The human rights and ‘freedom’ ploy fails the Palestinians/Philistines. Again.

Israel wins again. The PR stunt went badly for the Islamicists.

..and the attempted spin by the Islamics about ‘humanitarian aid’ and the like only heighten the reality, even in their supporters minds, that without a constant stream of imported goods, that section of geography can never realistically be a nation:

1. it has no natural resources to speak of

2. it has nothing on which to build an infrastructure: no manufacturing of any consequence, no jobs other than a few farming jobs and ‘humanitarian aid’ related industry and education ( and that includes an educational system meant expressly to indoctrinate the youth that the life they lead is the only possible life and the highest good for its own sake)

3. everyone is its enemy: even its international supporters do so at the expense of those who actually live there by keeping them there in false hopes and by using a system of usury falsely called ‘humanitarian aid’ that flows through the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to swing currency markets. Any money ‘given away’ to the victims is only given to enhance the reputation of particular currencies as supposedly ‘more moral’ than those not given away and the victim only uses the money to buy goods shipped in like a company store: they are told what to want ..and they do ..and money is given to them to buy it, while their lives are used up in service to a lie they do not even understand but are too embarrassed and too stunned by the ideology to resist.

4. its leadership isn’t actually interested in living there but in merely representing it as an underdog to as many people as they can deceive to send the exact help that is strictly in line with ideology that enslaves the people

5. minus a 24/7 influx of ‘aid’ , not even the humanitarian industry founded on Gaza could survive

It’s one thing to really want to help someone who can’t help themselves. It’s quite another to actively participate in a deception that mis-represents a certain group of people as mistreated when in fact they are the belligerents who are made belligerent by a lie called a religion ..and money/bribes.

The Arabs who call themselves non-metaphorical Philistines have been duped since the day they were born that they have a supremacy over other Arabs in the lie that “he who pretends to suffer the most, just for suffering sake, is the better man”. Southerns in the US have a reputation for exaggerated speech that is used as humor. The Philistines are the same, only they are serious.

The aid crisis? The food, school supplies, medicine and little toys for the kids that ‘must get through’ or else “people will starve” or at the least not-smile?

Doesn’t really explain the parties and the night life in Ramallah. Doesn’t explain plans for a Media City Theme Park. Doesn’t explain at all how international jetsetters can party in Ramallah and that nothing has changed there since 2008. What are they eating? What are they drinking? Where are they getting their meds, whores, birth control, ( other than from Oxfam ) abortions and illegal narcotics? And what are we to think of a place that calls itself a Muslim something and needs a kind of Las Vegas Zone to make money? What are its leaders thinking? Isn’t there supposed to be a fatwa or something that says only Muslims can own land Islamic martyrs have dies on? Or is that like American Indian reservations, where , okay the Indian chief and the ‘council’ own the land for the tribe, but the mafia ( another ethinc group and another religion )  actually runs the casino?

Remember Yasar Arafat? Bisexual. Party guy. Figurehead. Not really a guy who noticed religious dictates.

Yet the whole time all we see on tv from the press as the theme of the month, every month, for decades now, is “devout moral, hard working people are being economically and socially raped by anyone who doesn’t do their ideology!” American and British liberals are particular suckers for that one.

In fact, Gaza is nothing more than a kind of Disneyland for anyone who needs to bump up their resume of how humanitarian they are while doing next to nothing and living in style. There may be a few die hard fans of tents and drinking dirty water when they can find it, ambulance chasers who want to do CPR for a “wounded freedom fighter” or his baby, and mime agony and the like for the camera. Only God knows the number of times a humanitarian in Gaza has said the phrase “Did you get that?” ( on camera )  after they did what they were told was the necessary arch typical humanitarian activity and hopefully ‘under fire’. No one can start shooting until the cameras arrive.

In short, Israel isn’t ‘choking off’ economic gains in Gaza, –even by the Philistine’s  own esitmates.

