Free Will Theolgy and the connection to totalitarianism via the definition of money

The scenario described below is being played out right now. It could only work if the general populace are deceived they have free will. Arminian theology / Roman Catholicism / Mormonism and the like exist to produce the exact kind of person required to fall for the traps described below. If you are one of those people pushing free will as a debt trap in a liberal then conservative cycle, you would necessarily want a religious outlook that includes everyone to ensnare the most. Your version of unity, human love and brotherhood would then be nothing more than a bald statement that you want every kind of human being ensnared in your trap and all thinking alike with no exclusions. You want them all deceived exactly the same way to the same extent and the only way to do that is make them think they are being religious to think the thoughts that keep them in debt.

In addition, someone has you doing the unforgivable sin as default religious behavior ( equating the Word of God with non-creating speech/Satan’s speech ) based on a false purpose of eyesight argument that basically says if you see anything, no spiritual activity is going on. That means when you read the Holy Scriptures they are not holy to you and must be will-neutral to all human beings by the mere fact you saw text at all.

Propaganda like the 60 Minutes piece on seizures plays directly to that deception. A man in one scene says “Even into the 20th century some people thought seizures were evidence of demonic activity” and then later on in another scene a doctor is showing a scan of a seizure in progress. Lights dance in a certain portion of the screen and the reporter leans forward and points to the lights and says “Right here? This is the seizure?” as if the mere fact she is seeing anything ( and you are seeing anything over her shoulder) and what you/she are seeing is being described as electrical activity in the brain, that is supposedly proof no spiritual phenomenon can be going on in front of you. Basically, it is propaganda to instill an automatic reaction that if you see something, by the definition of sight, it wasn’t spiritual. Put that in the arena of reading and no text you ever read is supposed to be doing anything spiritual to you just because you saw it. ..which is the classic arminian/free will/witchcraft take on interpreting the Scriptures: because they can read it and look at text, that by definition to them means it has no spiritual power whatsoever.

God’s take on seizures: Mat 17:15-21  Lord, have mercy on my son, for he is lunatic, and suffers sorely; for often he falls into the fire and often into the water.  And I brought him to thy disciples, and they were not able to heal him. And Jesus answering said, O unbelieving and perverted generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I bear with you? Bring him here to me.  And Jesus rebuked him, and the demon went out from him, and the boy was healed from that hour.   Then the disciples, coming to Jesus apart, said to him , Why were not *we* able to cast him out?  And he says to them, Because of your unbelief; for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed , ye shall say to this mountain, Be transported hence there, and it shall transport itself; and nothing shall be impossible to you.  But this kind does not go out but by prayer and fasting.

The Apostle Paul was said in non-canonical books to have had epilepsy as the “thorn in my flesh because of the greatness of the revelation given to me.”


A people soaked in that kind of lie as a false purpose of eyesight argument just to keep saying they have free will are easy prey for the following scenario:

Definition of Money as a measure of freedom..

summary: the free will connection with totalitarianism: free will is pushed as an inescapable public paradigm in the midst of a manufactured cycle of Big Spending Government and then Fiscally Conservative Government specifically to bring about a public illusion of morally obligated debt whether or not one participated in that spending; that feeling of obligation is directly linked to a perception of free will and money as a measure and controller of that free will as being the sole expression of free will within the political arena per the propaganda. The Conservative portion of the show is implied to be both the foundation of reality and goodness  and the iron bars of moral obligation while the liberal/spendthrift portion is the supposed experience of freedom that you pay for later in a more moral and stable environment; ..planned, temporary destabilization periods followed by reaping the benefits of the sown obligation to induce slavery as the norm and the expected norm as public defacto religion


The current definition of money in the public mind as a product of propaganda that is maintained 24/7 365 by all means possible is one of a measure of human free will as a power grab by those who keep up the pretense of human free will. They are deceived people really have free will, there is no Creating Word of God at all, much less as distinct from non-creating speech and thus everyone is in a fight over limited resources: what already exists. A way to ensure your own enrichment in that atmosphere and within that mindset/spirit is to continually aggravate another person’s attention span that they have freedom that they are not taking advantage of and if they do not use it they will lose it. All current advertising fits easily within that paradigm. You cannot maintain such spending-for-freedom or spending -as-freedom over a long period of time and maintain the flipside of money as a measure of something scare: that anything is scarce. The scarcity is the only thing that makes money valuable on a long term basis in a free will paradigm.

