Results of the Lie of Human Free Will / Arminianism: Part One / Draft

The results of being deceived you have free will concern the whole life of the victim: personal relationship with Christ ( there isn’t one  while a fake one runs as if there was, complete with emotional landmarks, etc..) , the victim becomes the slave of various “how-to” gurus ( their pastor, priest, ‘life coach’, psychiatrist, merchants, ( birth to grave consumerism ) etc.) , no matter the technological edge they given as weapons or medicine, they are easily deceived by those who are far older and more experienced in the occult than themselves while they stay deceived they are having a ‘personal relationship with Jesus’, they fail to provide security and must blame the victim for the crimes ( saying such things as “if the demand wasn’t there, the US would not be flooded with drugs”, etc..)  and see all war and justice as free will based: if someone can deceive them something didn’t happen ‘on purpose’, it supposedly didn’t happen, etc.

Technically / Scientifically, they must have false metrics ( that always appear to them to actually work ) and genuinely laugh at the thought that God created the universe with His Word, with exact measurements unable to be found in Hindu/Arabic/non-creating number systems.

Isaiah 28:17  And I have put judgment for a line, And righteousness for a plummet, And sweep away doth hail the refuge of lies, And the secret hiding-place do waters overflow.

That judgment and righteousness is an actual physical metric with which God creates and manipulates an infinite-dimensional space in a perfect exactness is laughable to those who know nothing of it and worship their own metrics as functional gods.That God as well uses evil as a measurement to manipulate and destroy within that same space is beyond anything those who scorn Him can understand. But in order to make free will look even slightly logical, an emotional attachment to non-creating numbers is made to make it appear that everyone lives in a space / environment in which ONLY non-creating ( and by an extended  implication, non-interfering with the will metrics ) exist.

Those deceived they have free will never see the theater put on by those far older in the occult than themselves. They never see the handing out of awards for philosophy of mathematics and the like as occult activity and the mere printing of money to give to such “great minds” is merely part of the theater, with massive new buildings, impressive technology given to them as rewards others do not get, etc. as mere PR and lies to suck in the simple.

They never notice:

“Laws of physics” changing in any given instant for each individual; death stops the participation of one individual with God’s laws and God’s metrics on one level and birth starts that participation for another and new birth in Jesus Christ starts them again, free from certain restraints that those not born again still have. ( namely being slaves to demons and non-creating speech ).  Timing of all those beginnings and endings cannot be found in non-creating / free willed metrics and thus must be denied to seem to keep those metrics ‘powerful’.

The attempt to say that ‘laws of physics’ even exist is  attempt to deny the Word of God and the physical effect He is having on His creation is an attempt at uniformitarianism in a multitude of ways as a cover. ..the hope that such ‘laws’ exist ‘generically’ and are both uncontrolled and uncontrollable ( exactly like your ‘free’ will is supposed to be by ‘others’ ..)  ..they just ‘keep going’ in a stasis of ..themselves.. so that they can be used free will. The hope is that ‘the laws’ will provide an environment of themselves in which to use will .. all because of their supposed real and yet non-interfering character.

a few instances of God changing the laws of physics for certain objects and yet the world does not uniformitarianism

Sun and the moon stops in its tracks for an exact amount of time by voice command  ..’laws’ of physics changed for them ..but not for everything else

Joshua 10:12-14  Then speaketh Joshua to Jehovah in the day of Jehovah’s giving up the Amorites before the sons of Israel, and he saith, before the eyes of Israel, `Sun–in Gibeon stand still; and moon–in the valley of Ajalon;’  and the sun standeth still, and the moon hath stood–till the nation taketh vengeance on its enemies; is it not written on the Book of the Upright, `and the sun standeth in the midst of the heavens, and hath not hasted to go in–as a perfect day?’  And there hath not been like that day before it or after it, for Jehovah’s hearkening to the voice of a man; for Jehovah is fighting for Israel.

Sun goes backward ..same thing

Isaiah 38:7,8  And this shall be a sign unto thee from the LORD, that the LORD will do this thing that he hath spoken;  Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.

