Free Will and a Living Will

You’ve always believed in free will. Not Jesus Christ. Your free will to ‘choose Him’. Or not.

You blogged it. You wrote it. You said. You even yelled it on occasion. You did all kinds of things in the absolute belief you were defending your personal freedom against ..something and somebody or group that was seeking to take it away from you on the premise it actually existed. You made “logical” arguments like “Because random events take place, that means determinism is  false ..and therefore I have free will!” while being ignorant that the word ‘random’ is just code  for ‘you don’t control it’ and so what you really said was a nonsensical lie that basically went “Because I can’t control events that means I have free will! Ha ha ha ha ha..”

You made fun of Calvinists. You laughed at the thought of how stupid it was to say anything other than you had free will and every one else did too. You are healthy. You can move around and things like that in supposed absolute free will.

Very obviously you think it a kind of degradation and retardation to know you have no free will. If you didn’t have free will, what would be the point in living? Right?

So when you get in an accident, can’t perform tricks with your ‘free will’ like you think you can now,  the other people that you badgered, made fun of if they didn’t believe what you did and otherwise instilled in them the same spirits that are in you? They will perfectly understand that if you don’t have a living will that says “kill me if I don’t evidence a certain minimum threshold of free will within a limited amount of time”, that that’s really what you had in mind anyway. They’ll say things like “He/She wouldn’t have wanted to live that way AND they certainly wouldn’t want to be a drag on other peoples free will by having to take care of them. He/she was a person of principle and certainly not a hypocrite.”

After all, that’s what you said about the unborn ( because they evidenced no free will ) and the comotose and the weak. So its not a complicated thing to understand why you would want others to definitely pull the plug on you after what they consider “a long enough time without evidencing free will.”

They are already killing people for exactly that in the Netherlands ( legally )  and England and in the United States when they think no one is looking. It’s what you would have wanted.

So don’t even pretend you want to see research papers of peer reviewed academic journals with names like “Free Will, Responsibility and the Evolving Environment of Health Care Cost” or “Ethics, Self-Interest and Money in Three Dimensional Government Structuring” or “Time, Nickels and Dimes: Minority right to die in a Majority of Pro-Lifers” in order to “make a more informed choice whether to believe in free will or not” . The common sense you are working day and night to instill will be all the explanation you need when everyone cries around your bed out of politieness and rejoices to be rid of the hindrance to their own free will expression of the latest free will ideology after you are gone.

But hey! You’ve free will, right? Stay strong with Rule Number One: No accidents!

Proverbs 14:16  A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil: but the fool rageth, and is confident.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  1. November 27, 2009 at 1:52 am

    Authentic words, some authentic words dude. Thanks for making my day!

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