The ‘unconscious will’ and euthanasia versus Predestination and election

Making the rounds these days is the report in Time magazine , which reports on the article in Nature Magazine of some researchers who have studied subliminal effects on behavior and concluded the will is not free. Or at least not as free as the libertarians want us to believe.

The research centers on two scientist in the Netherlands. That’s a bit ironic because in the Netherlands in particular, the concept of human free will is the cornerstone to state sponsored euthanasia. The premise for it is essentially that you have free will and that is why you love to live. If you run out of free will ( as in suddenly find yourself in a host of conditions where other people who idealize themselves as free willed beings cannot recognize anything that you are doing as being arch typically free willed behavior ), its curtains for you.

The Dutch have been in free fall into the worst parts of the lie of human free will for some centuries now. After having been deceived they actually have it and that God said so ( being deceived by Arminius, –as in Arminianism– a Dutchman who learned his lies from Molin, the Roman Catholic / Jesuit) as a theological construct, they have only recently gotten into killing people who don’t evidence what another Dutch person recognizes as free willed behavior. Other effects are  / have been a casting off of morality in other ways and sliding , as the United States, into homosexuality and worse pagan religions than Arminianism, such as neo-paganism ( the tattoos  and Wiccan rituals ) and Islam ( even as Islam is slowly dying out in its original lands  and among those who leave those lands and settle elsewhere). The theory has been, as the homosexual false prophet of the Episcopalians has said “what good is a free will if you can’t do what you want with it?”

Now the Dutch perhaps want some balance. A head long rush into various paradigms of free will only produces a people deceived that they need a little extra mojo to make them competitive against their neighbors. Charm bracelets, drugs, tattoos, supposed fashions in clothing that prove the wearer is a non-conformist and the like are all the rage among the young for that reason. World Cup soccer players kiss their tattoos for the camera and point to them when they score a goal. Anything to get a little mojo and prove it supposedly worked.

So the research is there to basically slow down mere consumerism and violence based on an idealization of choice. Making public the research is the start of the research: “can we make people more compassionate if we tell them they don’t have free will?”

An idealized lack of free will at the proper instance can cure the type of hopelessness that traditional free will based religions instill in the short term. Take for instance this analysis of people who idealize themselves to have free will in Kyrgyzstan:

The border region where the violence broke out lies in the Ferghana valley, a fertile but poverty-stricken region split between Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan that has long been considered a potential trouble spot for a number of reasons. “It’s wrong to imply that the Kyrgyz and Uzbeks have just been waiting for the opportunity to start slaughtering each other,” said Cai Wilkinson, a Kyrgyzstan expert at the University of Birmingham. “Effectively we’ve ended up with a perfect storm of events: political upheaval, extremely bad economic circumstances and in the southern half of the country there are far fewer opportunities and a greater general sense of hopelessness.”

1. fertile valley: the ground and water resources are not the problem

2. got people in it

3. they are poor people by their own and by other peoples definition of money within various free will paradigms

4. a general sense of hopelessness.  In free will circles, that means they believe they have free will but they can’t use it the way they want, which is to avoid being poor and hopeless in a fertile valley, especially in front of other people deceived everyone has free will and other free willed people in other parts of the world are doing just fine with their free will, and some of them minus the resources a fertile valley can provide, thank you very much.

That circumstance and its results is a template that reigns all over the Islamic world.

A temporary fix is then the thought that they don’t have free will. Presto: no more embarrassment/shame; no more anger at one’s neighbor for some perceived slight that was done ‘on purpose’ ; a general sense that a larger enemy is at work than a free willer mind can comprehend; whole new emotional common sense based on the actual common sense that free will does not exist. The fix would be temporary because no one can give up the thought of having free will on purpose. The deception is a living creature, not an ‘abstract’ that can be taken out of one’s mind by oneself. But the present research from the Dutch could spark a cease fire and everyone takes a breather because of the mojo that anything that even looks like Western science enjoys among the superstitious. You can’t just say it:  you gotta prove it.

A permanent fix is to be born again in Jesus Christ.

The present research could be applied to the Ukraine’s Yanukovich while he ‘makes up his mind’ about what to do next. Think of the possibilities: “Everybody just freeze in place! It wasn’t on purpose! No one has free will!” Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Espanol, Hindi… Whole new paradig’ems for NGO’s. Cha’ ching. The porn industry would be wiped out overnight: lust is derived from the belief in free will.

