Obama, the myth of Islamic Science and the end of Islam

According to some, Islam gave the world algebra. Not an individual. Not God through an individual. Not even Satan through an individual: just Islam.

Now Obama has spread the myth of Islamic contributions to science much as haters of Christ spread the rumor of Wernher von Braun.  ( According to the modern propaganda, Christian Americans were supposedly in the dark until the Occult Nazi von Braun showed up in the space program. All that happened was that von Braun –and nazi ideology– got credit for what Americans had already begun. ) Good article over at Michele Malkin. Nowhere does Obama explain the need of stealing and buying technology that is the hall-mark of Muslim countries who have never –ever– demonstrated new technology on their own, despite the riches oil money has given them to build universities and research facilities.

But in Obama and Democratic theory, if you build a building and call it a university, out should pop technology and new stuff no matter what the teachers or the students believe because in his socialist theory, man is the center of everything and is the originator of his own ideas and mind. That there is a definite brand of technology that everyone wants to teach to get specific results escapes them.

Yet in exactly the emotional welfare demonstrated to him by his reception of the Nobel prize for nothing he had ever actually done, and the praise of the press heaped on him for his utter failures, he now wants to give the same  emotional welfare to Muslims specifically because of their religion.

What is good to note is that a religion is, in theory, getting credit for any contributions by those individuals within it. In particular, the ideals/spirits in that religion are getting credit for empowering those individuals in order that they be creative.This despite no evidence of such a thing ever taking place in Islam. Even the theorized ancient proto-types of a few modern devices supposedly found in Islamic lands were from pre-Islamic cultures. If anything, Islam has obviously stifled creativity since.

Obama cannot be serious about the false praise he wants to heap on Muslims, which exists merely to falsely enhance the reputation of those ideals to empower creative thinking because he is a hardcore free willer: man supposedly has free will as a ruling paradigm in his mind and that is supposedly a untouchable basic fact to life that is not even to be questioned by the very science he praises. That lie of free will is the foundation of socialism and every paradigm of totalitarianism. So his praise of a religion as the Source of creativity is shallow in the extreme. His only hope can be that he re-rewrites history and throws mud on the very obvious Christian domination of the contributions of knowledge as gifts of God, hoping no one sees that even Muslims who have made ‘contributions to science’ have  never industrialized anything, and when they made contributions within industrialized nations they did so after learning at the feet of non-Muslims or stealing technology.

If Islam is such a genius, why does Iran need Russian Orthodox advisers ( who had to steal that technology from non-Russian-Orthodox-Christian-America in order to get Russian nuclear technology going.. ) to set up its nuclear weapons program? Why did its engineers all train in the West?

Much has been said about the effect of white addicts always expecting black neighborhoods and/or black people to always have drugs to sell: that it isn’t fair, it stigmatizes black people, etc. Yet that is exactly the kind of behavior Obama and the Democrats seek to push on Muslims as a supposed kindness: to see them as so bereft of reasons for pride in themselves that cheap lies will suffice to wind them up like toy robots to march for Islam yet again.

The effect on Philistine/Palestinian children is much the same; someone is always saying that they are being abused; that they need money; that their society can’t function, etc. It’s a 24/7 365 wave of voices, each with their own agenda, but all making the idealized weak Philistine/Palestinian their cause because the people in Gaza are now stigmatized as unable to do anything for themselves except get fat on welfare of all types and hide that fatness to get more. They are Muslims and represented as arch typical of Muslims by the Muslim press machine all over the world. The sheer logistics of sharing the welfare heaped on them from the world takes all their time; what science do they have time to do?

Israelis have more respect for the capabilities of the people of Gaza than the people of Gaza do of themselves. And that is simply one example out of thousands at the forced need as addiction of those who are hardcore Muslims for false praise and reasons why their own advance in science and technology has been thwarted.

Gaza in particular is a case study in the effect of such false praise: now that they are emotional welfare recipients, they must keep up pretenses, much like someone who makes their money illegally and so must always appear poor to keep law enforcement away: no matter if they fill heaven and earth with gold do they ever get to do anything but ‘pretend’ to be poor and abused. Someone always has to be dirty. Someone has to actually live the life of the expectations of the press so the press can get their photos and shots of The Backward, Downtrodden Muslim.

Someone has to fake it all the time to keep the emotional and cash welfare rolling in for the rest and the process can’t stop or the worst catastrophe of all actually happens: public disgrace of the whole religion and in addition, shame because the whole of Islam is a free will based religion.

The basis of the shame is that they supposedly chose to chose Islam over other competing ideals. It was all on purpose and everything that followed is their fault. The lie of free will is built-in as part of the ideology and yet masquerades as a separate and independent truth because it is so common in the world. When your own religion says you have free will and its version of all other religions is that they say you and they have free will too, then there is no hope of escaping shame AND shame before other people who, according to their own ideology, made smarter choices ..with a free will. You as Islamic, according to the free will paradigm are forced to see you have been dumb and are just now arriving at a private wisdom as the gold you have to hide to avoid public shame while non-Muslims supposedly get to live it in public as happiness. All that happens because you have to pretend it was all on purpose and that you are smart. Instead of being smart and playing dumb to get some perceived benefit, you know that in comparison, your religion is bereft of any good gifts and you have to play smart while knowing you are dumb. At best you will always be the bully who is afraid.

