Easter round-up, ..and the Democrats denigrating of black people

In reverse order!

God Says to worship and to fear Him alone.

Yet the Democrats are seeking to use white people as the standard against which all black people ought to measure any benefit, positive, or negative.

Supposedly, ‘people’ in general, shouted racial ‘things’ at black members of the Democratic Party –they heard it –but can’t prove it. And when they heard it, it made them feel ..bad.

Repeating such things as if they were true and outrageous to basically pull the wool  over the eyes of black people is rather bizarre. Granted, anybody can be deceived if that is what God wants.

What the Democrats want such posts to mean to the casual black observer is that because a white person theoretically disapproved of something, what the white person disapproved of ought automatically, ideally to be of benefit to a black person.

What they are doing is disinformation and then spin: The disinformation is that the ‘health care reform’ helps black people –at all– and the spin is that based on that presumption, some white people have reacted negatively against the perceived advantage black people get in the new Tax On All Black People Too called ‘health care reform’  ..and that mere supposed reaction of some white people against Black Democrats somehow proves black people will actually benefit from the legislation.

Minus the hoped for reaction in the inattentive black people of love for Democrats because of idealized but never proved white racial disapproval of a Democratic piece of treason, there is no point to the post/propaganda.

In fact, the post is racist: they suppose Black people ought to use white people’s reactions as something of a standard against which all benefits to black people ought to be measured either positively or negatively, and having dutifully pointed out a negative reaction, the erstwhile black person is to immediately say “Thank God for health care reform because whitey doesn’t like it!”

I have no doubt that some black women, particularly those who have guilty consciences over actual sin and hatred of Jesus Christ and who, like many white women, seek to hide that guilt and hatred in being ‘political’ for ‘social justice’, will jump on board no matter what happens to them or their families when they actually get what they thought they wanted. Then, after seeing it was all false, or better, it doesn’t even matter even if ‘it’ was true, ..will only bring it up after they get high or drunk. Just like wicked white or latino, arabic, russian, french or chinese women.

But still, God forbids the worship of white people the article seeks to instill and even drunk and high people sober up at some point; hopefully before their wombs get taken out by the new ‘health benefits’ or before they’ve been euthanized for being, in the eyes of a State Employee, “lacking enough free will or enough know-how to use free will properly”.


Have a Wise Easter.


..unless you are watching the MSM’s take on Christianity:

Fox News is all about the pope and other non-christian activities as if they were arch typical of those whom Christ has made non-metaphorical new creature in Him. Lots of religious tourism and the culture of  Mystery Religion as piety type stuff: monks, censor swinging, women holding candles, the ‘Virgin’ prominently displayed. The Passion revisited.. no word yet on who the pope has moved around this week to avoid prosecution for pedophilia. Perhaps it a week off for present victims who will be revealed a decade from now; the local ‘priests’ have had a lot of lies to organize as public religion.

Another show on another channel wonders, in a Part One /Part Two series, the injustices of why the heretical and lying books of old time satanists were not added to the Bible. Again. Not a word, yet, on a supposed miscarriage of justice that the  pamphlets from the cult in the show “Cult Killer” weren’t added to Scripture simply because they called themselves Christians. That’s probably being set up for Part Three.

Another network has a program called “Cult Killer” in which a so-called –Christian– cult is profiled, its deceit and practices of witchcraft and sex magic portrayed as simply a weird but personal take on Jesus Christ that turned out badly for all concerned; AND amazement by the Killer that they felt no remorse and didn’t feel they had done anything wrong. The fact that the Nazis liked to call themselves a mix of Christianity and Paganism/Occult and were bewildered by the world’s take on what they had done isn’t mentioned. It’s supposedly a bewildering new phenomenon that lies have that effect on those deceived by them.

Not a word about those in that cult living in times in which they were constantly told what they were doing was not Christian at all and that they mocked those sent to them from God to warn them; not a word about the constant refrain from Satan that anyone ought to be able to say what Christianity is and is not for any purpose whatsoever and if anyone says differently they are a supposed ‘danger to freedom’. But other than that: a good program that needs to be seen for the sheer boldness of Satan to do anything in the name of Jesus Christ, defend that supposed ability as a ‘fundamental human right’ and then blame Christianity, and particularly Protestant Christianity, for it all.

The Family International, the cult featured in”Cult Killer”? It renamed itself to get out of public scrutiny of its doctrines and practices ( here is a article on its leader) and then reintroduced itself to the public through a group called “CENSUR” ( Center for the Study of New Religions ), considered to be nothing more than a clearing house and apologist for cults. The president of that organization, Massimo Introvigne, has an article on wikipedia outlining his history: Born in Rome/ Jesuit trained/ conservative Catholic / multiple degrees and levels of participation with Roman Catholic institutions in Italy/ consultant on intellectual rights/ named for years as positive reference for Scientology’s front group Cult Awareness Network / is Rawlsian (John Rawls )  / is vice president of the Catholic Organization “Alleanza Cattolica.” which is a pope puppet: all those roads lead to pedophilia and covering it up.

All roads of evil lead to Rome and the lie of free will. The Founder of Children of God was kicked out of Christian Missionary and Alliance ( a free willer organization ) , ( protestant), then hooked up with Fred Jordan Missions ( Fred Jordan Missions is the current name of the ‘ministry’ ( old name “American Soul Clinic, Inc” )  that says on its website  under upcoming events:

“May 03, 2010

Mother’s Makeovers Hundreds of impoverished women are treated to haircuts, facials, and manicures…” ), got thrown out of Fred’s cult, then became famous for immorality and pedophilia in addition to living off the name of Jesus Christ, then changed its name to wash its image through Rome; and the guys from Rome try to make it look decidedly not-Roman but an offshoot of Protestantism by having a name loosely sounding like a Institute that investigates such things in Protestant America.  Those Jesuits..

A normal Easter for a Democratic administration and those that support that agenda in every segment of society.

Galatians 6:7,8  Be not deceived: God is not mocked; for whatever a man shall sow, that also shall he reap.   For he that sows to his own flesh, shall reap corruption from the flesh; but he that sows to the Spirit, from the Spirit shall reap eternal life:

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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