The Gulf Oil Spill : Money and/as Permission among free willers and false forgivness

Interesting to watch all the supposed pro-Christ, but anti-Calvinist look at each other and wait for permission to act. While they decide where the theoretical ‘lanes of permission’ are or ought ideally to be, they supposedly have free will the whole time and can do as they please.

It is to be expected in times of crisis that the freemason/Shriner trained zombies of  free willism would want someone else to lead them to a The Solution. They are very used to taking orders and being ‘in the know’ about what is going on ..until the next crisis. That they would use such an event as the Gulf Oil Spill to hype public perception about the supposed need for new lanes of authority than already exist and appear paralyzed without such new lanes of authority is simply standard operating procedure for someone perfectly deceived they have free will; new crisis ( the  circumstance never before encountered) automatically needs a new set of permissions and a new place from whence comes those permissions.

The old lies as free will based governance then come into play as Money is held forth to be the ultimate permission. No one trusts Jesus Christ, they only trust the idea of money in the other guy’s mind. Many people have waited for these exact circumstances to get rich. They have sacrificed in former times to research ways of cleaning water or stopping underwater leaks from the ground and have that technology. But we are to believe that without new lanes of authority and minus more Money From Government, such technologies be used.

At this point it is obvious: whoever can stop the oil from leaking into the Gulf needs to do it. Now.  BP lost/forfeited their hold on their own well when they admitted they couldn’t control it by every legal and philosophical widget of their own free will outlook. “We can’t do it.”

Yet everyone wants BP to take charge or at least be in the process so BP can be the obvious source of the money to clean it up.

BP doesn’t need to be in on the shutting down of the well to pay for the clean up. The murderer NEVER cleans the blood in the street. Someone else hoses the street down.

BP perpetrated the spill –they pay to clean it up. But there is no law or common sense that says they must –must– be the one’s to shut it down.

Fears of methane explosions and the like are simply serving to demonstrate the vast nature of the energy reserves down there. They are not a valid excuse for continued oil flowing into the Gulf.

You would think that people with the technology and the means would be proactive and expect that God would take care of them.

But what you actually get in a society deceived that everyone has free will is everyone standing around waiting on permission ..from somewhere.. and that permission explicitly ‘recognized’ as ‘the green light’ when it has to do with a means of supposedly empowering their free will in future times “if they act now”. They will literally stand there otherwise and do nothing. Years later, their children will ask “why didn’t you do something” and they will reply, as if a common sense truth “we didn’t have permission.”

Right now, even North Korea would look like a hero to send a sub and simply torpedo the well head, methane and all.

There is money and then there is value. Money is a nifty thing in someone else’s mind if you are afraid of the other guy as your standard paradigm of life. Money can be a control mechanism to keep him off you. But there is no money and no living to be had in a dead Gulf reaking of petroleum stench. Waiting for money as permission, especially while simultaneously waiting for new lanes of permission as governmental edict machines to materialize is the ultimate foolishness and is sin.

You will never in your life get paid for the value of your honest work. Most hard, honest work goes without any monetary compensation and without recognition. The money is a side-economy/parallel-economy that has little to do with real life no matter how little you have or how much you have.

Waiting on the supposed free will of another human being to give you money or to force other idealized free willed  entities to give you money is wait is to wait at best for yet another chocolate soldier, who claimed to be superhuman, to melt in the sun of reality.


While everyone stands around, and that standing around supposedly mandated by ‘who and what we are’, a cyber-crowd of free willers has gathered with its own dynamics. Some one says something, someone else gets angry, they then apologize and the whole free will common sense gets into high gear as everyone is busy asking and granting forgiveness to each other for any perceived slight, exactly the way homosexuals and abortionists make a big deal out of ‘forgiving’ those whom God sends to tell them their sins. “I forgive you for hurting my feelings”, etc. It’s all a big show that they all seek to perpetuate.

We haven’t even gotten into environmental groups and/or ‘native americans’ sending supposed spiritual messages to dolphins and pelicans and the like asking for forgiveness from them on public television. Yet.

