The Politics of Absurdity and the Will to resist

From ( a site funded by National Endowment for DemocracyPrague Watchdog, found following a name and then a link while browsing various Russian language blogs. I’m not vouching for the authenticity or truth of what they say. but you can pick up some truth from even Greeks and Barbarians. The articles are in English, Russian and Czech.

From : The Day of Hatred ( about the mass deportation of North Caucus population to the Far East and their subsequent death at the hands of the Soviets in 1944..) :

“So why the inconceivable barbarism against one’s own people? Sometimes I think that the meaning of such crimes lies their absolute and monstrous absurdity. Absolute power is sustained by irrational fear. It must periodically surprise and suppress its subjects by manifestations of infinite cruelty. Because rational fear is something that people can cope with. They know that if they break the law they will be punished. If they don’t break the law, then I have nothing to fear. Irrational power, on the other hands, says: you must always be afraid, you don’t even know whether you have broken the law or not – I, the government, will decide who is a friend and who is an enemy, who is a hero and who is a traitor..”

There is truth to that: irrational fear subjugates those who basically don’t know how to get out of that fearful state. Supposedly there is an idealized model of behavior and if you do the ideal –you should be safe. All that assumes free will exists as the default state from within which to both be persecuted and make the arguments against persecution.

Hard core free willers are always in that state. Yet it is interesting to always get the feeling that free willers under oppression feel that Calvinism is designed to strip from them the “will to resist” and that by contrast, the lie of human free will is a liberating, empowering instrument.

If you go against the lie of free will, you, in their mind, are attacking the Source of All Strength; all Justice. If you don’t have free will, “you have to just take whatever somebody else dishes out”. That’s the theory of fear –the irrational fear– that is the absurdity of the lie of free will itself: it comes in as a supposed new strength and freedom and paralyzes the victim while making the victim feel powerful to stand still and say what is ‘possible and impossible’. Free willers feel the free will is a linear sort of thing that has to be controlled and they must know of that control by themselves or what’s the point? So it basically boils down to “you can only do one thing at a time”. Thus they have such concepts as “opportunity costs” in business models and the like. What they really mean on a continual basis about anything other than the status quo is ‘I’ve got free will so I can’t’.”

The fatalism of the lie of free will is plain: in order to have free will you have to live in an environment that permits it. You need a will-neutral interface with all reality to neutralize any effect it might have that you do not know and control. That interface is the medium of speech / language. Human speech obviously cannot create anything. So it seems all is well within the lie: it just so happens that the very environment necessary to have free will actually exists! No one is going to say something that changes the being of someone else: everyone is ‘safe to be me’ as an individual. Indeed, it appears everyone is locked into their own individuality and lives in a static environment in order that they have free will.

But the fatalism rests on that same reality: if there is only human speech in total reality and there is no such thing as God as Word/Jesus Christ / Creating Speech, then there is no new creation. A seeming positive and support column for the lie of free will of what is in reality a deception that there is ‘no new creation’ is the stability of environment that lack of new creation provides. But the whole, actual reality is that that view of reality ( your living quarters ) that says non-creating / human speech is the only speech in total reality also means:

1. no new resources are coming to rescue a growing population

2. you are forever stuck with you the way you are now as a being

3. your DNA /flesh ( color, health factors, etc..)  determines your life and can never change

So the very stability you were told was the warm fuzzy of human free will in fact has forced you into an idealized corner of political, spiritual and scientific fatalism. That you supposedly have free will also means: nothing can fundamentally change or you lose your free will because the environment in which that free will can ideally exist is very fragile and very, very particular. Instead of being given power, you have been neutralized by dread of change –even positive change –by being told you have unexplored freedoms that only a free will can accomplish. You do not know what your ‘free will’ can do in the theoretical new political regime or the new religion or the new country and are now irrationally afraid ( because free will does not exist ) of what you might lose if anything changes. So you immediately look for an uber man who has the ‘holy directions’ ..and now you are under a tyrant who tells you exactly what to do and no matter what you do, it is all wrong. And by your own admission, it is your fault everything is wrong  –because you supposedly have free will and did everything on purpose. All the “great leader” has to do to keep saying you have free will and keep the fear in you as demons who control your behavior and keep changing rules so you can’t keep up.

