The Limits of Control

Psychologists, evolutionists, ‘scientists’ and merchants are shooting lies at you.

some examples:
Something in the writer of this post just used the lie of evolution to supposedly instill humility to a passer-by on the internet. The passer-by is supposed to be humbled by the supposed success at Neanderthals versus ‘humans’. False science disguised as pro-active morality and medicine for the emotions. Better than prozac in the water supply?

The liars are versed in the lies of evolution in addition to  psychological tricks to supposedly ensnare a passer-by in some strange form of guilt that only their profession claims to be able to solve. They are making up problems in your head for them to solve; you supposedly need to pay them in money and/or obedience.

From the article:

“But, of course, evolution is a process. It does not have a goal. Evolution just is the process of continually adapting life to its surroundings. And it does this by natural selection: Those who are well adapted — that means, very much “in sync” with environmental processes — live. And those who are maladapted — that means, “out of sync” with their environmental processes — die.”

So basically just keep paying and they’ll steer you to ..wherever. Only you’ll never arrive and there will be no road map to even know where you are going or how far you’ve come. It’s a process.

A question: how does ‘evolution’ account for the diversity of human languages in similar environments if the whole thing that supposedly makes evolution true  is the diversity/change as a reaction to environment? Why are there many versions of the same speech in man in similar climatic and geographical regions of the world? Why, in all of them, is there satanic lies and for the most, the lie of evolution and the gospel of Jesus Christ as opposing camps? How does an evolutionist account for all that? How does the gospel of Jesus Christ and pop up in a cold climate AND a warm climate with exactly the same qualities, yet repeated in different versions of human speech as if it were human speech? How do they account for the fact the lie of human evolution can be in a swamp and have the exact same characteristics of the lie of human evolution in a Manhattan apartment? For decades. Hundreds of years.

“Redundant means of communication is a necessary survival instinct?”

But that would undermine the ‘reaction to environment’ theme evolutionists are trying to instill as a means of control to persons distinctly deceived they have the free will to react to what they hear. If no one is worried about ‘fitting in’ to some social construct evolutionists are constructing as a guilt paradigm ( using the lie of ‘neanderthal’ to instill guilt/lack of humility as a control mechanism), –and the people hearing don’t have the free will to do it anyway ..what’s the point of what psychologists or evolutionists are doing?

The environment is not forcing a new language and moral paradigm unique to the local qualities of the physical environment ( because the environment doesn’t have free will either, despite the superstitions of some Indian tribes ) , but that language shifts and moves over time into different environments ( English speakers move from Canada to Hawaii for instance, or Russian speakers move from Siberia to Tehran ) without losing its distinct character, even if the newcomer has to learn the local speech. They don’t lose the old speech ( because they don’t have the free will to do that with..) AND they gain a new version of the same speech AND in all that are unable to escape the plain truth of Jesus Christ.

How do you account for any of those things in an evolutionary framework or a psychological framework at all, much less of ‘free will’?

You don’t.

Neither do you account for the change in human language over time, yet not a change in the gospel of Jesus Christ ..even if the gospel of Jesus Christ skips a generation and all the changes in speech encountered during that generation. Truth remains truth and lies remain lies and even decoding ancient text demonstrates that the same moral paradigm existed ‘back then’ as now. It has gone through ‘ice ages’, floods, storms, earthquakes and asteroid hits. Yet we are still here and it is still here.

As for ‘Neanderthal’ : 99.97% match with human DNA

The biblical explanation of why there ought to be a diversity if mankind mixed with other creatures is:

Genesis 6:4  In those days were the giants on the earth, and also afterwards, when the sons of God had come in to the daughters of men, and they had borne children to them; these were the heroes, who of old were men of renown.

Rather than see the evidence for what they are claiming is proof of ‘billions of years old earth’ and a diversity of human like creatures on it long before men, is already in the Bible and well explained as not being ‘billions of years old’, they seek as a default foundation to lie from any alternative they can make up as they go. Their lies are exposed as lies ..and they can’t stop speaking them. They say more lies along with the lie that they have free will.

Rather than face the fact of having lied and that all their lies have been plainly seen, they then seek to use those lies as if they were truth to provoke an alternative morality with them at the top as the priests ..making it up as they go to simply gain control if they may.

In the lie of evolution: You are supposed to feel guilty ..for being proud ..of having evolved; of being the latest and the best ‘evolution’ has to offer. There is a simultaneous appeal to determinism ( a ‘thing’ is going on you have no control over and this thing is called ‘evolution’) , and ‘free’ will ( yet you are to react to evolution a very specific way ‘with your free will’ in order to prove you are a good person and thus cause the priests of that Order to like you and give you permission to do ..whatever a mix of determinism and free will can ‘do’.)

But: Mixing free will and determinism makes a caste system.

False science is in every way witchcraft designed to control you and to control you specifically in the guise of ‘free’ will. The liars need the concept of evolution for control quite beyond the identical hatred in cold climates and warm climates and different versions of non-creating speech over hundreds of years they have for Jesus Christ and their desire for an alternative word/speech than God.


The very same concept of alternative moral control can be found in ‘global warming’ which has now morphed into the much more ambiguous ‘Climate Change’ ‘science’ after ‘global warming’ was exposed as a lie. ‘Evolution’ disguised as a ‘science’ can get paid do itself investigate what it says exists; as can efforts to ‘combat’ ‘Climate change’. You are supposed to feel guilty ( with your free will ) for a process you don’t control ( climate change) if you did control it. You are supposed to get involved in a very complex moral math that has as its components what supposedly you do and do not control and therefore what you feel proud about within its own logic and then, in random instances ‘are humbled’ order to be made servile.

