Haiti. Is that your fault as well? When Charity becomes cowardice.

2 Chronicles 19:2  And Jehu the son of Hanani, the seer, went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate Jehovah? Therefore is wrath upon thee from Jehovah.

The real reason those in the US and Europe who hate Christ hate to hear God caused the earthquake in Haiti is that it reminds them that they will not get away with evil forever. They just heard footsteps and the nightmares of Pakistan returned.

The ideology of free will has no scruples and is a leech always sucking off your soul. Supposedly, in free will, the proper moral thing to do is to run over to Haiti and ‘give aid’. That is, a generic ‘aid’ is idealized by some to be the proper moral thing to do ..and if you don’t do it, or if you don’t send money ..you are supposedly Guilty. According to Satan, no matter what you do or fail to do, it was, is and forever shall be somehow your fault specifically because you are a Christian and ‘have money, and/or time and skills’.

Are you really guilty if you do not give money or aid to Haiti or anyone else who denies Christ, loves demon worship, kills Christians, makes ( according to their own outlook on life as having free will ) themselves oppressors of their own people while being supported by liberal types who constantly say that any attempt to bless the Haitian people in Christ is a ‘cultural attack’ on par with the Taliban?  It is plainly obvious Haiti is full of witchcraft and the Christ haters in the United States seek to maintain it as such and yet speak of “God” being supposedly upset by any implication at all that He actually caused the earthquake. (!) Such persons always have naturalistic / evolutionary / animistic explanations about why bad things happen to them that never involve Jesus Christ. Such persons also have intricate explanations as to why their methods never work to actually bring peace and prosperity to anyone. Once they’ve introduced evolution as their outlook on reality, you already know everything they do is going to take a looooooong time to show results while devouring maximum energy and funds.

The earthquake in that mindset: the result of tectonic plates shifting. The planet groaned. Their gods got angry because of lack of human sacrifice victims in voodoo. Not enough chicken blood to go around. The result of evolutionary your-faultness.

The administering of the AID in the mindset: sorry, it’s taking a looooooong time and lots of money to give the Haitian people a new country for free. BUT: “The metrics we have established are working.”


Whenever these things happen, Christians are suddenly, inexplicably, ‘guilty’ for not running over to help rebuild the exact same situation only with nicer buildings, more modern technology and bigger budgets. The Haitians  are glad this happened other than losing family in the quake: if things go as usual, they will get a whole new country our grand kids will still be paying for when they are old.

It is a very fair question to ask: Where’s all the Aid from drug dealers? Where is all that private militia money the various factions stole from the UN ( i.e., the US who funds a LOT of the UN ) and made through the drugs? What happened to that Aid? What happened over the decades to all of it? How much of that criminality will get covered over in ‘quake damage and looting’?

Yet again, we have a nation that loathes Jesus Christ, mixes him with voodoo and animism, and suddenly, they just want to say “Please help me so I can do it all again.”

The liberals and the anti-Christians, to include those who are presented to be pro-Christ but anti-Calvin ( those who have put this nation into ruin ) want to create an atmosphere of fear of anyone not being publicly seen to out-do someone else in ‘charity’ toward a idealized generic heart, the needs of that heart being defined on the fly as they go as its own witchcraft. Every excuse from “here’s our chance to show the world we care!” ( as if the world has not publicly rejoiced when any disasters befell the US  and we should be concerned in the least way about their false accusations ) to “its just the right thing to do” will be spoken and re-spoken. It’s what they call a political opportunity to create ‘moral capital’: if you don’t do ‘enough’ charity, they won’t stop accusing you of being sinful in that they always pretend their own outlook to be Moral and God to be a fool.

And the actual plans of charity for the ‘indigenous people’: Colonialism through charity. Send those contraceptives. Abortion pills. Sterilizations. Plan B. Trojan. Field personnel with USAID, Doctors Sans Frontiers,  Oxfam ( banners waving of course ) and the like will descend like rain to stop all the women from the evil of having children  –and fix wounds, hand out AIDS medicine and medical care in general for free that cost those in the US and Europe big money, ( but it will appear miraculously as if there were plenty of it after all ), “bring clean water to Haiti” as if it had never been there before and ‘plant crops and businesses’.

Stacks of food will sit on the tarmac while warlords in-fight over their cut of the bribes to let the people get water and supplies. Almost everyone in the US will know someone who gave money or ‘went to Haiti to help’ in five years. That mere phrase on a resume will work for liberals hiring other liberals.

No one will mention the billions poured into Pakistan when the earthquake struck there and the utter futility of having done so. They will get mad when anyone mentions God struck Pakistan with an earthquake in the ‘holy month’ of Ramadan and not want to know of any significant timing of Haiti.


It is cowardice to do charity simply to avoid being accused by someone of ‘not caring’ and it is a lie and reprehensible in Christ to use the catastrophes of others as political ‘capital’ as seeking to profit from their misery. The emotional common sense the present Charity networks  are seeking to instill is that everything is your fault as a political move. Global warming didn’t work. Now it will be ‘Haiti’, Somalia ( or another African country ) or Yemen. Documentaries will pour forth proclaiming the righteousness of anti-Christian ( in the guise of non-Christian )  charity groups who fought against ‘oppression’ and ‘for children’. Whole new franchises of charity organizations will flower and grow as supposedly doing the exact religious common sense of sci-fi movies depict is the nor on other planets with other species than human beings: they never heard of Jesus Christ but can out-moral a Christian in a jiffy.

Of course, the rumors of ‘regime change’ in Haiti will float around to give aid to the notion of ‘deserving aid’ and/or ‘they are trying’. But it truth / Jesus Christ, the only regime that needs changing is the system of Charity Houses and the constant accusation that Christians are a mule that must pull the rest of the world to safety from Satan’s  lies over and over, say nothing when they return to them again and dutifully reconstruct their countries once anti-Christ has destroyed them as an expected perk of being a non-Christian.

No one in this world that believes in free will really has any desire to simply leave their neighbor alone. Charity for those people is simple code for Opportunity to Manage Other People’s Lives and Force New Ideology on them no matter the consequences or the situation.

True Christianity is not at all about ‘picking Christianity’ over other religions. You must be born again in Christ and cannot ‘decide’ to do so. So there is no legitimate ‘charity evangelism’ or ‘cultural sensitivity’ necessary. People who are deceived that you can be a Christian by simply deciding to be so are deceived specifically so they can be milked of everything they have on the premise that being nice to someone will make / get them to ‘make a decision for Jesus’, force your church grow and ‘make God happy’ ; to make them feel guilty by twisting their own deceptions against them: to make them cowards.

1John 4:4-6  *Ye* are of God, children, and have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.   *They* are of the world; for this reason they speak as of the world, and the world hears them.*We* are of God; he that knows God hears us; he who is not of God does not hear us. From this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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