Yet non-christian concepts of lacking free will and embracing a hard determinism are not a long term solution and are flawed, to say the least.

Such things as “people in hard chairs are apt to be more rigid when negotiating the price of a new car” and “people tend to judge others as more caring after they hold a warm cup of coffee” is, among other things such as flashing words too fast for the human eye to see it having effects on buying pattern, the evidence offered to prove the existence of ‘the unconscious will’ ..that can be manipulated.

No mention is made of the effect of stigmatizing via public advertising and Opposite Conclusion Research in favor of free will, the handicapped and the comatose as having ‘lost libertarian free will’ and then having ideologically prepared the family, having them pile into a room wherein is a lot of Very Expensive Medical Equipment being operated at Great Expense along with the smell of human sickness, cleaning agents, industrial potpourri , scans and slides of x-rays and the like that imply ‘no spiritual activity going on here’ against lighted backgrounds and some fresh flowers, the drone of air conditioning going on mingled with the sound of those Very Expensive machines operating and nudging the family to say “He/She wouldn’t want to live like this.” Just a vague notion of ‘environmental factors’.

No mention is made of such things as “people deceived they have free will automatically see other people as all-powerful competitors who do everything on purpose and thus blame them for even slight grievances”  or “people who perceive other people cannot control everything they say they can control tend to have more compassion on their fellow creatures.”

THAT subliminal stuff we hear nothing of. Instead, we just hear that such a thing as the ‘unconscious will’ exists and can be manipulated, as if that were new news from that ideological camp.

So what’s the problem with their research? After all, God plainly says the will is not free by the fact we have to be born again by hearing His Word, that His Word is Himself and is not satan’s speech or human speech and that receiving Christ as new spirit and life is “not of blood, nor of flesh’s will, nor of man’s will”. (John 1:12,13  ..but as many as received him, to them gave he the right to be children of God, to those that believe on his name; who have been born, not of blood, nor of flesh’s will, nor of man’s will, but of God. )

So the research would seem to support God. Right?


The ‘new’ research is there to support the rather ancient lie of partial free will and to idealize people as manipulated versus manipulator. It is the same Nazi game theory that has driven advertising for the last sixty years and is simply a hard determinism that leaves out God as a supposed alternative explanation to God’s existence. It is essentially the communistic approach to determinism of Marx that in its essence is the whole foundation for ‘social science’. Supposedly, free willed individuals must compete against each other for idealized perpetually limited resources and that competition somehow morphs into a Unseen Hand that becomes its own determinism via certain mysterious rules. The hunt for the Rules and how to manipulate them for one’s supposed benefit is the whole of social science.

The US Army’s “Human Terrain System” is such a product as an experiment on US soldiers, in the guise of being a humanitarian weapon aimed at the target native populace, that claims to have found the hidden rules and is there to help out the peace process by showing everyone how someone or something else has been pulling their strings to make them fight. All this is supposedly accomplished without God but within what is defined to be the small minded outlook of the religion of the native person as ‘their spirituality’ plus social science. It is simple, basic communism and witchcraft.

To flee the effects of free will theology into a hard determinism of any sort or supposedly derived from any research is simply to embrace the very fatalism that Calvinism is falsely charged with generating. Predestination and election are based on God’s creation through you and growing us in him, not a static environment totally devoid of any new creation in which we supposedly walk as robots. The idealization of human beings as even ‘a little robotic’ is every bit as destructive as saying they are totally robots.

No one can be a robot. That is simply reality. Indeed, the notion that one ought to be a righteous robot ( of any definition of righteousness, even as clothing fashions ) by any means ( with the aid of spirits or manipulation of subliminal messages or manipulation of environmental stimuli )  is at the very heart of  free willed religion. Supposedly you’ve got free will and could do as you please and so could follow all the rules and never break them, you just don’t want to. The hatred of being seen as a ‘robot’ is supposedly a impetus to sin ( implicitly defined as an act done in free will in free willed religious systems )  simply to prove autonomy.You are then idealized as guilty on the premise that you have even some free will to have acted otherwise.

The realty is that the whole free willed religious system cannot survive without even the notion you have –partial– free will. Whatever you supposedly control, you can sin with the thinking. The necessity of the priest ( and how they make their living…) is to supposedly provide forgiveness schemes that restore you to a pre-breach-of-the-rules spiritual status so you can start the whole cycle over again in order to need their services. They’ve been doing the ‘unseen rules’ game a lot longer than ‘social scientists’.

