Teeny tiny proof of free will?

“You mean its like a mirco organism or a law of physics for Darwinian astronomers? It ain’t a naked eye kind of thing? Reeeal small? The truth of the situation takes a looooong time to get here? But its all definitely real?”

The Scientist points to the microscope and says “The proof is in there: determinism with no new creation.”

“That fatalism is in the microscope or the cell?”

Scientists: “The cell of course. But in some cases, its a good fatalism. Keeps us secure as the same creature we are and that proves we can do things and have a free will. On the other hand, it proves we’re stuck as a product of our genes. If you want to call that a genetic caste or mold so to speak, then so be it.”

“The instrument has no freedom to deceive?”

The Scientist has no answer.

Luke 11:34  The lamp of the body is thine eye: when thine eye is simple, thy whole body also is light; but when it is wicked, thy body also is dark.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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