Catholicism and abuse. Again..

..started with doctrine and moved to sexual sins. The whole history of the Roman Catholic Church is one of abuse and evil ..that is a result of its doctrines. Here, a Roman zealot seeks to say that Calvinism is Nestorianism and other ..ism’s that some Romainst council condemned at such and such a time. He goes into great detail with his lies and yet they are still lies. They so confabulated as to bewilder any honest soul before God.

“In the never-ending debates with Calvinists (and Lutherans), the questions of the proper views of the Trinity, Incarnation and salvation continually arise.  What becomes evident to those weathered in these disputes is he differing theologies that arise from these camps when compared with the Catholic view. As we will see, our Catechism in masterly fashion, explains the Scriptural, patristic and conciliar theology of the first seven centuries in an erudite, pristine fashion.  And, to be sure, most Calvinists and Lutherans are not willfully desiring to be Nestorian or Pelagian, but as I’ve come to see, there’s often a lot of misunderstanding.  In other words, they are these errors without knowing it.

That is an amzaing post, given that Romanists constantly deny the distinction between the Logos/Christ/Creating Speech and human speech / Satanic speech ( which is the unforgivable sin)  in order to say men have free will. They have their adherents doing the unforgivable sin as default religious activity ..and then they say Calvinists, who live by the Word of God and in every way and clearly make a distinction between God as Word and non-creating speech as doctrine ..are in error.

Rather than refute point by point, which is what a liar always wants, ( to take the time of the true servant of God in worthless debates, ) God Says “by their fruits you will surely know them.”

If you take the trouble to read the whole document, all you have to see is that anyone who believes what he is saying is in fact an abuser of children and a protector of the same against the flock of God and all souls that they may attack. In years past and no doubt even in recent years, affairs between priests and ‘consenting women’ have been covered up in addition to the child abuse and pedophilia a result of the very doctrines he is defending, not even counting what those doctrines do to the person in the pew. Those who are doing those doctrines most zealously ( the priests) are the most abusive.

By all means, let the Catholic apologists paint their doctrines as ‘right and good’ in parallel to the abuse that keeps coming out all over the world –in every place the Roman Doctrines can be found– and at the same time let them point to even one case of Calvinist pedophilia or Calvinist abuse of women. Because they cannot, they go grasping at straw man arguments hoping that the uninformed will be ‘warned’ of Calvinism and run into the arms of the pedophiles who ‘warned them’ of the dangers of Calvinism. Indeed, the whole constant, egregious evil and fiasco of government and public morals can be laid solely at the feet of so-called pro-Christ worshipers of human free will and rabid anti-Calvinists.

I suppose the author to be diligently warning all he may that there isn’t any pedophilia in Calvinism, no banking frauds, no secret societies,  no Calvinist organized crime, ..and because there genuinely isn’t, the lack of such things makes Calvinists, according to Catholic doctrine, lying dogs.

Standard fare for a Romanist: calling evil good and good evil.

..and that’s just one blog entry in English. No doubt somewhere a Romanist right now is saying the same thing in Swahili… and writing home about being a missionary, hoping to get his own segment on ‘Vatican spies’.

Você pode falar o francês?

Можете ли вы говорить русский?

أنت قادرا على التحدث بالاسبانية

2 Corinthians 13:8  For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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