Findings indicate an increase in GDP in the Palestinian Territory during 2009 by 6.8% compared with 2008, according to preliminary data at constant prices. There was an increase in the value added of construction by 21.8% in 2009 compared with 2008. Administrative records showed an increase in the number of building licenses issued in
the West Bank by 19.0%; in addition, quantities of imported cement increased by 24.0%. This improvement was accompanied by a decrease in the prices of construction materials
during the year 2009 by 3.6% compared with 2008, and increasing the percentage of workers in construction activity by 7.3% in 2009 compared with 2008.
The industrial activity improved during 2009 by 5.2% compared with 2008, and the quantity of industrial production increased during 2009 by 10.8% compared with 2008, although the percentage of workers in industrial activity did not change during 2009 compared with 2008.
Services activity which formed 23.9% of GDP increased during 2009 by 11.8% compared with 2008, and the percentage of workers in the services activity increased by
3.1% during 2009 compared with 2008.

The government revenues increased during 2009, by 0.2% compared with 2008, according to the Ministry of Finance. The revenues earnings during 2009 was US$1.7 billion. This coincided with the increased level of income for public expenditures, since public expenditure increased by 9.7% compared with 2008.


Baseline scenario results expect that an improvement will occur in the economic conditions in 2010 compared with 2009. Real GDP is expected to increase by 4.2%, Realgross national income (GNI) is expected to increase by 3.9% due to increased in GDP inaddition to stable of net factor income, while Real gross national disposable income(GNDI) is expected to increase by 5.1% due to increase of GNI mainly. On the otherhand this growth is reflected in the indicators of macroeconomic with the assumption thatpopulation growth in Palestinian Territory by 2.8% in 2010 is expected to increase GDPper capita, GNI per capita and GNDI per capita, all are expected to increase by 1.3%,1.1% and 2.2% respectively. Private consumption, private investment, exports andimports are expected to increase by 1.5%, 4.3%, 3.4% and 2.3%, respectively.

What are we to think of the PR by Al-jazeera and others about the evil effects of all things Israeli when the Philistines themselves say they are prospering? That they are lying.

In the midst of a blockade, they have expanded and are expanding according to their own outlook. They didn’t need the ship at all other than for propaganda purposes.

For the sake of giving them the benefit of the doubt, let’s say  they ‘exaggerated’ their economic gains to attract foreign investment –in a Las Vegas type economy– and make some arcane accounting tricks add up for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Money coming in for the Philistines is money coming in, whether from whores in Ramallah, charities in Sucker Nations, guns from Russian and China, a tax on medical equipment in the guise of a bribe, fancy restaurants or local grocers. Even then, they are lying to cover up the reality they cannot exist without imported everything and could not be a sovereign nation on that basis; they would always be hostage to a manipulation of the currencies by a bigger nation or group of nations, always be under somebody’s thumb, if even a ‘friendly’ Arab neighbor.

They lie all the time ..and mime suffering for the camera with the aid of al-Jazeera.

How did Al-Jazeera have a news crew on board the blockade running, unnecessary ‘humanitarian’ ship? Were they there to continue the myth of the suffering Philistine/Palestinian ‘finally’ getting the ‘medical supplies and food’ ..and just happened to be luckily victimized by something Israeli? Is that a career maker for an Arab or what?

So: Israel was right; the ship was a publicity stunt. That didn’t work.


To any Muslims reading this: people all over the world in many languages who are in unstable physical condition will pull their catheter out or take a dump in their pants in protest when told they are sinners on their way to the lake of fire minus the grace of Jesus Christ. Real Christians are used to that reaction and all manner of subterfuge from pagans on that front. That reaction elicits no sympathy from God: the reality is be born again or burn in the lake of fire. There is no alternate ‘situational means’. Miming a pained expression or thinking that the West goes into a stupor when they see anything on tv or the internet is old hat. But it does deceive those hate Jesus Christ and who like being deceived.

Party on dude.

But know God has caused your hatred of Jesus Christ and your entire life. He’s not going to pay you one penny for all the false suffering you can mime. You can collect from Satan as you always have. But those wages are death.

There are some in the West who will learn Arabic to repeat back to you what you are saying and lock you in to torrent of your own lies no matter where you turn.

But not real Christians. God through us will speak an Arabic you will have to say is not Arabic.

Matthew 13:12  for whoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall be caused to be in abundance; but he who has not, even what he has shall be taken away from him.

Romans 6:23  For the wages of sin is death; but the act of favour of God, eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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