The human terrain system of the US military is simply the same thing: a lie that supposedly restores the little native man and his family to an idealized peace that existed back in olden times while getting the US soldier to live like he is idealizing the native populace ought to live in order to not be seen as hypocritical. It is a experiment on US soldiers as subliminal environmental stimuli.

Libertarian free will has collapsed as a paradigm in the public mind. It not only is not true, being deceived it is truth causes violence and death among those who believe it. The deception is the thoughts, the spirits. Deception is not ‘nothing’. It is not a ‘state of mind’. It is spiritual. It is not at all a ‘will-neutral’ set of beliefs that autonomous creatures put into action.  Now that the unrestrained libertarian free will paradigm has collapsed, here comes the ‘proofs’ of partial free will from both the theological and social science camps to hold onto what souls they have enslaved.

It isn’t so much what the research says is completely false. It is what they imply those findings imply about reality. In ancient times, it was well known that the ‘sacred hieroglyphs’ ( writing ) had power to change behavior and it was well known that all of that is a spiritual effect beyond any ‘free’ will of the victim. The only difference between ancient times and now is the notion that plain writing has no effect but other environmental factors have the effects writing was understood to instill, and that writing only in its guise of subliminal messages ‘does something’ as the new ‘sacred runes’.

The arminians/molinists pretend a purpose of sight argument that attempts to define sight as a spiritual filter ( ‘anything you see can’t be spiritual activity’ ); sight as a defacto proof in and of itself of the lack of any spiritual influences. The x-rays, PET and MRI scans and the like from a medical point of view supposedly prove “no spiritual activity detected” and play to the euthanasia crowd and mindset expressly from that same base. Hanging such proofs around in a room with an idealized patient that has no-free-will-left-inside is simply theater. The ‘higher criticism’ camp in theology, when looking at ‘texts’ accomplish the same by implying the text can’t by definition be doing anything when you see it by the implied definition of sight, but that you must empower ‘the ideas’ you get by having looked on the text by a power you get from somewhere else with your libertarian or partial ‘free’ will. They lie to you that nothing is ever happening to you right now, but something will happen later when you plug your ‘free’ will in to the present input. That is why whenever they read the Holy Bible, they see free will everywhere even though it isn’t there and don’t see the power of God even though is it plainly evident throughout. Free willed theology couldn’t exist without that one widget.

Beware schemes of partial free will or even hard determinism with no free will. There is no new creation in them and they do not acknowledge Jesus Christ directly and as distinguishing Him from non-creating speech; they are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing and instill fatalism.

The sad thing for the Dutch is that their own research means they are guilty of murder because they have proved themselves wrong on the fundamental premise of why they are killing the weak. The strong never had free will in the way it was idealized to exist. So the ex-strong and the means that was used to idealize some as Weak  is wrong and the very reason why they were killed is invalid: they never had what they were idealized to have lost. What they were idealized to have lost is the sole thing that supposedly qualified them for death. Murder stays murder before God in and out of the ideological framework used to justify it in the present or past.

Ecc 3:10-15  I have seen the travail that God hath given to the sons of men to toil in. He hath made everything beautiful in its time; also he hath set the world in their heart, so that man findeth not out from the beginning to the end the work that God doeth.  I know that there is nothing good for them but to rejoice and to do well in their life;  yea also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy good in all his labour, it is the gift of God.   I know that whatever God doeth, it shall be for ever; there is nothing to be added to it, nor anything to be taken from it; and God doeth it , that men should fear before him.  That which is was long ago, and that which is to be hath already been; and God bringeth back again that which is past.

In Christ we have this promise as comfort:

Php 2:12,13  So that, my beloved, even as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much rather in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,   for it is God who works in you both the willing and the working according to his good pleasure.

The free willers now say holding a warm cup of coffee is what makes them compassionate and that theater makes them murder.

Psalm 94:8-12  Understand, ye brutish among the people; and ye fools, when will ye be wise?   He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? He that formed the eye, shall he not see? He that instructeth the nations, shall not he correct–he that teacheth man knowledge?   Jehovah knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity.  Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O Jah, and whom thou teachest out of thy law;

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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