Obama the Muslim seeks the Islamization of America and the death of American children

Obama’s support of the proposed new York Mosque is nothing more or less than a slap in the face to Americans. Again.

Whatever you don’t want, simply because you don’t want it, is what this administration is going to specialize in trying to perform. He is being backed by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and that whole network of usurpers of old money.

He says, after a special Muslim dinner to celebrate ‘ramadan’, that he thinks “American values” will permit a mosque next to the very site where Muslims murdered Americans. Day after day and event after event, this president is even more pro-Islam and pro-homosexual than George Bush, which takes some strenuous activity. He reminded people of all the Catholic churches that were built on the protest of Americans. He didn’t remind Americans of the child raping priests of the Catholics, the Catholic organized crime families or the child raping Imans of the Arabs that legitimated those protestations and proved them wise. He failed to mention Catholicism and Islam are famous for their corruption, sexual immorality and spiritual perversion to cover it up. He said nothing of the murders perpetuated by Muslims all over the world every day against Christians. He just painted a picture of a tolerant la-la land where there is no sin except to say there is sin against Jesus Christ. As long as Christians are getting it stuck to them all over the world, this president is happy as are all those with him and that support him.

“Our values”? That’s a phrase that politicians in both main parties use to mean “a new ideology we are going to try and force on you in the guise of that ideology actually being old tradition.”

We can expect articles by women in prominent magazines as part of the overall media war against Christians, congratulating “Americans”  for being tolerant and articles and speeches speaking of a ‘finest hour’ in which normal people would destroy everyone involved with such a scheme, but that “Americans” are more tolerant and are therefore ‘better’ and that ‘we’ have won the respect of such a person who says things like that. We can expect articles and interviews with ‘journalist’ who say “the rest of the world is proud of America and sees us as a tolerant land.” Apparently an emotional nickel is to pay for loss of life and a system that perpetuates that loss of life.

Let them identify themselves.

And while that is going on as news filler, the FDA under this administration approves an even more effective abortion pill “available only by prescription”. It’s side effects will be many and varied and only be found out after millions of American women have taken the pill to kill the seed of their latest man or their husband.  They will then act shocked to hear they have destroyed their health. We can expect lots of commercials where women sit around sipping tea and one asks the others if they are ‘protected’. The name of this pill is ‘ella’. The logo will in some fashion be a smiley face, an artful caricature of a woman jumping to celebrate the death of the child as ‘freedom’ and be displayed among a group of other advertisements that will only occasionally include some man talking about ‘erectile dysfunction’ or ‘adding size’ to his penis. A lot of women –a LOT– will go for this pill simply to be hip. While they are ‘having sex’ with a ‘partner’ they will be thinking of how politically smart they are. Women like that strike their own family continually just to be accepted by what they see as ideology on television. All they can hear is that they have free will and must protect it for some idealize use in a future ideal time with someone other than who they are with now.

No one in their right mind wants to bang a dead pussy. Even a deceived one. Even one that is only ‘temporarily disabled’. That’s not erectile dysfunction, that is common sense. There is no love in death or deception. That’s why no one wants the Democratic party for righteousness,  the Republicans or the Supreme Court for justice or this president for anything. Even speaking to them is work for nothing.

If you are a women who can’t have children, you are most probably the victim of a former generation of women who took those same pills. We’re already into third generation side-effects before this new pill gets started. And the Chinese, ( who make a lot of the abortion pills) and the Islamics  are applauding while this president makes a fool of himself and invites aggression by his demonic idiocy.

But God can open wombs as well as shut them up. I say this in Christ to those who hear: if your wife has had a surgery where she sterilized herself, even if she made you think it was your idea or that “you helped/agreed with her in the decision” it is no sin to divorce her and have children with another wife. She has been an adulteress with an ideology against you.

Proverbs 26:4  Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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