The Muslim belief in human free will.. driving the conspiracy theory of “America out to destroy Islam”.

It would be a wonderful thing to destroy Islam. In fact, Islam would long ago have collapsed if not for overt American support of Saudi Arabia for religious tourism as the ‘heart of Islam’ and is in the last stage of demise despite those efforts.  The American government is in every way pro-Islamic and anti-Christian.  George Bush was the same.

But why the belief that the CIA is funding Al-qaeda by some Muslims the world over and some supposed Christian Americans? Because they are deceived they have free will and thus ‘the Americans do too’, in addition to buying into the hype put out by those in psychological operations community that takes military credit for every act of grace that Jesus Christ has bestowed on the United States. If the rumors of free willed behavior that results in chest thumping by American soldiers and contractors who are deceived they have free will and are just smarter and braver than our enemy and other Americans were true, then by now, the war ought long ago to have over and Osama bin Laden a forgotten name.

It is easy to see that it looks in every way that the United States defense establishment is letting Osama bin laden live in order to prolong the war on the fear that when he is killed, the people in the U.S. will think the war is over, when the ideology of “radical Islam’ is what ‘we are fighting’. Every step in how to go about foot dragging, sudden and specific lack of support for key military operations and using diplomatic intricacy as stalling tactics to keep bin laden alive one more year, then one more month, then one more year, etc. has been taken. That all of that is now called ‘mistakes’ is getting very thin given the PR of free will. The very people now saying it has been a long list of mistakes are the very people who continually say they are the most qualified to fight the war and do diplomacy and the more detailed their explanation of the mistakes the more detailed the illegitimacy of their supposed free willed smarts and power is exposed; yet they still lay claim to leadership of anything.

They are the group of people who don’t want to see they have gotten American soldiers needlessly killed while they played diplomatic games with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. If what they say about themselves and their own abilities is actually true, they are indeed in on a conspiracy. There is no other explanation, excepting they are deceived that they have free will.

Instead of getting Osama bin Laden, they have paid Pakistan to support him and protect him to the tune of 10 billion dollars, far, in the midst of an economic crisis. The world is to believe that certain terrain actually protects the wicked, whether by difficulty of access or by diplomatic intricacy. (update: now Wikileaks has said what everybody knew: the Pakistan ISI was helping the Taliban and Al-qeada all along and US money more-than-probably paid for it. Once more: who said to pay the Pakistanis a dime? Who said “they are our allies” the same way they said “the Saudis are our friends!”? )

Those who bragged about their own strength and denigrated Jesus Christ in order to worship a false god that cannot even save his own adherents in the end will be the victim of their own success in deceiving the world.They did everything they did and got paid in cash and political power on the basis that everything they did was On Purpose.

So far in this war against ‘radical Islam’ that is being prolonged to conduct social engineering against the people of the United States if free will actually exists:

1. three out of three countries militarily defeated that were enemies of the US directly because of their belief in Islam have been made more radically Islamic by the support of the US administration of the war in favor of Islam and against Christians living in those lands. One of those countries is a new country, Kosovo, carved out of a Christian nation after the US took the part of the Islamics against the Christians, specifically to set up a heroin distribution network with diplomatic immunity as a ‘nation’. Kosovo was already famous for its Islamic heroin connection with Afghanistan and as a distribution center for Europe of that heroin.

The Serbs had had enough of it and then America was tricked into siding with the Muslims as if no heroin was there, and the Muslims were not simply a criminal class, but as if the Serbs just ‘hated’ Muslims. Now the poppies are back in Afghanistan, in effect, protected by the Obama Adminstration in the guise of ‘the failure of eradication methods’ excepting to pay farmers to destroy their own crops. The American taxpayer is directly funding heroin production via failure to eradicate and paying welfare to the farmers to not grow it.

The Muslims are paid and paid and paid in literally over a dozen nations as if an endless shower of cash would remain as long as they threaten to grow poppies. And while the parties involved in protecting the growing and distribution the heroin make money, Osama bin laden stays healthy to keep the whole show going and the lore of a couple hundred al-qeada fighters holding out against the Great Satan grows.

Now even the Muslims can see that growing poppy isn’t the grand lifestyle it was pictured to be, even when they make the money. It hooks them on a lifestyle  that mandates a criminal mindset in addition to destroying their neighbor and their own families. Rather than admit their part in the evil, that their religion is a lie and see the destruction of their own lands by heroin addictions, crime and violence, in order to believe they have free will, they have to say the Americans have free will ‘too’.

Either Osama bin Laden is the anti-Christ and has mystical evil powers or the US military and intelligence community doesn’t have free will despite its own PR and God is just using bin Laden for evil. Either way, the Muslims lose: the actions of Jesus Christ through a proud and vain Christian community known as the US are killing them by the hundreds all over the world for their evil and crimes, has proved even  a bad Christian is better than a good Muslim in the eyes of God and has given the Muslims a reputation of backwardness and self-destruction for centuries OR the US really is that strong and that clever to have done it all on purpose and somebody with free will is just a lot smarter than a Muslim and being a non-Muslim makes you smart.

Your eyelids are getting veeery heavy. You are getting sleeeepy. When I bark, you will wake up and think: "The Americans are uber men because as a Muslim, I have free will." OR "Osama bin Laden has superpowers because as an Christian American, I have free will."

It’s bad enough to see you’ve been deceived. It’s worse to see that your former enemy wasn’t really your enemy all along and saw through you from a long way off ..and you killed Christians under false premises. No one actually grows spiritually without doing that growth in front of others and God in Jesus Christ.

Psalm 94:21-23  They band together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood.  But Jehovah will be my high tower; and my God the rock of my refuge.  And he will bring upon them their iniquity, and will cut them off in their own evil: Jehovah our God will cut them off.

Proverbs 3:7  Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear Jehovah, and depart from evil:

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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