The problem of ignoring evil speech

1 Corinthians 15:33,34  Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners  Awake up righteously, and sin not; for some are ignorant of God: I speak to you as a matter of shame.

1. The warning is not qualified. There is no limit placed on the evil communications, no “..corrupt good manners IF..”. IE. Evil communications have effects beyond the notion of ‘free will’. Evil communications even in a language you do not understand or from subjects in which you have no interest still corrupt good manners.

2. Being ignorant of God is to also be ignorant of the distinction between Jesus Christ as Word of God and anti-Christ / non-creating speech.

The lie of human free will is a double edged sword: not only does it pretend that God as Word does not exist in order to seem to make legitimate that only the common sense of non-creating speech can make sense or be ‘truth’, it makes it seem that ignoring evil speech will render that speech harmless because the one deceived they have free will doesn’t supposedly ‘choose’ to think about it at all and does not give it permission to be true or false.

Yet evil communications ( non-creating speech ) in the total environment still has effects, because of the living nature of speech ( all speech is spirit but not all speech is spirit –and life as Christ ). Those effects are on your flesh if you are new creation in Jesus Christ and you as a whole being if you are not born again.

The lie of free will must reduce everything down to a simple formula that everything in total reality is less powerful than the human will in order for that will to be free and assured of continual freedom from whatever you and it may meet. Yet it is a lie and that environment that must exist for the will to be free does not exist.

You can roll your eyes at the sheer ignorance of some speech and the pretense of many is that because they recognized the worthlessness of that speech within their own ideology/spirit to be of benefit to anyone, that because they have judged it by paying attention to it and then rejecting its usefulness –for a free will–, that speech is then harmless and has no effects.

God Says differently: “Evil communications corrupt good manners “–not “evil communications corrupt good manners IF …”

Be not deceived. Wake up and see what is happening around you purely by the means of speech alone. How many inputs of non-creating speech do you have in your home? How many do you regularly listen to order to judge their worthiness or unworthiness to be useful to your ‘free’ will? That is a pretense that was taught to you the means of that speech itself and has now become to most people in the world, their ‘second nature’.

Anything that makes perfect sense to you that is against the Word of God is not simply disobedience against God, it is self-destruction and being attacked 24/7 365 by spiritual forces you have been taught to deny can even exist simply so it can say through you as your pretended identity “I’ve got free will. That’s not possible.”

Evil communications, communications that God in Jesus Christ Says are evil must be stopped.

Titus 1:10,11  For there are many and disorderly vain speakers and deceivers of people’s minds, specially those of the circumcision, who must have their mouths stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which ought not to be taught for the sake of base gain.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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