Times of Big Spending are then pushed as a public paradigm and when those deceived into debt on the premise they were exercising a freedom-on-a-timer have sufficiently fallen in the trap, then a more conservative paradigm is pushed wherein morality dictates they remain in debt and do whatever behavior is required to pay it off. The liberal/wild spending spree followed by a more conservative outlook on that same implied freedom is a means of control that enslaves those deceived they have free will even if they are the party who profits monetarily and with, in essence, free labor from the cycle.

The political cycle of Democrat/liberal/spendthrift followed by Republican/conservative is for the most part, a single group of people manufacturing such cycles and seeks to ensnare by government fiat the whole population regardless of whether or not one is a spendthrift or deceived by the lie of free will simply by participation in trade with money at all and being a citizen.

The massive bailouts of huge corporations that mismanaged their assets proves that an implied fiscal genius has nothing to do with who will be rich or poor but only those who pull the strings of a machine founded on the lie of human free will. Business to such persons is merely a front wherein they define what is legitimate like franchises with no regard for morality or Christ while seeking to portray that Business is Christian by definition ..of human free will. It also served as propaganda to instill in the minds of the populace a paradigm of who-has-the-money are the Rich and whoever owes the money are the Poor as a moral paradigm regardless of actual morality. Drug lords and pimps can be legitimately rich in such a mindset and maintain their grip over populations and force children into their respective slavery with impunity.

Everyone knows that the massive portion of the funds loaned by the government went to those already wealthy and for the most part banks. That was no secret because it was never intended to be a secret. It was intended to be known in order to imply a seat of power wherever the money ( and by implication, the free will ) ended up and to make that power known as defacto god that forced all citizens into debt and who are now supposedly morally obligated to pay back those funds under a coming more fiscally conservative but in truth anti-Christian government with idealized higher moral standards founded on an idealized human free will, even though they never received any value for the money they supposedly borrowed or profited in any way whatsoever. Literally, if it lives in the US, per Satan’s paradigm, it owes and specifically owes those who engineered the whole propaganda. Even to be the one who is owed they need the lie of human free will, in order to appear to be independent agents. It doesn’t do an aspiring slave master any good for the target population to know with certainty that they all only owe God in Jesus Christ.

Those same persons have in past times maintained the concept/lie that free will exists and that it can be traded from individual to individual. Such phrases as “pool our sovereignty” ( in quotes gives 11,500 hits on Google and a lot of those quotes are by the Usual Suspects)  and the like imply free will exists and can be given away or taken. Money in such debt schemes is then idealized as part of the propaganda to be the very device that takes free will from one and gives it to another thus being in the eyes of the deceived a measure of their own free will. If they owe money, they supposedly owe free will. That such phrases are spoken in other areas than debt is simply a bid to legitimize them by appealing to a supposed universality of their application; everywhere free will can theoretically exists ‘there they are’ is simply an implied shorthand for ‘everywhere you are, since you have free will, you are in debt’. So-called pooling free will for good purposes as activism and charity are the favored legitimizing topics. Even then they are hypocritical as the causes they champion are anti-Christ. But having supposedly washed them morally by presenting them as the strength behind the will to give and be a charity, their definition of money then acts like a glue going through the target population and taking all the idealized free will from everyone who handles money at all. Even when you know you didn’t receive any bailout money and don’t have free will they must imply you are still a slave to keep their paradigm in place.

The Democrats are there to get you into implied debt; the Republicans are there to make you feel morally obligated and to make you feel that saying you are in debt is the ‘right thing to do’. Right now they are running a ‘values’ campaign while the implied debt piles up. The ‘values’ are never stated outright but generalized to be ‘fiscal responsibility’ without ever mentioning abortion or homosexuality. The ‘values’ turn out to be responsibility for the actions of others in the guise of being the ideal citizen: taxation without representation and monstrous social policies.

The lie of human free will can easily turn into totalitarianism by that very means ..and is doing so, so far. But God can cast out any spirit with a Word.

Luke 9:42  But as he was yet coming, the demon tore him and dragged him all together. And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child and gave him back to his father.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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