Sucession from the Union all the states simultaneously, followed by an immediate or even simultaneous new United States:

1. preserves the Union

2. wipes the present bureaucracy off the plate; cleans the windshield

3. keeps good things running as they are for the present ( we’re in a war and already have a good military, ..)

4. re-boots the whole system

5. re-evaluates all treaties and trade agreements; who are our real allies? Who is most in line with the new government

6. uncovers those in on a conspiracy to make the people of the United States debtors for generations on the presumption that the present Union will be perpetuated as-is and identifies who has lied in the name of the people of the United States for personal benefit

7. gives opportunities  to re-define money, shake out the spies of foreign governments and domestic think tanks and the like who bet the farm on a continuing bureaucracy in which to hide themselves and know the inner workings of it in order to mine it, The change and the paring down of those departments is cleaning house in more ways than one.

8. a return to an actual Constitutional Republic;  preserving the original Constitution

9. starts the monetary system over

10. ditches career politicians

11. causes a re-evaluation of all legal precedents thereby preserving justice by washing it of the effects of immorality/injustice in the past that was codified as law

Some dangers:

1. there will be some who will seek a constitution ‘of modern values’, etc, that usurp even more than is already the case the original Constitution

2. All states have to cooperate to do this. A break-up of the union by would put foreign influence on these shores in a way not yet seen. Foreign governments will try to induce some states to be independent countries.

3. it will basically be a dream shot of such persons and they will be aided by foreign governments and the media AND in the present paradigm of money defined in the public mind as a measure and proof of free will

4. those in the current federal system will want to keep their jobs and will portray, with the aid of the media they control, along with their foreign friends, such a move as either treason or stupidity. But the Federal system is there to be a cooperative government of the states for the benefit of the states. The states do not exist to be merely arms of the Federal government.

The oath of soldiers is to protect the Constitution, not ‘the Federal System’. The oath to follow the orders of one’s superiors in that system is only in the furtherance of defending the Constitution.

In short, the Union stays intact, the United States of America stays intact, everything moves along as it needs to; new hope is given to every citizen; old lies and corruptions are uncovered and cleaned out; the new legal code will be in effect the law ..not the old. The State laws stay intact ..everything stills runs as it needs to.

..and the fact you can do that in a time of war will be devastating on the enemy.


The mere election of ‘more conservative’ representatives to the present federal system is going to do nothing more than bring in a wave of implied fiscal morality which will be turned to embracing the illegal activity of those presently in it that have illegally piled debt on the American people as if it were of absolute necessity to embrace that debt and make it seem honest and the former work of honest men. It is only an imperative to do so if and only if new debt schemes are already in the works and a precedent of doing such needs to be made public as implied nationalistic/patriotic duty: to be enslaved with debt as, at best, the experiments of immoral men doing their best to ‘help out’ while dragging their feet and being outright hostile to true morality.

This is doable and probably has been mentioned before. Doing so gives hope to all citizens and demonstrates to the young and the embittered in particular that these things ( formation of governments, the definition of money, etc)  are not forces of nature but are things that God does through individuals as new creation in Jesus Christ, for good or ill, in accordance with His will.

Ephesians 2:10  For we are his workmanship, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has before prepared that we should walk in them.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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