Westminster Seminary’s corruption and Mormonism

Glenn Beck has Peter Lillback on his show, in which Beck pushes outright Mormon theology about ancient Americans that is false ( Mormons always seek to elevate the status of ancient Americans to pastoral priest-scientists and Hebrews in order to legitimize the book of Mormon as a historical document..) and then uses the ‘PCA pastor’ Lillback, who is well known as a liberal and false prophet, particularly as he is the Chairman of Westminster Seminary, one of the headquarters of the New Perspective on Paul heresy, ( they champion a works based/social-justice salvation based on the teachings of Norman Shepherd and NT Wright ) to give the appearance of solidarity as fellow Christians.

Fox News has been the controlled opposition to liberalism and more obvious Satanism since its inception. The false conservatism they seek to champion has always failed in the face of liberal lies. Now they seek to overtly re-write history, with only the implied legitimacy of the truth that others who are liberal have lied about history, and part of what Fox news has done is expose those former lies. Having done so, now the network is being used to instill a lie about history of its own: Mormonism. Roman Catholicism was its standard methodology, but the child-rape scandals so prevalent in RC circles has taken whatever polish they sought to put on Roman Catholicism away and they need a new non-Christianity to sell as conservatism. Bill O’Reilly is now a ‘candle lighting tea drinking kind of guy’ ( Buddhist, his own words…) and the RC tone of the whole has been toned down to some extent. Mormonism has been its side-project for some years and its endorsement of Mitt Romney was plain evidence of that.

Mormons are not Christians. The Book of Mormon is a lie. Those who teach the NPP are not Christians. Those who defend those who believe in the NPP are not Christians. They are all the furtherest things from Calvinists even though many seek to mingle what they teach with/as Calvinism. During the interview with Lillack,  Beck has Lillack quote the Quaker William Penn, and says that the history of America “cannot be understood without it.” Lillack defends Penn and Quakerism by saying “there are good people and bad people among all groups of people.”  No mention of Christ and mention of salvation by the ‘PCA pastor’ and seminary head Lillback. The message is one of ‘learning from each other no matter what our backgrounds’. So there is some solidarity there, but not Christian solidarity. It is solidarity against Christ while claiming to represent Christ, which is a very old game meant to portray there can be no political victory or even spiritual victories without compromising with liars and the deceived in their deceptions. Indeed, those very compromises, both accurately portrayed and lied about as fabricated are all cast as “what made America great”.

We can expect ‘amaaazing’ things from Glenn Beck as to what history actually is. He is deceived the Book of Mormon is truth. He thinks Jesus Christ and Lucifer are brothers and that Adam and Eve came from a far away planet. So he will seek comparisons between ancient American artifacts and ..whatever is flavor of the month ‘ancient high tech’ and pop religion. Calvinism is  on the rise fake Calvinists are in demand. If you know of theory of ancient high technology, especially if it is true, in some way the Mormons will connect ancient Americans with that theory: the Vikings, the ancient non-European Americans, the ancient European Americans… anything will do to push the Book of Mormon as a historically accurate document of ancient times. And ‘other faiths’ will be on hand to prop up such attempts as demonstrating ‘strength through unity’.

We can expect Lillback to portray Penn as a ‘great American’ and Quakerism as ‘humanitarianism’. He exists as his calling to keep groups of people together for the sake of keeping groups of people together and calling them ‘community’ and ‘church’ , no matter what compromises or lies he must do and no matter how much he must persecute actual Christians to do so and no matter who he has to get rid of in the process. He is a product of those who have taught that very lie for centuries as ‘leadership’. While he is off rubbing elbows with pagans, using his position as head of a seminary for personal gain, Christ and Christians get a bad name and those who follow Lillback and his writings are made victims of their own success in lies.

There are conspiracy theories and then there are true conspiracies. You just watched one conspiracy to sell lies from both Lillback and Beck. But there are others. For instance, were you aware that the Mormons and Freemasons have almost identical ceremonies and after centuries of being at odds with each other have recently made up? Did you know that Joseph Smith married the wife of a man who was killed for trying to expose what the Freemason’s were doing? His murder provoked a popular backlash against the Freemasons and resulted in a Anti-Mason party that took seats in Congress. She marries Joe Smith and moves west.

Fox news. Freemasonry ( of particular involvement in Southern Baptist and weak, ineffective for Christ, liberal Presbyterianism) . Liberal Presbyterianism. Mormons. RC’s.

Now anti-Calvinists but supposedly pro-Christ Lillback and Beck are seen on the anti-Calvinist network, Fox, re-inventing a history for conservatism that amalgamates pagans, as Beck put it, as a good soup, and supposedly calling the people back to their roots. Look for interviews with John Piper, John MacArthur ( who even has a Bible named after him..)  and Tim Keller. They are all great mixers of lies with Calvinism. They take a little idealized free will as far as it can go and be ‘conservative’.

You’ll notice there is no new creation involved in their schemes of history or personal salvation in Jesus Christ other than perhaps the phrase ‘born again’ to look theologically complete. The Freemasons say they are ‘born again’ after a Satanic ritual in which they joined the lodge. Gangs say they are ‘born again’ after their own initiation rituals. Everything just supposedly ‘goes back to’ tradition, which itself went back to an earlier tradition, and the whole legitimacy of their versions of truth is that it is older than you and you are mortal.

Do not be deceived by their lies; they are only Satan’s controlled opposition to Satan If you follow them you lose another election cycle to bigger liars than they are.

Here is good post on the interview, with some quotes and actual history, minus the twisting of history by Lillback.

Proverbs 6:12 -15 A man of Belial, a wicked person, is he that goeth about with a perverse mouth;   he winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;   deceits are in his heart; he deviseth mischief at all times, he soweth discords. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly: in a moment shall he be broken, and without remedy.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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