paradise, but I was allowed to see Jesus, though it is impossible to stare at him. He is not dead, he is very much alive and everyone whether they choose to believe it or not are going to kneel before him. The power that emanates from his being is overwhelming and you can’t stand. His face and feet shine like the sun and his body is whiter than any pearl I have ever seen. Around his entire body is a rainbow of colors, magnificent colors, and each color is alive with a different emotion and they all come off him and travel through you in waves of indescribable bliss. In fact being out of your “shell” or body, you the real you is still intact with all of your memories and faculties, you head toward a light which as you get closer turns into 3 lights. Jesus is just one of those lights and he is beyond magnificent. When you get to a point all of your negative emotions and all pain and sorrow are taken away and you are then filled with the most blissful emotions that cannot be describes as they do not exist here on Earth. As for trying to talk anyone whether pagan or of any other religion into being one of the elect is impossible for man and only possible if the Holy Spirit allows it. God is made of 3 persons, all equal, all God. I tell you what I saw. What you believe is really of no consequence to me as I am just a messenger doing what He has commanded me to do.

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