Oil and water and space exploration

Suddenly, there was a blow-out a mile below the surface of the water.

No one can prove it wasn’t sabotage. And that’s the problem.

It is not simply a case of the possibility of the possible sabotage having come from environmental groups bent on discrediting drilling in the Gulf or that environmental groups are for the greater part the best friend oil companies ever had. The environmental groups keep the price of oil up by getting in the way of every domestic production method they can. They attack every means of energy as a standard tactic ..which keeps the price of energy artificially high. The energy sector laughs all the way to the bank while the public simply eats up the “no one would make themselves look bad as a business” ploy.

The problem is that an act of war cannot be ruled out.The word ‘terrorism’ has been worn out. It was meant to replace the Cold War and not say ‘WAR’. Since the Cold War is supposed to be officially ‘over’, anything that happens now by definition must be something other than an outright act of war or treason. 9/11 supposedly wasn’t an act of War; it was an act of ‘terror’ according to hype tricks in the media to this day, to describe attacks by non-nation-state aggressors.

War tactics have changed now that most industrialized countries have stable energy supplies. It is not a question, as in WWII,  of stopping the enemy from getting to oil. Everyone for the greater part has redundant supplies of oil even if they are importing oil.

The problem is protecting the supplies you have.

The longer the oil slick goes on in the Gulf, the more it becomes a war game scenario, no matter what happened to set it off. The economic effect on the coastal plain is calculated, the long term damage is done.

The question then becomes: can you protect oil rigs? Either you can or you can’t. Such events as are happening now become strategic contingencies planned by the enemy.

Those rigs and pumps, even a mile deep have to be hardened against attack. That is not impossible. If you can put a man on the moon and probes on mars, you can harden the site. It’s bit late to be saying “let’s not talk about it.”


update, May 16, 2010: per the 60 Minutes report, it was an inside job of compounded incompetence, greed and arrogance. BP and friends.

In the end, BP makes money no matter what ..in the current legal environment of a mere accident, no matter how outrageous. The spill legally imaged as an corporate accident or even corporate sabotage ( which is more likely, subtly accomplished ) is a far cry from act of war. A few corporate heads roll, a few ‘rule changes’ come into effect and ..the price of oil at the least remains where it is if not on its way up. Less production means higher prices, no matter the fines and the cost of clean-up.

You cannot simply keep saying , “Whatever makes the most money is the Motivating Factor in a free will world. BP would never undercut its own operations in an effort to keep prices up. They would lose money in the end.” Even if they lose money, the agenda to keep uppermost in your mind that you have free will and to see the world through free will eyes remains and is enhanced. The issue is the appearance of control of a perceived free will.

Nor can you avoid seeing that now, the effect of the oil spill has been seen and you can’t simply go back to a undefended tube with a well head on the ocean floor. Now the war planners of foreign nations are already calculating what the effect of multiple such spills would have on the US and non-nation state players have as well, in addition to so-called allies waging economic warfare in subtle ways.

It is not even plausible that “an operator knocked over the joystick for a while”, thereby ruining the Big Rubber Seal, and thus, by adding arrogance, greed and speed the explosion and the Spill emerged. The Spill is too much a PR tool for high oil prices, environmentalism and other parties, that have a history of collusion beyond the sales pitch of each for reasons other than ‘personal satisfaction’.

BP as a company may be some low down people. But in the end, they are the dupes even if they laugh all the way to the Bank.

The whole imaged as multiple versions of “non-free will action plus free will actions equals accident to be dealt with in free will ways” to keep the current universal investigation paradigm of ‘whose free will profited here, even if they were dumb?’ as the sole paradigm to understand anything is more witchcraft. Criminals are the worst case scenario to study of ‘what motivated them’ even in the lie of free will. People who have denied Christ and worshiped Satan’s merchandise all their lives have no connection to reality. To pretend they do ..and to use it as a foundation for investigation into reality and justice and adjust justice on that sliding scale is to be equally deceived and perpetuate injustice against yourself.

And that doesn’t even bring into play the board of BP and all their connections.

What is happening in your mind right now ..that you may be thinking you have free will and need to look at ‘what other people’s free will did or might do’ is more important than anything else. That’s the witchcraft. The spill is the just the outward manifestation in nature.

Instead of looking at the Spill, the jobs lost, the money spent, the criminals possibly getting away with something ..look at Christ. He’ll tell you all you need to know.

The 60 Minute piece ended up as a piece of media that 1. gave a supposed plausible explanation of What Happened, complete with video effects, diagrams, and testimony designed to move the heart of those in the current pop emotional paradigm based on free will and 2. seeded the expectation of that same event on a larger scale being the natural expectation of “free will as greed, speed and arrogance” ..that is already in the works ..and will not be seen by those that expect it as an act of War. You’ve been prepped to accept a non-War explanation in the future for all such spills. By itself, that one piece of media played to the lie of free will, mixing free will with determinism while decrying the wisdom of having oil platforms.

It keeps prices up, the status quo of the lowest common denominator of that technology, you in the lie of free will and with no expectation of any change whatsoever either as ideology, security or amount of available energy ..and thus a target of those who charge you with fault on the basis of free will. All that was done in a supposed vacuum devoid of religion and ideology and certainly not in Christ ..which you have come to expect as the norm in authoritative journalism. The journalism was its own attack that you have been trained to see as authoritative for the express reason that it is ‘non-religious’.

Next will come a guilt paradigm by the Climate Change people for your desire to have lower energy costs, simply because you need it  ..and that paradigm will only work against you if you are deceived you have free will as your default human condition with which you must compete against other human beings in that same default condition.

Mixing ‘free’ will and determinism makes a caste system.

——end update.—-

That can be coupled to habitats in conjunction with the space program for colonizing space. One program gets benefits from the success of the other. You’re going to have to do it somewhere Deep anyway for research to get to hostile environments in space.

Oil executives, defense experts, construction experts, and space explorers in the same room, yelling it out to get the job done. Nice.

It’s not as if The Bank, space, the ocean floor or the enemy has free will.

But maybe you think they really do have free will ..because you think you do? That would be a problem no amount of energy, money, security or research could fix.

John 8:31,32  Jesus therefore said to the Jews who believed him, If ye abide in my word, ye are truly my disciples;   and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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