People, trees, all things.. aging and dying independently from each otherin the same environment ..same thing

“Entropy” not merely introduced but explicitly controlled per individual


Results in security:

Intelligence trying to turn foreign assets must necessarily despise those who end up working for them: they all disbelieve the new birth and must see the one who turned as a evil, despicable person who turned on their own family and ideals

They cannot believe that Islamics, etc. are deceived and can hear the truth of reality and thus be brethren in Christ who work for the household of faith in Jesus Christ, ..that God saves the deceived sinner,  but in denying the actual new birth and the power of the Word of God must be deceived that religion is a thing that is fundamentally for the weak minded and/or that it is a thing of perpetually not-now and can never interfere with their –or their enemy’s– free will. What they are deceived is true for themselves they are deceived is true for all. Mormons, Evangelicals, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and all other false religion must see their political and military opponents in such a light. Even in extremes of deceiving the deceived into a different room in the same ideological house with ceremony, blessings from religious potentates, etc, they can never know Christ, never be born again in that they have denied the power of the Word of God and put their own reason and common sense of non-creating speech in the stead of the Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Given a technological edge of weapons by God, such persons will be megalomaniacs and arrogant even as their enemies triumph over them and can easily manipulate them because their enemies are far older and more experienced in the occult than the false Christian. The false Christian is deceived that demons functionally cannot exist because God has granted grace on the West for the sake of the few real Christians / elect and protected us from things others have had to deal with and have been long overcome by.  The false Christian simply disbelieves such things exist. Once beyond the reach of the specifically placed grace of God on elect individuals, those false Christians are simply meat on the hoof for things they cannot even admit exist –things they have made fun of real Christians for warning them about.

When the military specifically asks for more free willed based religions ..Muslims, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Wiccans, etc, as Chaplains, the people of the military are being set up to be killed by making them arrogant, giving them false metrics by which to measure success, stacking false measuring system onto false measuring system into a confused fog of arrogance ( proud to be deceived ..mistaking lies for smarts ) and hooking them on the standard cycle of vain / proud to be hopeless that is the hallmark of being deceived you have free will.

Once told they have been lied to, they immediately see two things:

  1. the false perception that someone wants to take freedom from them by telling them something other than what they have heard in the past
  1. hopelessness at being able to stop the behaviors that have become what their witches and sorcerers have called “personality traits” ..even as they mock the truth spoken to them by the Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit. They started out ideologically with a “generic” “free will” ( they were told it was what every human being had and could not avoid having..)  and have become the slave to the witch, with only one such slave-action being merely repeating the phrase “I’ve got free will.” ..without being able to stop.

In the stead of security and clarity, they want beer, porno, drugs, money and sex for its own sake with no children ..and religious systems of thought to relieve themselves of guilt exactly like going to the bathroom and evacuating the bowels and bladder. Roman Catholicism and Islam excel like no others in that regard. That is in addition to being alienated by such witches against their own families and prior beliefs in the deception that they ‘tried Christianity’ when they see through one or two layers of the whole deception ..which makes them useful to foreign governments. ( Thus you can expect to see some foreign intelligence activity in seminaries, as false religion, to cultivate that effect, etc..)

After the military and the law enforcement community is done with them, they are sent to psychiatrists and other non-religious mind-examiners who teach them the same as the false religious systems minus the name of Jesus Christ or whatever false god they were deceived by as a demon: the same emotional common sense, the same parameters of the false reality of the lie of human free will are left in place while “how-to” navigate within the same system is ‘tweaked’ to cause purely emotional positive outcomes for its own sake.


economic: false metric of success as buying and selling: definition of money itself as a measure of free will in order to facilitate monetary exchanges as proofs of personal power. Buying a lot of cheap goods instills a love of exchange for its own sake. The same with expensive goods for its own sake. That sets up a dictatorship of the monetary system and those who control it in the pretense they control ‘freedom’ itself.. one side of totalitarianism.. the people will go along to get the Most Important Money with which to appear personally powerful to themselves..


These are preliminary observations of looking at the results of the lie of human free will and understanding the lie of human free will as a spiritual attack on the unwary. Who stands to benefit from you being deceived you have free will? How is that deception working in your life right now? What is being taken from you in the pretense you are “staying free”?

God Says to false pastors and priest, no matter the money they make or the prestige they have:

Hosea 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Proverbs 1:7  Fear of Jehovah is a beginning of knowledge, Wisdom and instruction fools have despised!

John 8:31,32  Jesus, therefore, said unto the Jews who believed in him, `If ye may remain in my word, truly my disciples ye are, and ye shall know the truth,  and the truth shall make you free.’

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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