Unions and the lie of human free will: its all the Fault of the Employer’s Free Will. Really.

Minus a foundation of the doctrine of free will, union strategies of agitation don’t make sense. This is a post from the I.W.W. ( Industrial Workers of the World / “Trabajadores Industriales del Mundo” / the Wobblies , a communist/socialist union with roots in the 1930’s; wikipedia says they have about 10,000 members world wide) in Spanish, seeking dissatisfied Spanish speaking workers; gives a Cambridge Mass. PO Box as contact given in a former post. These groups are being emboldened by the Obama Administration and the Democratic party.

——-While union agitating is not new, nor are its methods, to truly understand why these things exist you have to look directly at the lie of human free and who is preaching it in what neighborhood. It comes first through the pulpit, then through the discord, then through the union to pay the discord to go away.

Poor neighborhoods need to take a look at who is giving them their fundamental outlook on Jesus Christ and total reality before their fundamental outlook on employers as adversaries ever started. Who is getting paid to teach you and keep reminding you that you have free will? Who is getting paid to teach you exactly how your idealized free will is under attack and by whom? Who has been set up as/with defacto lifetime appointments, complete with salaries, homes and social acceptance predicated on the emotional common sense of the lie of free will to keep doing the same? ——-


( steps in the construction of a committee of fight at work )

among the steps are indirect appeals to the lie of human free will as a meta ..and manipulation on that basis alone. It is a good look at the thought process of those wanting to unionize any particular target business. The steps include: ( paraphrased)

* making a list of everyone that works at the target business

* write down who the leaders are; who follows who and why

* write down everyone’s job description ..”leave nothing out”

..while you are doing that, keep your unionizing efforts a secret: tell no one until the time is right

* draw a literal map of who works in each place, along with whether or not that person is an enemy, a friend, their position in the company and any other personal information you can gather about them ( what ethnicity, what language they speak, whether they are disabled, jobs skills, education, ..) ..( my note: in short, anything that can be remotely used against the company under a civil rights umbrella)

* keep a file on each person: what they do; how their work relationships are going, etc.

* investigate the company: (For example: ( a quote) “Who owns the company? Do you have other business owners? Who runs the company? What is the structure of the corporation? Is the employer misbehaving? Is this the company financially strong or weak? Have they been other organizing drives in the past? How to answer the employer in that case? Who are the suppliers and contractors of the company? Are the workers of those companies organized? Do they have problems at work? Who are the customers of the company? If they are other companies, are the work of these organizations? What are community organizations that could put pressure on the employer-shareholders, community organizations, churches, political groups, government agencies, consumers, etc?“)

* construct relationships and at the first, make no mention of unions or work problems

* agitate:( a quote )  “Find out who believes he or the worker about problems at work, long hours, low wages, lack of respect from management, whatever-and help him / her to understand that this is the fault of the employer. Although it appears to be a personal problem, shows how it is caused by the employer. But remember that this is a conversation, not a sermon. The goal is to vent the worker / and emotionally turns against the employer”

* educate and inoculate: tell your fellow workers that their problems are common and have been overcome in the past by unionizing. Prepare them for the usual tactics of those who don’t like unions: accusations of communism –just because you are anti-capitalist–, intimidation; firing of union leaders, etc. Let them know that lots of unions have succeeded even after these tactics were employed against them.

*( a quote)  “It is not necessary to get people to become members of the union immediately. The membership card in the union must be something that is won. It is not exclusionary but we want that membership means something, represents a compromise between (the) employee (a) and the rest of the union, and should not be something given with indifference.”


Even if, for the purposes of argument, the writer of the post is a old homosexual guy sitting in his underwear dreaming about the glory days of unions; Cuban or Venezuelan  intelligence operatives, an Obama Administration or Democratic Official could not have written a more detailed scenario of using the concept of free will to turn people against each other and using spanish speaking people ( in the US legally and illegally ) to agitate against the local US economy as an simultaneous civil rights action by the current administration.

Even if the union never succeeds, the one doing all the activity has become a defacto spy in the realm of industrial espionage for spanish speaking countries and others, compiling files on US firms and workers. Where do all the files go when the union collapses ..or succeeds?


True Brotherhood in Christ is against everything the unions represent and desire, to include how they go about trying to get it:

Romans 8:12-16  So then, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to flesh;  for if ye live according to flesh, ye are about to die; but if, by the Spirit, ye put to death the deeds of the body, ye shall live:  for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, *these* are sons of God.  For ye have not received a spirit of bondage again for fear, but ye have received a spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.  The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God.

