In Christ, you can tell a lot about a lie by the means used to defend it

Interesting how Satan through a host of free willers/arminians are defending the lie of human free will and their worship of satanic/non-creating speech and its common sense.

On the one hand are the supposed peace brokers: “Arminians and Calvinists are all brothers! Why do you fight?! This fighting is evil and condemned in Scripture!” It is a simple accusation of “If you don’t believe what I believe about peace and compromise, you are sinning!”, ( in the guise of “my emotional common sense is better than yours”) .which is itself a twist on “If you even question, much less condemn Arminian theology you are being immoral and are in sin.” Note the strange similarity with the Church of Rome’s desire that “all be reconciled to the ‘Mother Church’ ..or be in sin.” Morality is simply putty in Satan’s hands in his own mind.

On the other is “Calvinists are proud beasts who want to reduce all of the Christian life down to a few questions over the Word of God, regeneration, election, predestination and free will!”, which goes hand in hand with “Calvinists aren’t doing the gospel!” because we are supposedly too busy pointing out error  ..and not doing the Arminian/Roman false gospel.

Note the implicit appeal to the limitations of free will in all the accusations: to those who are deceived it exists, the free will is a linear kind of thing and you can’t be doing one thing and another thing at the same time because the free will is also defined to not exist if not recognized on the spot and not explicitly controlled by men. If God does something through you that you are not even aware of, that thing can’t exist in Arminian theology because you did not control it and cannot then put it in a category of ‘good’ or ‘evil’ that someone else other than God has already defined. That includes new birth in Jesus Christ both regarding yourself and through you to others.

Note that in free will theology you MUST recognize when and where your ‘free’ will was applied in order that those who make up the theology ( both as a ‘religious’ activity and as a secular philosophy among atheists ) can know whether or not you ‘did it’ in order for them to pronounce you ‘moral / ethical’ or something opposite to that in their mind. It is key for Arminian witches that you think in terms of your free will as having been applied in such a way that you can prove to them you did so ( and even that supposedly happens only within their very peculiar vocabulary which you must master in order to be able to prove it them. You can see how easily that moves into the monetizing of religion via educational institutions and courses to get you up to speed on  those ways of proving you are a good person to them. Evangelism conference anyone?   In order for them to say “you are pious”? You have to know what you did with free will exclusively within the confines of their accusational vocabulary both care about anything they say and to pretend to have defended against it.

Their accusational vocabulary is the same evil of giving children dolls to play with. If you look at from a purely emotional point of view; who wouldn’t want to make a little girl happy? And why not indulge her fantasies about how love is done: whatever she says the doll has to take and it always smiles. Pull the string and the doll says “What the heck did you just say?!” ? Not a best seller. The evil is simply that the in the little girl’s mind and the little boy’s mind as he watches her get away with the most outrageous ‘love speech’, is that both develop a need to know –to be certain– that the doll understands it is loved. All kinds of complex lies are then told by demons as the child calls on any means possible to literally “be powerful in making certainty” that a piece of plastic has the same emotions and life as a real human being. That has gone on so long and has become such a fixture in American society that those who do not –as adults– live by the doll-love-speech code are literally considered emotional dwarfs and even enemies by the possessed.That it is a lie to think pieces of plastic can “train hearts” to be real human beings completely by-passes all arminians and other pagans excepting the witches who know exactly what they are doing by promoting dolls.

The arminian lie is the same: it is a lie and thus cannot be satisfied no matter the extreme complexity that comes out of attempts to resolve it and apply it to the real world. The Bible is simply the doll that always smiles for the Arminian /Romanist / Modern Evangelical.

That is also another reason you don’t see Arminians preaching to the retarded: those who can’t know of the free will, can’t know all that is necessary to prove they did something with free will ( can’t learn the terms and are thus immune to the false educational schemes of liars ) therefore do not care about it. The arminian would be wasting his and her time to preach to them. Instead, we see free willers as deriding the retarded for being a drag on other people’s supposed ‘free will’ and sublte fun made of the afflicted’s lack of ‘using the free will properly’. Intelligence then to a free willer, is plainly seen exclusively within their own vocabulary that describes demonstration of free will and all not possessed by that vocabulary as demons in need of ‘education’.

The accusations are merely part of the re-education process because they are demons spoken in the guise of the victim hearing only will-neutral speech that is there to allow them to live a better life in the future.

The same behavior and same results are easily seen in the interfaith movement: the doll is the other person’s religion. The interfaith movement has everyone of the false religions looking for a little bit of their own god in everyone else’s god. When they don’t find any qualities of their own god in the other person’s god, they pronounce the other god false. But of course, the only true God and His Son Jesus Christ they find no common ground with.

Here is a Russian language Islamic site, .. ( more of those around than you might suppose. The House of Saud is trying to use the Caucuses as well as the arminian black population in America ( which is having some affect on the arminian white population) as Aladdin’s magic lamp to rub and get out religious tourists from all over the world.)  ..supposedly proving the superiority of Islam over Jesus Christ ( while trying to compliment Christ in an Islamic way in other areas..) because Jesus said to unbelievers:

John 5:37  And the Father who has sent me himself has borne witness concerning me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor have seen his shape,
John 5:38  and ye have not his word abiding in you; for whom *he* hath sent, him ye do not believe.

Verse 38 was left out to give the impression that Jesus was speaking to believers or that all of Jesus’s Words apply to everyone with no distinction between unbeliever and believer. Having switched places with the believers as a lie, the Islamics proceed to twist what Jesus Christ said to  “even Jesus said he was not God.” Having made a doll out the Bible exactly as the Arminians / Romanist and having played at religion, and having found none of the servant of Satan, the demon allah in Christ ( exactly as Jesus Christ said: “John 14:30,31  I will no longer speak much with you, for the ruler of the world comes, and in me he has nothing; but that the world may know that I love the Father, and as the Father has commanded me, thus I do. Rise up, let us go hence.” ) ..pronounce Jesus Christ as religiously infirm.

They of course give a nod to the interfaith movement in order to even cast the accusation, then disparage the interfaith movement in other places to be “pure Muslims”. Even they cannot keep up with all their lies and the order in which one came to the defense of another or why.

Exactly as the Arminians/Romanist: they are just playing with a doll after all and play isn’t serious so there is no need to do anything but satisfy the heart temporarily and forget about the path on which they walk. They have all quite forgotten that Jesus Christ is His Word and creates what He says and what He has formerly Said has already been created. When a soul does not know that Creating Speech / Jesus Christ even exists, all speech seems to be only non-creating speech and carry with it the qualities of non-creating speech. They think they are able to twist all speech in predictable patterns of deceit, those who know those patterns see themselves as wise and unable to be seen by others and that they are not lying but filling their houses with spoil. They give dolls to others at the forcing of their demon masters and do not think of the doll they worship themselves as being evil and sacrilege against God. Then they seek to find a little of their own imagination and the qualities it produces in them in Jesus Christ and having found no match, they cry Jesus Christ is at fault and is ‘less’ than their own demons.

Don’t be surprised at the outright voodoo doll the Arminians / Romanist / Islamics / Eastern Orthodox have made of Scripture and the pins they think to stick in God: a deceived soul will literally do or say anything. But you can always tell what they are really defending by the way one lie comes to the rescue of their other lies like a Ken child rescuing Barbie child.

John 10:30  I and the Father are one.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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