Another note on language and learning

If you learn a new language you are a better, sharper tool for Jesus Christ to use.

Scenario: 1. you begin learning the new language

2. the script gives you insight into other scripts and other languages

For instance, if you learn Arabic script ( middle east ) , you already know 90% of Persian / Farsi script ( Iran, Afghanistan ) ..and therefore Urdu script ( Pakistan ) ( because Urdu is a mix of Persian and Arabic scripts..)  ..and when you do your Urdu vocabulary exercises you are learning a lot of spoken Hindi ( India ) automatically because a lot of words are pronounced in identical ways: they are the same word in two different scripts. If you know these things early enough, you can do things like put Urdu script and audio side by side with Hindi script in something like Anki ( a free flashcard system in which you can download pre-made sets or make your own and add audio ( from wherever you can get it ) and images ) and get an insight into Hindi pronunciation of Hindi script or visa versa as you go. The match is not perfect and I am not implying Hindi and Urdu are exactly the same grammatically or that all words are the same. But you can use the way you learn one to help learn the other. The same applies to Arabic and Persian. Lots of loanwords.. and the loanwords help you leverage your time to learn both, or all three, or whatever the case may be.

Similarly, if you learn basic Chinese characters, they help you learn Korean and Japanese.

Livemocha is a very good, free language learning community for the written and spoken in many languages once you’ve got the script/alphabet down–you can get detailed critiques of the written and spoken you put in as exercises by native speakers, writers and readers of the target language that you would be very lucky to get in a college classroom. In return, you help them learn English.

Scenario: If you know Spanish, at least to some extent ( and the particular level at which you can do so is different for everybody ) for instance, you can learn Chinese, Japanese, German or Russian or any other language from Spanish ( Spanish definitions in a Russian flashcard set, sentences, audio , for instance… ) and get better at both as you go: don’t make everything English centric. You can use what you have learned on the fly and grow exponentially in comparison to always wanting English definitions and funneling everything back through English. If you learn the Cyrillic Script it opens up other languages just like the Arabic, and Persian does. You can put all the languages you know as definitions to learn a new language: reinforce and learn all of them as you go.. Anki is a really good flashcard widget for that because you can make your own.

You can put written and audio answers on both the question and the answer screens as a learning deck rather than have the classic ‘question’ and answer deck that is more of testing deck. The point is to know it, not pass a test. You can constantly edit the decks as you know and go, correcting and adding new material and switching things around. You can then share them with other people.

If you are learning Chinese, Russian or Arabic at an intermediate level, you can go to the National Capital Language Resource Center and download newscasts and then listen as you read the online transcript. If your vocabulary is weak, use something like Globefish ( for Firefox) to translate the text a bit at the time as you listen.

You can also download an audio bible ( mp3) in the target language and and then listen as you read it on something like Biblos .


I’m learning the life of learning itself as God pushes me forward. I do not ‘know’ all those languages. Yet. My interest has mainly been to study language ( both: Christ as Word of God/Creating Speech and anti-Christ/human speech as non-creating speech )  as its own study.

There is no free will: let those who have ears to hear.. hear. You are not ‘guilty’ if you don’t learn new languages.

Be careful of ideological indoctrination masquerading as language learning ( very specific ways to say hello, goodbye, formal etiquette, etc.  that are basically invocations of false gods/demons,etc. Many simply do not know any better. But their best honesty is not Christ and therefore is not The Truth, The Way and the Life of God).


A free willer has said this in my hearing: “In the end analysis, the student is responsible for his or her own education.” I.E. Buyer beware.

God Says this about His education to us:

Jamess 4:6  But he gives more grace. Wherefore he says, God sets himself against the proud, but gives grace to the lowly.

Interesting things come from learning a language; naming patterns of a certain segment of the population become clearer; certain set expressions that are now popular sayings of that same segment become clearer: somebody has been learning Arabic in the back room and it probably wasn’t to be able to read a Bible better. The ‘sudden appearance’ of Islam among that segment wasn’t sudden at all even though it is a recent ( last twenty years or so ) media development.

I.E. We are just now fighting a war that is new to us, but is not new to the enemy and began loooong before 9/11 and before our new birth in Jesus Christ.

James 4:7  Subject yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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