God despises those who set brethren against each other:

Proverbs 6:12-19  A man of Belial, a wicked person, is he that goeth about with a perverse mouth;  he winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;  deceits are in his heart; he deviseth mischief at all times, he soweth discords.  Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly: in a moment shall he be broken, and without remedy.  These six things doth Jehovah hate, yea, seven are an abomination unto him:  haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood;   a heart that deviseth wicked imaginations; feet that are swift in running to mischief;   a false witness that uttereth lies, and he that soweth discords among brethren.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  1. A Concerned Christian
    July 15, 2010 at 2:20 am

    There is nothing here but incoherent rambling lunacy coupled with a stunning array of factual errors (for example: an organization that was founded in 1905 is presented as ‘having roots in the 1930’s) and insipid and decidedly un-Christian xenophobia.

    By arguing that Christianity stands against the dignity and liberty that working people can only gain by organizing together against their common oppressors, this article has presented Christianity in the worst possible (not to mention inaccurate) light and is thus a decidedly anti-christian article.

    Christ loved the poor. This article defends the worst depredations of the rich against the poor and denies the right of the poor to protest against them. Nero Caesar would be most pleased with it. Our Lord- if we are to take Him at His Word- is most certainly not.

    Christ said that the meek shall inherit the earth and it is our duty as Christians to shape the world as Our Lord desires it.

    • christianclarityreview
      July 15, 2010 at 3:30 pm

      I perfectly understand that false Christianity has been used for every evil purpose so long that you think to have a genuine audience already prepared to snap into a zombie state at the mere mention of Christ to do what you wish them to do. Pat Robertson, the Pope and the like have people sending them money and children; you want to steal personal and industrial information from the citizens of the United States under the guise of ‘helping the working person’. Even in Spanish and even from illegal aliens.

      However, in Christ, real Christians do God’s will as He does it through us. What we do not do is whatever interpretation we might like to think is appropriate in any given situation. We do not have free will, just as you do not have free will. That gives, in the long term, true Christians a reputation for stability, not agitation and a reputation of waiting on God so that when He moves, whatever He wanted takes place no matter Satan’s whining.

      Those you have targeted to intimidate and steal secrets from and those you want to use to do that you must protect in every way from knowing they don’t have the free will to do what you want them to do; the one be sloppy and inattentive while the other steals. You cannot afford to have them actually meek and knowing that they must wait on God. You have to preach and teach the lie of human free will just as much as any pimp, drug dealer or whore who wants the target populace to think of their crimes as a freedom. A populace who knows they don’t have the free will to do drugs, sleep with whores or agitate against their neighbors doesn’t help any of you. In fact, you are nonsensical to them.

      Think about this: who knew that union agitators and foreign agents need to be well versed in Arminianism and equal Calvinist haters as homosexuals, Islamics, Catholics, Episcopalians or Methodists? You don’t find that strange?

      You don’t think it strange that you have to preach the exact lie of free will that they do in order for your schemes to even appear to have a chance at succeeding? Or perhaps you thought what they were saying was the actual Word of God and that their lies were real Christianity and thus all of you are natural allies ..as is historically the case? And that’s the derivation of your Christian-speak?

      Christ had compassion on the poor and said that the poverty of the poor, –the definition of poverty–, is their destruction.

      Proverbs 10:15 The rich man’s wealth is his strong city; the destruction of the poor is their poverty.

      Note that having less money than others is not the poverty.

      You really need to work on your Christian-speak more in order for it work. Perhaps you should read up on the arguments used these days by Arminians/Catholics/ Free Willers. There are but a few and they are ineffective against Christ, but the pagan religionists respond well to them. You will find that they are in fact the roots of your own outlook on life. In the process of that genuine spiritual education in Christ, you will learn a lot. The Bible is of course, the best place. The works of Jonathan Edwards aren’t bad. Read Luther and Calvin and the history of the times in which they lived.

      People who own businesses and have built them from scratch are building an environment of prosperity if those businesses are upright before God and they are doing that by the decree of God. These are the people you had in mind to say were ‘evil’ as a class? Even your idealized ‘oppressed worker’ who starts a business is suddenly an evil person because they no longer put money in your pocket or ammunition in your ideological gun? What you are really doing is trying to keep workers workers and slaves to wages no matter how good those wages are and prevent them from starting their own business on the premise that all business owners are evil.

      Or did you intend to organize the drug dealers and pimps into a union against organized crime bosses and your article in espanol was directed at non-gang members being discriminated against by gang members who have bosses in foreign nations? And what you actually were saying without saying it was that organized crime needs to be infiltrated and exposed, and your methods of how to do that are just textbook law enforcement stuff against criminals? (..that hasn’t worked. )

      Proverbs 10:9-11 He that walketh in integrity walketh securely; but he that perverteth his ways shall be known. He that winketh with the eye causeth grief, and a prating fool shall fall. The mouth of a righteous man is a fountain of life; but the mouth of the wicked covereth violence.

