The Roman Catholics knew..

..that the priests were molesting children. The one who is now ‘Pope’/’Papa’  had a direct hand in keeping sexual offenders in office and around children.

He was also the head of defending their ‘church’ doctrines before he was ‘Pope’/’Papa’. He was and remains a hard-core free willer and anti-Calvinist.

Roman Catholics really need to see the import of this news: the sexual scandals that constantly plague the RC’s are not a result of certain priests being hypocritical about the doctrines they all worship. It was the result of those priests being more zealous in those very doctrines and living them to the most honest and maximum extreme and being protected by those who protect the doctrine.

Yet to this hour Romanists will seek to say repeatedly: ‘that’s not who we are!” It may not be..yet. But that is who they have in mind you become.

After repeatedly being warned about it, and after repeatedly mocking Calvinists, now comes the tears and the shame of which God through Calvinists repeatedly warned them. Their response? Get mad –at Calvinists.

Seeing that Calvinism, per se, is on the rise, First Things , a Catholic propaganda magazine and blog, among others has sought to hash out a Leadership of the ‘movement’ in order to obtain the usual perks doing such a thing provides:

1. the leaders can be put under an ideological microscope of free willer vanity to make them happy or sad by giving or withholding flattery or abuse

2. the rest of the ‘movement’ can seem to be isolated from the Leaders such that charges of jealousy, in-fighting, and other’s  desire of having the same labels applied to them for whatever reason can be used to portray a hypocrisy of the core principles of the ‘movement’ by its loudest voices. ( read the comments as First Things ..already there is a charge of ‘jealousy’ not being on the list..)

3. a false image of Calvinism is then developed, ( in a hard-core RC’s eyes, Roman Catholicism minus the Real Presence, Purgatory, Mary and the Saints ) assigned to the Leaders as a Brand, those that do not hold to that lie of what Calvinism is assigned by the free willers are then called hypocrites to New Calvinism and thus the foundations are laid to isolate the ‘leadership’ from the new creature in Jesus Christ in the pew , or not in the pew, in order to portray a public image of unreliable doctrine to save or effect change because of the supposed disorder it brings. ( because in a free willers eye, a Collective of Human Will is necessary for political change and something must do the collecting and Using It and they call that something Doctrine and Themselves ) All that is portrayed to other more ignorant free willers as warning them in a free willer common sense way to look out for Calvinism.

It would work ..if there was such a thing as free will. False Calvinist could come in, pretend to be the most enthusiastic Reformed persons you ever saw or heard, out-shout ..somebody, and then lead the ignorant to hell by stumbling at key points.

Those that try such things always forget that has already been going on for thousands of years with no success and that they are merely the new kid to be used by Satan in the same vanity. The successes of Satan have been against those deceived they have free will and that a new take on self-willed religion or hard determinism minus new creation in Jesus Christ is going to change their private lives for the better.

But now it is slowly dawning on the pleasure seekers and hard-core free willers what the lie of free will has done to them and through them to others. They are being uncovered and distanced from their very carefully crafted public image of the moral, pious searcher who out-worships ‘god’ when compared to a Calvinist in a jiffy.

In ‘Lord of the Rings”, Worm-tongue banishes the prince from Rohan and drives him away by force, then portrays the princes absence to the prince’s sister as “Now that your brother has deserted you..”  In today’s press, the Roman Catholics, desperate to focus attention away from the results of their own doctrines seek to force together a “New Calvinism” brand of Leadership only to poke fun at it as Calvinists supposedly following Cults of Personalities, and simultaneously those not following the false Brand as being hypocritical to ‘New Calvinism’. It’s a type of manipulation that may actually work on fake Christians.

..if they had free will ..or if that’s what God wants.

But the more the free willers try it, the more evidence keeps coming of their private shame and public failures and war on the family they have had to endure in addition to pushing it on others simply to keep the Religious Brand of Catholicism and Free Will alive.

Psalm 49:13  This their way is their folly, yet they that come after them delight in their sayings. Selah.

Having been through it myself, it is an interesting phenomenon to watch in others and even by used of God to create:

I was raised in  a Southern Presbyterian, then PCA household. My dad is a PCA minister, now retired, if such a thing as retirement for pastors ever really happens. I was shocked by the truth of what those around me always affirmed, and what I myself was forced to memorize and repeat .. when I was born again in Jesus Christ. I see it happen to others. It will happen to all of the elect in one form or another.

The present Catholics who will be born again after they escape Catholicism will be just as shocked as I was, only at the falseness and plain lies of what they had memorized, done by reflex and sang heartily. Until that day, they will seek out a little Calvinist, one not yet born again but merely repeating Reformed Stuff as his or her home tradition so they can accuse him or her of merely repeating home tradition and following a Big Human Name. Like they do.

Both of them together will do a politics-as-usual, that will fail as usual, because those in Christ do not do free willer political styles. Politics as Usual, but supposedly used for the New Thing comes from false doctrine and deceived souls.


Real, literal, non-metaphorical new creatures in Jesus Christ are lead by the Spirit of God, not human personalities.

Romans 8:14-16  for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, *these* are sons of God.  For ye have not received a spirit of bondage again for fear, but ye have received a spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.  The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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