Now the whole Muslim world is doing the same thing: going about the business of pretending to be powerful and smart to hide the shame of utter failure and having their time eaten away all their lives while they trade the welfare among themselves.

And here comes Obama, the Democrats and the like slamming the gates shut if possible for anyone to escape the shame. His emotional welfare has the effect of making it seem everyone else really does have free will and really did make better choices and they really know you are dumb and are just pretending. So they go along to help out your feelings, which is just patronizing you. They’ve supposedly been out spiritually exercising and when you, with the fat emotional heart try to keep up, you get a heat stroke. To which they say, ‘It’s okay, big guy. have another twinky.’

Muslims are so proud of being deceived that they ought to have fat hearts that they know nothing of being emotionally thin and spiritually strong and that the enemies of God are always the ones with the fat hearts. Here is a prayer God speaks through David’s heart and soul on David’s behalf:

Psalm 119:69,70  The proud have forged falsehood against me: I will observe thy precepts with my whole heart.  Their heart is as fat as grease: as for me, I delight in thy law.

True Christians know there is no free will. No one ‘decides’ to be deceived. And you cannot get out of being deceived unless God re-creates you as a new creature in Jesus Christ.

New creation is the key.

In Christians, God lives in us and thus creates new things through us. It is His nature to do so. In non-Christians, non-creation must be the way things always stay because any new creation does away with the conditions necessary for the human will to be free; it is always changing total reality except for God Himself and the idealized stable character of spiritual reality and physical reality in order for men to have free will does not and has never existed. So among Christians, you see new things and new creation as an expected way of life only because God actually does that through us. It is not something we just ‘think up’. New technology, new types of government, new definition of money not built on the lie of free will, new technology, etc.

The lack of the inward presence of God is necessary in free will based religion. Supposedly, they need God’s absence to take God’s ‘holy ideas’ and ‘do’ things with them for which God will bless them later. It is a standard paradigm of: “If you do good things you go to the good place. If you do bad things, you go to the bad place. Smart people end up in the good place. Stupid people end up in the bad place.” But those people in that whole paradigm are famous for their lack of creativity. They can copy someone else’s stuff like nobody’s business. But something original they cannot do.

Thus it is with Islam; God is not in them. Indeed, they deny God at every turn. The result is lack of creating new things and a need for emotional welfare and economic welfare to give them what they could never obtain on their own over and over. If it were up to some false Christians, giving Islam and Chinese communism false praise would be part of pop Christianity as a dictate.

Other religions will always throw the false shame of making free willed errors up in Muslim’s face as they do to all the others each in their turn. Among themselves, they will never know the shame is false because they believe the free will is real. They will do it subtly or openly. That includes false Christianity. They will heap false praise on Islam in an attempt to keep Muslims prisoners to the lie of free will and too shamed to walk away from Islam, else admit error openly to those who are now held to be superior. If men had free will, it would work.

True Christianity never does that. In Christ, you are born again so that when God returns in the person of Jesus Christ, you have no need of being ashamed before Him. If you have no need of being ashamed before God in truth, you have no need for shame on earth and certainly no need for emotional welfare from deceived liars and murderers like Obama and the Democrats. And that is why all false religion hates Christ: he doesn’t need anything from them at all and in fact condemns false praise and religionism.

Mat 7:21-23  Not every one who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but he that does the will of my Father who is in the heavens.  Many shall say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied through *thy* name, and through *thy* name cast out demons, and through *thy* name done many works of power? and then will I avow unto them, I never knew you. Depart from me, workers of lawlessness.

You don’t see wave after wave of demonstrations in the street as pro-Christian desperation to project the power of Christian doctrine or to demand respect as emotional welfare. You don’t see false wonders assigned as public dogma to prop up Christianity. Christianity has taken its beatings and the lies directed against us without asking any for help but God Himself.

You don’t see the desperation of Islam in Christianity. There is no need for it. That speaks volumes. Former slaves to Satanic rites/Islam are turning away from Islam in record numbers and turning to Christianity. We are witnessing the demise of Islam. But they are not necessarily turning to Christ in their new Christianity. They are just as likely to be running to teachers who instruct them in new shame. False Christianity is masquerading as a legitimate door to creativity and seat at the table of the Ability to Create New Technologies. Their theory is basically that if you go through a shameful experience per the lie of free will of admitting ‘you picked’ the wrong religion then you are all set to get going and create something. Such persons deny God and say they have done marvelous things on their own. They lie. But to switch from Islam to false Christianity ( free will based Christianity) through a process of doctrinally controlled shame or even shame on the fly is less than worthless and is nothing more than another form of emotional welfare.

True kindness is telling people their sins; not flattering them they don’t have any or that their sins are a power source. Sins are not choices. Sin is a living creature that tries to pretend that just because kindness can be as hard a stone as evil it is the same stone.

You must be born again in Jesus Christ. If you are, then you survive all the paradigm shifts in love, honor and money and God creates new things through you; to include new creatures in Jesus Christ.

1Peter 1:23-25  being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the living and abiding word of God.  Because all flesh is as grass, and all its glory as the flower of grass. The grass has withered and its flower has fallen;  but the word of the Lord abides for eternity. But this is the word which in the glad tidings is preached to you.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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