      In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  2. A Concerned Christian
    July 16, 2010 at 5:27 am

    Our Lord has never dismissed any child of God an “illegal alien.” That sounds more like Pat Robertson than Jesus Christ. You say that we do not have free will. But then you go on to condemn behavior that you disagree with and attempt to sway opinion with your (largely incoherent) rhetoric. These things contradict one another. What is the point of argument if there is no free will- no ability to choose to be righteous rather than wicked? Why are you trying to convince me of anything if I do not have the free will to be convinced? You just keep contradicting yourself.

    Your *interpretation* notwithstanding, the very fact that The Lord gave us commandments to follow in righteousness or ignore in wickedness shows that He disagrees with you about free will.

    The premise here isn’t that all employers are evil. But in every IWW campaign that I know of, the bosses have stolen wages, refused to pay for overtime labor, paid wages that are below the minimum wage and generally refused to treat their workers with anything like the dignity that ought to be afforded to every son of Adam and daughter of Eve. By automatically siding with the boss without investigating the matter, you are doing exactly what you have falsely accused me of doing.

    You might well be the un-Christian “Christian” that I have have ever encountered.

    • christianclarityreview
      July 21, 2010 at 11:51 pm

      1. the accusation of being nonsensical has already been answered here. in the article “If I don’t have free will, it makes no difference to know it or not know it; determinism says the same thing will happen to me anyway”. It is a common argument within the lie of free will as part of the lie seeming to make its refutation impossible by denying the conditions exist that show the lie to be a lie.

      2. It is impossible in Christ to actually do anti-Christian behavior.

      3. I never said you had free will or that what you were doing was a product of free will. You –falsely– read into what I wrote, on the false premise that you understand real Christianity, that that must be ‘what I meant’. Look in yourself for that reasoning, not me or Christ.

      4. God is always honest and honest in His true servants. That means your attempts to use a false Christianity against true Christians by supposedly encapsulating their beliefs in a paradigm that will destroy them that you hold forth to be charity won’t work. You have already fallen into the hole you dug for others. Illegal aliens do not have a right, before God or any other, to unionize against those they are stealing jobs from. They do not have a right to ‘a better life’ as stealing that life from others. They are not heroes. They are not refugees from anything but the result of their own beliefs in their home countries. Their ideas don’t work in Mexico or Columbia or Serbia or Ireland or Russia or China or anywhere else and that failure grants them no rights in America.

      5. No son of Adam and daughter of Eve stays equal with others. They are born equally in sin. But lives have consequences and the result of grace of God is to some, prosperity. For others, it is martyrdom. For others, it is hard work with no earthly pay off –ever. But the wages of sin are all the same all the time. Those that dis-believe the witness of Christ have no power or right to ‘claim their equality’ with real Christians or use a falsely idealized version of ‘it’ as a club against even others like themselves.

      6. Your false idealization of the ‘downtrodden worker’ is just ideological hogwash you need to see yourself as a hero. Even the people you idealize to exist you only want to use for your own emotional enjoyment and savior complex and could actually care less about their welfare. You openly tell them to attack their neighbors and keep files on them as spreading discord. You tell them how to manipulate others into hating ‘the employer’ –even if they don’t hate the employer and see no reason for such hatred now. That is the worst of social situations and is expressly the ‘secret police’ state you would have them manufacture and call it ‘paradise’. And you call that Christianity?! If you get exactly what you want, nobody gets peace, much less prosperity; not even you. The kind of person you would produce in your idealized situation is not a person who gives to charity or does what he can for his fellow man with those ‘better wages and conditions’, but beats his chest at how ‘powerful’ he was to have ‘taken’ his ‘rightful share’ from somebody else and how clever he is at tricking others into discord.

      7. You don’t know Christ at all. You don’t know Christians at all. That must be hard for you: you have apparently studied up on what is in actual fact, false Christianity, in order to attack it and use it against those that believe it is truth. You have wasted all you time. Very obviously you are so embarrassed by this that you do anything you can to justify your own education. ( like calling whatever doesn’t fit within your own notions, given to you as education, “incoherent rhetoric”. ) I’m sorry you read all the wrong books. You should read different books.

      If you can’t hear God a little, you can’t hear Him a lot.

      Ephesians 4:28-32 Let the stealer steal no more, but rather let him toil, working what is honest with his hands, that he may have to distribute to him that has need. Let no corrupt word go out of your mouth, but if there be any good one for needful edification, that it may give grace to those that hear it . And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with which ye have been sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, and heat of passion, and wrath, and clamour, and injurious language, be removed from you, with all malice; and be to one another kind, compassionate, forgiving one another, so as God also in Christ has forgiven you.

      In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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