Now Big Corporations are buying up vast tracks of other countries forests ( even GM, who couldn’t afford to stay in business without a tax payer funded bailout) on the premise of ‘carbon credits’. Those countries would never have otherwise sold their lands. Treaties are being signed under the premise of ‘preventing climate change’ and ‘protecting the environment’.

The Climate Change scam is the scam of all time. It’s even producing its own monetary markets that deal in ‘Carbon Credits’ along the same routes such things always go: it comes at first in the guise of ‘free money’: a US farmer is paid for the ‘carbon credits’ on his land exactly like a fruit or vegetable. The money is real, so the ‘thing’ must be real. Right?

Wrong. It’s a scam to control Whatever New Technology replaces oil without having to know what that technology will be: instill a new morality that is a Meta over all technology and no matter what comes you can milk it and control the populace.

What is controlled as that ‘new commodity’ must be scarce by the definition of worldy monetary value: if something is scarce it is ‘more valuable’. If  everybody has ‘carbon credits’ merely because they exist, ‘carbon credits’ are worthless and can’t be controlled in the mind of the average person as a means of control. So ‘carbon credits’ need to be scarce in order to be a legitimate commodity in the minds of the public.

How do you make a non-existent thing ‘scarce’? First, you call it an abstract. That way, when someone says “that doesn’t exist”, you say “I never said it did. It’s an abstract.” You say something real is ‘its opposite’ so you immediately have an implied, built-in measure of the non-existent thing: there ought to be exactly the amount of non-existent ‘thing’ as the thing that actually exists ..only because they are being called opposites.

Cap the true thing or its opposite: say either one can only go so high or be so much quantity and you’ve automatically created a moral paradigm in the mind of those deceived they have free will and who have non-creating speech as their default common sense when you hook that to ‘the environment’. You’ve got  ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ terminals on batteries; you’ve got ‘good’ and ‘evil’ as free willer opposites in Satan’s morality, so you must have ‘carbon emissions’ and ‘carbon credits’ as opposites as using the deceptions that already exist in the mind of the public to bring in another. If you cap the carbon emissions you raise the price of its ‘opposite’, the ‘carbon credits’ the ‘green markets’. You are selling nothing, getting real money for it that is being raised by taxing people who think its real and who, if you get your way, will live whole lifetimes in intricate guilt ..for nothing. The capping of emissions is not at all about ‘helping the environment’, its about making a non-entity called a ‘carbon credit’  an actual monetary instrument that can be bought and sold.

The pro and con debates over damaging the environment and ‘what the policy ought to be’ are pure theater. Notice the bi-partisan support for ‘climate change’ as if it were real..

Pure, non-metaphorical Satanism.

And the money to pay for that ‘thing’ is tax payer money. An invisible ‘thing’ is made up to ‘generate income’ ‘for farmers and landowners’ who are simultaneously being taxed out of it to pay for that same ‘thing’ somewhere else ( like other countries ). The photo op is with the ‘hurting farmer’ and the state-sized tracks of land and hidden taxes and fees are never seen until much later in the process and only then under a mountain of false names and concepts.

The upshot is that tax payer monies are buying up items ( like forests/lands)  individual families in the guise of being Corporations keep while the average tax payer gets soaked for the hype. The average person in that tax payer religion pays dutifully both for the media campaign to instill the guilt and the purchases made to stop the generation of guilt in the adherent: a  standard free willer vain-to-be-hopeless ploy. The free willer is vain/proud to be ‘personally powerful’ in supposedly having free will, but immediately finds he/she has used that free will in all the wrongs ways and in the end, can’t keep up with all the ‘evolving’ ‘right ways’ and must remain subservient becuase of inward guilt instilled by the deception that the ‘scientist’ is all-knowing.

No end of such false guilts are being used ..and taxed methods of control cold climates as well as warm, sunny environments. Even underwater and in all versions of non-creating speech.They are not evolving at all; the environment is having no effect on them whatsoever. A soul gripped by such guilts can shiver as well as sweat; kneel as well as walk or run ..and with no fear whatsoever that the environment will change the guilt or get rid of it.

The combination of false science with false morality is the whole scam. It is plain witchcraft. Those ensnared in it must continue in it to get rid of the guilt they actually think they have before God because of a violation of commands other than God’s commands. It is but a small step until the witches start to say “God is going to get you if you don’t go solar!” in exactly the same way they have already said “God is going to get you if you don’t like homosexuals!”

If you are deceived you have free will, you will always fall for some form of that control and be set against others falsely on that basis. The fatal flaw in all of Satan’s plans is that there is no free will for creatures and that the Word of God actually exists as distinct from human speech/demonic speech /non-creating speech/anti-Christ.


Satan does not have free will. Satan does not control the definition of money.

You do not have the free will to be deceived by him or to fear anything he says.

John 8:31-36  Jesus therefore said to the Jews who believed him, If ye abide in my word, ye are truly my disciples;  and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.  They answered him, We are Abraham’s seed, and have never been under bondage to any one; how sayest thou, Ye shall become free?  Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say to you, Every one that practises sin is the bondman of sin.   Now the bondman abides not in the house for ever: the son abides for ever.   If therefore the Son shall set you free, ye shall be really free.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  1. thefountainblog
    May 14, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Hey, thank you for the pingback!

    And I agree with your position on free will. It’s ridiculous to believe that everything in the universe is controlled by its laws, except the human brain… I can see how you can see this as an egocentric, arrogant and even naiive idea that we still have in our society today.

    Keep up the good work.

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