They have been trapped in past times in innumerable cycles of false forgiveness within the lie of human free will and such cycles appear to be the proof they are good people even as they sin greedily. The false forgiveness cycle is just one more duty supposedly mandated by supposed human free will to be performed before any action can be taken to actually live real life. The crisis hasn’t provoked love among neighbors: it has provoked the slave mind to rattle his chains to the ideology of his invisible enslavement in a way to make himself look good in his own eyes while in other moments he/she brags about free will.

They have been taught to lie to themselves and to others all their lives. It is all they know. The only natural resource they know is an ideology that waits as a monster to pounce on them and others through them yet again as the supposed sole solution to a crisis, no matter what that crisis is or is not. If they get what they want, they will have every person doing such lies internally as they clean up the spill as an extra part of that work, but without which no work could supposedly be done.

Courage to act is then defined as necessary to be had before the act and to be gotten by whatever ideological means necessary. Hopelessness goes hand in hand with it as some pretend to be sent by God to tell other people what to do with their free will and those waiting to be told have been bound by falsely identifying their whole reality with being a servant of other people’s idealized ‘educated’ free will; experience with such proves that that is ineffective, but it is still ideologically desired and thus everyone waits for the Boss to show up even as they know when he or she gets there it won’t make any difference. But they can’t stop that repeated cycle of behavior.

True action begins when you actually understand other people are equally as powerless as you are before God and that you and they need non-metaphorical salvation.


BP and compensation?

BP has promised to pay damages; but has yet to play the re-organization card, or the currency market card or any other of the numerous financial delay tactics that are possible to keep a major investment vehicle of the British economy afloat. The British people have turned from God as well and are now themselves simply worshipers of money and status, false forgiveness, etiquette and witchcraft. They could care less if anyone in the US gets compensation and this while they still try to corner the market in the etiquette business. They have sought so long to tell everyone else what polite living is and to force that mindset on others as its own pagan religion that it literally astounds some that such correct people as the British and those who worship their etiquette could make a blunder of such magnitude.

BP is losing its stake in some Russian gas fields at this same time, being forced to sell on the extreme cheap by Russian legal tactics to gain control while being promised opportunities for the whole thing to happen again in the future by staying in the Russian gas gambling business. So rather than being a strong company that has a lot of assets that has made a major mistake and can recover, it could very well be the case that even the promised monies will never materialize or that the process to get them by those that deserve them will be so long and drawn out as to discourage anyone but lawyers, who will end up getting the lion share of the cash.

BP has more problems than just the Gulf Oil Spill. Depending on BP –for anything– is foolish in the extreme. Waiting for them to ‘do something’ is outright folly.

..and they are even now meeting with others in the oil industry to analyze what happened ..and no doubt to work out insurance schemes for such events, the cost of which will be passed on to consumers.

..and that doesn’t even begin to address the lies that will directed at BP by people who want to make an industry of demonizing BP to extort money from them now that they have done something genuinely wrong; which will only slow down  compensating people who really deserve it beyond the tactics BP will use itself. If you thought the asbestos hoax was a lifelong enrichment for lawyers, you haven’t seen anything yet.

..and all this is happening after other free willers ( muslims) in Nigeria have slaughtered  Christians so non-Christian common sense can ‘save the day’ in Nigeria..too, while Al-Jazeera is portraying the murders as a kind of justified revenge.


That deception of free will is a great thing, eh? One you should tell yourself for ’emotional harmony’ even though you know it is a lie? What else have ‘you’ been ‘telling yourself’?

Living in Christ is living a new Word that has nothing to do with the common sense of non-creating speech. At the least you can understand that if you were to have to learn a new tongue of men and speak it on the fly, you would have small salvations in the midst of the demand and pressure to speak the new language because of the reality that it doesn’t take much speech to say the truth, which leaves a lot of time for doing the truth. In the new language, all the free willers in it would say you were a poet, a master of the elegant silence and very wise. The lack of free will in that new language would make you look smart to all the free willers because you don’t know their ideology either.

God in His Word Jesus Christ and His Spirit and the Father is the only genius.

Ephesians 3:20-21  But to him that is able to do far exceedingly above all which we ask or think, according to the power which works in us,  to him be glory in the assembly in Christ Jesus unto all generations of the age of ages. Amen)

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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