You knew this was coming..

“The whole message of the gospel is love! It doesn’t matter what we believe as long as we’re loving! I sure hope we can all get along in the message of the gospel.

As the Arminians are exposed on every level of society for their fruits, which are nothing more or less than the fruits of their doctrines/spirits, they divide up into “arminian, four-point Calvinist, five-point-Calvinist-but-not-hyper-Calvinist, and neither-arminian-or-Calvinist” camps. The Neither-A-Calvinist-or-Arminian type then plays peacemaker between the others as if actual peace had been made between God and Satan and God is supposedly rejoicing over the peace.

That the Roman Catholic Church is coming apart at the seams and is the staunchest purveyor of the lie of human free will as ‘Christianity’ and its victims are plainly seeing it is the core doctrines of the Church that are driving the behavior of the priests ( not hypocrisy with regard to those doctrines) completely by-passes those who seek to ‘reconcile’ Calvinism and Arminians/free willers. They also miss the reality that God is showing lies to be lies by their fruits and that those who rush in with the same lies as the RCC minus ‘Mary’ and the ‘Saints’ are already the theological equivalent of the plague.

But you knew they had to try. It’s not as if they could stop. If you think you’ve got free will, you can’t stop thinking that minus the grace of God. No matter how disastrous you’re doctrinal experimentation is for you and others, all you can do is try again and not even know why you can’t stop.

In the movie, Breach, the traitor Robert Hanssen is being lead away in handcuffs and he says to his supposed convert to Catholicism, “pray for me.” Instead of seeing what the RCC’s doctrines had done to him, he wants someone else to pray for him from within those doctrines. No matter what.. he never saw the truth. He is exactly the type of person who is always hoping for ‘peace’ with lies and/or the type of person who equates a genuinely godly life in Christ with a Hanssen..

God Said that too.

Proverbs 4:19  The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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