I.E. Once you said “I’ve got free will” –they had you. Not only did you buy into a system in which you have to explain everything you do and might do because you are an ideal free agent in all of reality, but you have to do so in such a way as not step on anyone else’s perceived self-control paradigms.

By contrast, there is certainly no utopia on this earth in any political system, but in Calvinism, God works through you. He makes you sit when He wants you to sit and go when he wants you to go. He gives you what you have and withholds what He wants to withhold. That is power. There is no real ‘resistance’ as stated as the classical free will scenario of reality. There is only annihilation of evil. There is no personal glory, no bravery no courage: no honor to ourselves. Only God doing what God does. The Word of God /Christ through you will do it or it won’t happen.

Luke 17:7-10  But which of you is there who, having a bondman ploughing or shepherding, when he comes in out of the field, will say, Come and lie down immediately to table?  But will he not say to him, Prepare what I shall sup on, and gird thyself and serve me that I may eat and drink; and after that *thou* shalt eat and drink?   Is he thankful to the bondman because he has done what was ordered? I judge not.   Thus *ye* also, when ye shall have done all things that have been ordered you, say, We are unprofitable bondmen; we have done what it was our duty to do.

God has and will make you sit and take a lot. He will make you ashamed at times in front of free willers who are absolutely certain they are more powerful because of their lie than you are in Christ. But when God Says go, He will go through you –no matter what. You don’t have to have an explanation to anyone –you can’t even do that — before you go. You only answer to Him and He alone acts through you. You don’t apologize and you don’t explain and those who are your brothers in Christ don’t expect you to because God is acting through them the same way.

ALL of the propaganda of any tyrannical regime is aimed at both instilling the lie of human free will and making people afraid they will lose what freedom they supposedly obtained via the ‘new doctrine’. Only now, the heretical doctrine of human free will is now the standard in the world and the results are plain: everyone is deceived a utopia actually exists wherein the will can be free-er than it is right now  ..if-only… The lie, in order to hide the fact it is a lie, has to say as non-creating, unable-to-perform-what-it-says-speech that the reason the promised fun, goods, enlightenment, etc. have not yet arrived is that conditions don’t yet exist that make that possible, but are just ahead if only all who are supposedly getting in the way with their incorrect usage of ‘free’ will are removed. Supposedly, it is an anonymous person’s fault that you can’t get what the lie of free will promised you and the tyrannical regime controls you by saying they have identified the culprit as a group, minority, majority or cell. What you don’t know is that you have been identified by that same tyrant to those other groups as the culprit and the infighting over the Lie, coupled with your irrational fear of losing what supposed free will as you already have allows the Great Leader to continue on.

Yet day after day, Satan is continually teaching as many as he can that they have free will and its your fault they can’t get what they are seduced to desire. That is the politics of absurdity. Unless God has mercy on you, Satan will teach you that about somebody else as well. It’s bizarrely irrational, but minus new birth in Jesus Christ, you are going to believe Satan and wonder why it never works.

Irrational fear is the cornerstone of Satanic power. God’s absolute power is built on truth. Once you know you do not have free will and no creature does, all the propaganda and all the careful manipulation of the “will-mangers” becomes irrelevant and has no power over you. The very “will to resist” that they spent years and centuries putting into slaves as the control mechanism no longer works and they always blindsided by God for good or ill no matter how often He tells them the truth.

John 8:31-36  Jesus therefore said to the Jews who believed him, If ye abide in my word, ye are truly my disciples;   and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.   They answered him, We are Abraham’s seed, and have never been under bondage to any one; how sayest thou, Ye shall become free?   Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say to you, Every one that practises sin is the bondman of sin.  Now the bondman abides not in the house for ever: the son abides for ever.  If therefore the Son shall set you free, ye shall be really free.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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